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How To Create An Online Course

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If you are doing something on your screen that you want to share then you’ll want to capture this
by doing a screen recording.

This could be demonstrating a software application, showing a document or website or stepping through slides.

How To Capture Screen Recordings For An Online Course

Screen recording applications are fairly simple to use.

For the most part you can just click record, do what you need to do on the screen and then stop recording. You can record the whole screen or some screen recording applications allow for setting a
recording area.

Just keep in mind that the final output will be for video at a 16:9 ratio so just make sure you record enough pixels if you want to cover that.

Some screen recording applications even have the ability to record you via the webcam and mic at the same time as recording the screen.

This can be a good way to ensure you maintain a connection with your students.

Alternatively, you may prefer to cut in some camera footage of you at your screen or add some voice over to the screen recording later in video editing.

Some screen recording applications even have video editing features for an all in one package.


So I leave you with one final tip before you start doing your screen recordings. Turn off notifications.

Action For You

Create your screen recordings for your course.

Let Us Know In The Comments

Are you doing screen recordings? Why?


  • Mobile device such as apple iPad  – inbuilt screen recording
  • Computers – screenflow, camtasia, articulate/ captivate – can add interactions