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How To Create An Online Course

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  1. Welcome To How To Create An Online Course
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  2. Start Here: Building An Effective Course
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  3. Fundamentals Of Creating An Online Course
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  4. What Do You Need To Create An Online Course?
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  5. Setting The Stage For Your Online Course
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  6. How To Create An Online Course
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  7. What To Do After Your Course Goes Live
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  8. A Summary Of Creating An Online Course
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A Summary Of Creating An Online Course

Congratulations! You have made it through the course and hopefully through that process you have created an amazing course of your own that is now making a difference to the lives of your students.

You cast all doubt aside in preference of sharing your gift which is truly awesome.

A Recap of What We’ve Covered

You’ve come a long way.

Initially we defined your audience and their “gap” so that you could start helping them, and to create a course outline to map the journey to achieve their objective.

You then stopped for a moment to think about instructional design, visual design and the creative process to ensure that you started creating with the right thinking.

Then you got all set up with the tools of the trade so that you could get the job done – while looking
and sounding great too.

Then came the grunt work of creating your scripts, videos, slides, screen recordings, so you could then edit it all together.

Plus you created support material to reinforce and expand on your main content. You made sure you had everything your students would need to meet their learning objectives.

Then it was time to publish and launch your course. This involved choosing the right publishing platform for you, and getting everything set up for selling your amazing course.

Finally we talked about ensuring that you stay engaged with your students, and how to continue to improve as you go forward with your course business.

It’s been quite the journey and no easy feat but you took every step and stayed on the path and you made it… well done.

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