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How To Create An Online Course

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  1. Welcome To How To Create An Online Course
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  3. Fundamentals Of Creating An Online Course
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  4. What Do You Need To Create An Online Course?
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  5. Setting The Stage For Your Online Course
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  6. How To Create An Online Course
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Welcome To How To Create An Online Course

Hi. My name is Simon. Welcome to Awesome Course Creator. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey to create your very own awesome online course, that your audience is going to love.

Who Am I?

I have been in the learning space pretty much all of my life. My passion is helping others share their knowledge and skills.

I have trained thousands of people including children, people with disabilities, corporate clients,
leaders in their fields, creators and even other trainers. I have done this one on one, in huge groups and online.

Through this experience I have learnt what simply works to ensure not only is the learning
experience enjoyable but people actually learn exactly what they need.

My Approach to Teaching You How to Start an Online Course

I love how learning can have such a positive influence on peoples lives. It’s an an awesome experience to be part of and one that I want you to feel by sharing your gift with others by creating your very own awesome online course.

We’ll do this by first finding the right course and students. We’ll then look at the creative workflow and get all set up to make a truely valuable course.

We go through the process of building and publishing your course and sort out how to get it out
there for people to purchase. It’s going to be quite the journey.

Now to assist you along the way, I have included some handy support material to download that you can work through as you go through the course.

Ok, are you ready. Let’s get cracking.

Action For You

Make a copy of the support material and familiarize yourself with it. The Google Sheet is your roadmap.

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