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How To Create An Online Course

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You’ve published your awesome course and you have your sales page and promo video all sorted. Now it’s time to pick a date and launch your course to your audience.

How To Launch An Online Course

Hopefully you have already been helping your audience and you have built up a following or email list.

Now it’s time to peak their interests and anticipation by eluding that something new is coming and to stay tuned. Wait a little bit of time and then invite them to some kind of event.

The event could be a live or recorded webinar where you will help them in some way and then pitch your new course, or it could be simply just a countdown to the big reveal.

You want to let them know the course if open for purchase by sending or directing them to the sales page that includes your promo video and call to action.

Some course creators offer their courses for a limited time only, meaning after a set date you can no longer buy the course until the next launch. Their launch becomes this cycled launch event.

The cycle could be the same for the whole audience or managed on an individual basis with an automated sequence of emails and deadlines.

The reason that they do this is to introduce an artificial scarcity with most people buying in the last few moments before the time runs out.

This is a perfectly valid marketing technique and we know it works well because many course creators and infomercials do it. It does force people to take action.

Having said that I am primarily an educator, not a sales person and I don’t particularly like this strategy. I think it devalues the authenticity of your intent.

My goal is to educate, and with education, timing is important.

If you want to know something, then you need to know it when you need to know it. You don’t want to wait for particular window of time or to be force to pay now for something that you may be ready to take on yet.


My personal suggestion is to have your course always available because the goal is the help people when they need it.

Let your audience buy because they trust and value what you have to offer rather than because you have used some artificial marketing tactic.

Action For You

Prepare you launch communication strategy, materials, and resources.

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