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How To Create An Online Course

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Adding support material to your course will enable you to reinforce and expand on your main

This can include spreadsheets, documents, standalone slides, audio and even just text and links to reference material.

This could be material that you students work through over the whole course such as a workbook or could be module specific like a checklist or process flow.

You may even want to use some of your support material as lead magnets that you give away in exchange for their email address as part of your audience growth strategy.

When publishing support material consider if your students can open it or if they need to make changes to it.

For example you might create a process flow in a drawing program but share it as a PDF so that anyone can easily “view it” without the need for the source software application.

However if your students need to make changes such as in spreadsheets then it may be best to choose free software so that anyone can access and edit it with ease.


Consider if you can supplement your course with support material and give your students a little extra help on their learning journey.

Action For You

Create your support material for your online course.

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Will you have much support material?


Google Office Suite is good to use as it is accessible by everyone


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