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How To Create An Online Course

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Now that you know who your audience is, and their needs. You’ll need to start addressing those needs by building relationships, by engaging and helping them as soon as you can.

Helping your audience will help you grow. It will be a win win.

You can engage with them by answering their questions and comments in forums and online
groups. You can create quality highly shareable youtube videos that address some of their gaps.

You can do presentations, guest posts or be in podcasts to help form win win connections in your space …this will also allow you to tap into other peoples audiences.

You can even create lead magnets. This free targeted content on your website, like worksheets, checklists, templates or even free access to a small standalone part of your course in exchange for their email address.

You may even want to have targeted give aways with prizes that you know your audience would
specifically like.

A combination of these engagement activities will feed off each other. Just make sure you always make it easy for audience to find you, such as adding a link to where you want them to go, in your bios and signatures.

Now through this process of helping you will be building your audience as content and email subscribers.

If you haven’t already created a website, you’ll want to get one up and running. You’ll want to integrate it with some email marketing software too. The good news there are services available to allow you to build these fairly easily.

As you help your audience you will start to build authority and trust. A community of people, who like you, will grow …and with that your social proof. They will be a “warm” audience to sell your course to.

So plant some seeds now and start building relationships with your audience. Be patient, and watch your course business grow.


Action For You

Start helping people in your audience

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Do you already have a website and do email marketing?


  • Domain name provider: GoDaddy
  • Website building
    • Easy: Squarespace
    • Medium – Host a WordPress website at a hosting provider like Bluehost and start with a template from Themeforest 
  • Email marketing software: Mailchimp, aWeber, ConvertKit or GetResponse