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How To Create An Online Course

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Once a student finishes your course, you don’t just say goodbye. You’ll want to continue to engage with them to maintain your strong and valuable relationship.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to keep your audience engaged and continue to drive value even after the sale has been made.

How to Stay Engaged After Launching An Online Course

One thing you can do is ask your students to complete a survey with just 2 questions.

The first one being “What did you like the most?” This will give you a good indication of things that you can double down on.

You can also use the responses as testimonials. Just have a tick box next in your survey to ask if this is ok.

The second survey question should then be “What could be done better?” This will give you an indication of weak areas of the course to refine.

You’ll also want to ask your students to tell others about your course.

If you help your students achieve their objective it would only makes sense that they become keen supporters and want to share your course with others

You could even offer the opportunity for them to become affiliates to earn money from recommending your course.

To help all of your students, you should also ask your completing students to share with the
community any of their key takeaways. This could be words of encouragement or their greatest lesson learnt.

You also want to continue to engage with your students as special members of your audience by helping them such as on your social networks.


The last and most important thing is to thank your students for taking the journey with you.

Don’t just let them walk away, make sure you maintain your relationship with them because they are at the heart of what you do.

Action For You

Create a post course survey asking “What did you like the most?” and “What could be done better”.

Let Us Know In The Comments

Do you plan on setting up an affiliate program?


Some platforms will allow you to add a form for your survey otherwise you might need to use an external survey tool such as Survey Monkey or Typeform.


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