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How To Create An Online Course

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Now that you’ve created your online course, have a firm understanding of the sales mechanics of selling it, and have a price in mind, you’ll need to create the page on which to sell it.

I’ll show you how to design an irresistible online course sales page that effectively turns interested visitors into committed students

How To Create An Online Course Sales Page

To create an effective online course sales page, start by including the course name and a succinct one-liner that captures its objective.

Then, embed a promotional video directly on the page for easy accessibility.

Introduce yourself with a brief biography and a friendly photo, highlighting experience relevant to the course content rather than unrelated credentials.

Provide a compelling course description using language that emphasizes benefits. Detail how the course will transition learners from their current state to their desired outcomes, and consider sharing a personal story that relates to their challenges.

Outline the course structure clearly, and if possible, offer previews of selected modules to demonstrate the quality and content of your course.

Incorporate social proof through testimonials or reviews. If lacking, gather feedback from a pilot group who can review the course for free.

Add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to address potential objections related to cost, time commitment, or prerequisites, thereby easing doubts and encouraging enrollment.

Enhance the value of your course by offering bonuses like exclusive discounts on related products or services. Ensure these extras are beneficial to both your students and collaborating providers.

Finally, make the purchase process straightforward with a prominent call-to-action button. Place “Purchase” buttons in eye-catching colors at strategic locations: top, middle, and bottom of the page.

This design choice helps convert interest into action, making the decision to buy clear and simple.


Creating a sales page means setting up a page with a course overview, engaging media, relevant bio, social proof, FAQs, value-added bonuses, and prominent, strategically placed purchase buttons.

Action For You

Create your sales page for your online course.

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If you'd like to see what a proven and effective course sales page looks like, check out any of the courses in our directory.

While we don't charge for our courses, these landing pages contain the same design, structure, and verbiage that make up an effective course landing page that you'll want to create.


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