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How To Create An Online Course

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A learning style is the way in which someone might prefer to learn. Let’s run through some of the learning styles at a very high level.

Types of Learning Styles

People learn information in different ways, so it’s important to understand the differences between the styles before you get started.

  • Visual people like information represented as images
  • Aural like to listen
  • Verbal like to read or talk it through
  • Physical like activities
  • Logical like reasoning
  • Social like to learn from their peers
  • Solitary like to learn by themselves

The reality is most people need a mix of these learning styles with a need for a heavy weight on
visual when learning online. So how do you blend these styles into your course?

Video done well with overlays of visual, audio and text will cater for your visual, aural and verbal

If you add some reasoning into your content for achieving the learning objective you will cater for the logical style.

Add some text and image based support material and you’ll be catering for the verbal style more

Ask your student to do an activity like bake that cake you have shown them how to do then you’ll cater for the physical.

Ask you students to engage in comments or a community and you cater for the social.

And well those solitary learner who like to learn by themselves can sit at home in a quiet space
and do their thing.


So when you are creating your course ensure you have a good blend of learning styles to help all of your students learn effectively.

Action For You

Think about how you will be delivering your course and consider if you will be catering for all of the learning styles.

Let Us Know In The Comments

What’s your preferred learning style?