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How To Create An Online Course

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Your course business needs to continue to evolve as it’s not a set and forget after you launch.

You’ll want to ensure that you are making continuous improvements to maximize the value for your students and your income.

To do this you need to look at the data. I’ll show you how to do that in this lesson.

Looking Back To Go Forward

The data you should be looking at while evaluating the performance of your online course includes:

  • Sales data: such as number of courses sold and when, how much revenue you are making,
    and is there opportunity for other revenue streams such as being an affiliate or offering consultation.
  • Traffic data: where is it coming from and when, what are people searching for.
  • Email data: what emails are getting read and by who, do you have a segmented list or automation in place.
  • Page data: is the sales page converting, what pages are getting visits on your site.
  • Social data: what are your most popular posts, are your followers growing.
  • Advertising data: what percentage are converting to sales? Are Google ads working better than
    Facebook or YouTube ads?
  • Your time: are you stretched, should you outsource or build a team.
  • Audience feedback: Why did they buy, why didn’t they buy, What they did and didn’t like about
    the course. Is there a need for more courses?


This is by no means a comprehensive list but should give you an idea that there are lots of data
points to learn from.

You can then take the opportunity to make continuous improvements by doubling down on what’s working and fixing things that are not.

In order to go forward make sure you take some time to look back.

Action For You

Look into the analytics tools provided by the services that you are using such as from the publishing platform, email marketing software and Google analytics for your website.

Let Us Know In The Comments

Are there things that you already know need improvement?