How To Make A Website From Scratch

Learn how to make a website from scratch, from domain registration to content production. I'll teach you an easy process to get a functioning website off the ground.

Building a website can get overwhelming, and quickly. With a ton of different tools, platforms, and design choices available, where do you even begin?

I’ve been building websites for nearly a decade, and in that time, I’ve learned a TON about how to build a website from scratch. And now I’m here how to teach you just that – but how to build it the right way from the start.

It’s the same process that I use for every website that I make, including the one you’re on right now,

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I’ve taken years of my experience and what I’ve learned along the way to provide you with a simple yet helpful guide to show you how to build a website from the ground up.

You’ll first learn how to choose the right domain name and hosting provider that aligns with your vision and goals.

From there, we’ll dive into the heart of website creation, exploring different website builders and content management systems to find the perfect fit for your project.

After that, you’ll learn how to design a website that not only looks professional but is also user-friendly and responsive across all devices.

I’ll walk you through the process of adding essential features, creating compelling content, and optimizing your site for search engines to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once your site is up and running, I’ll share strategies for maintenance and updates to keep it fresh and engaging for your visitors.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a fully functional website that not only meets your needs but also exceeds your expectations.

What’re you waiting for? Jump right in and begin learning how to start a website from scratch. Before you know it, you’ll have taken your idea and vision from idea to reality.

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Brett Helling is the owner of – one of multiple digital assets in his portfolio. He has been starting, growing, and monetizing websites since 2014. While in college, he began to learn about digital marketing. After graduating, he continued to build a diverse portfolio of websites while working a full time job. After years of building the portfolio on the side, he made the jump to run his websites full time.

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