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How To Create An Online Course

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When your audience arrives at your sales page the best way to convince them to buy your course is with a promo video.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to easily create an effective one that you can use to sell your course.

How To Create An Online Course Promo Video

People’s attention spans are really short, so your promo video should be under a minute.

You’ll want to grab their attention in the first few seconds. You can do this with humor, a question, an interesting fact or claim.

Once you have grabbed them you’ll want to empathize with the problem they are facing. Hone in on the problem and agitate it so they feel it.

You can do this by listing all the issues with the problem. Then you need to explain “what” would solve the problem.

At this point they are wondering to themselves how to solve the problem. That’s where you can introduce your course to save the day. Then you can make a promise.

This promise should talk about the benefits, not the features, of your course. People do not buy features, they buy benefits.

Finally you want to encourage them to buy the course. This is called a “Call to Action”.

This might be along the lines of “If you have x problem and you want the solution then click the
button below to get started”. As a bonus, you can add social proof or you can include that in the sales page.

If you plan on repurposing the promo video for advertising then you might need to create cut
down 20 second version.

If you plan on having a pre-recorded webinar as part of your sales pitch then you could use some of the promo video mixed in with some of your course content.


Promo videos are a great way to convince your audience to become students. Just make sure you are clear and direct, and be sure to communicate how they will feel by taking your course journey.

Action For You

Create your promo video for your online course.

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How will you grab attention in the first few seconds?