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How To Create An Online Course

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If you are creating a video course then you are going to need a space to do that. It could be a little home studio in the corner of your office, it could be in the kitchen or even outside in the park.

Setting Up Your Workspace

Setting up a dedicated space is ideal so you can somewhat set and forget and just get on to shooting as you need.

If it can only be a temporary space that you need pull down and set up each time, then mark out and make note of your set up so you can do this quickly and easily every time.

This could be noting your tripod height or marking locations of equipment and actors with
masking tape.

Keep in mind that if you do plan ahead and film your course in bulk then you may only need the
space for a shorter period.

Consider Your Surroundings

You’ll want to think about your surroundings that will be in the frame such as if you’ll be at a desk or what will be in the background.

As you can see I like to keep things pretty minimal but you might want to theme your course.

So if you are teaching music you might have some guitars and drums in the background. If you are cooking then you’ll need to be in the kitchen.

Just keep the background distraction free such as avoiding a mess, flashing lights or moving


Now before you lock in a space to film you’ll want to consider if you can control the audio and the lighting. So we better look at those things next.

Action For You

Start scoping some suitable places to shoot your video. You’ll need some more information on lighting and sound to lock in a location but just scope some possible options for now and see what the back drop is like and if there is much light or noise.

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Where are you thinking of shooting your course videos?


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