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How To Create An Online Course

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Just before we start I wanted to assure you that “You are in the right place!”

If you genuinely want to share your skill, not for the money, but to make someone else’s life better. Then you are “definitely” in the right place.

You may have some self doubt though, which is totally normal. So let’s address some doubts that you might have, so that you can start this journey in the right head space.

Why People Might Hesitate to Create an Online Course

You may be worried that you are not an expert.

Everyone has something to offer. I learn things from my kids all the time but they don’t walk around claiming to be an expert.

The truth is you don’t need to know everything, you just need to know a little more than those you are teaching. And actually it’s more about being be able to see from your students perspective to understand the journey they need to take.

You may even be wondering why would people pay for your course when they could probably just search the internet to get the information for “free”.

Well it’s because information on the internet is everywhere, and in no particularly order, and it’s not specific to their needs.

The value you will be offering is a high quality course that is perfect for their needs, that will save them time and money…. and will change their lives in a positive way. That’s what they will pay for.

You may be concerned that there are already courses out there on what you want to teach.

That’s a good sign actually. And, besidess your course will have “you”, and you are going to make your course so damn awesome. Your audience is going to “love” it.

You may be worried it’s a lot of work creating a course. Yes it is. No doubt about that!

I will lay out a smart way to go about it though.

The fact that’s hard work is good though as it means there is a barrier of entry that will separate you from potential competition.

Also keep in mind that once you have created your course you can actually sell it and make money while you are sleeping.

Besides the time that you need to invest, you might be worried about the financial cost of set up and running a course business.

The good news is that many of thing that you need you probably already have on hand like your phone, and there are low cost options to run your course business.

You may choose though to invest in some gear to get the quality on point, and as you course business grows return some of your earning into that growth.

There is a massive need for online training and it’s growing.

Creating courses can be a business in itself, a great way to promote your business or a great side hustle alongside your other interests.

It will allow you to connect with people with similar interests…and the process will only make you better at your craft.

So get out of your head, cast all doubts aside, be authentically you, and please share your gift by creating a course to make someone’s life so much better.

That’s the opportunity.


Action For You

Take a moment to ask yourself “Do I genuinely want to share my skill?”. Passion to do this will be the fuel to see it through.

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