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Discover the most powerful link building tools that drive insane results for SEO. I’ll explain why I love these tools and how I use them.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a man sitting at a computer while using link building tools on his computer screens

Launching your website is just the first step—to succeed in the digital world, you need to draw traffic to your page.

There is no better strategy for driving search engine optimization (SEO) than link building.

Link building allows you to dramatically improve your web visibility and boost revenue.

To help you choose the best SEO strategy, we’ve assembled this guide to the best link-building tools, which includes a comprehensive overview of our top pick, Ahrefs.

The Best Link Building Tools (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Our Top Picks

  1. Ahrefs: Our Pick
  2. Pitchbox: Runner-Up
  3. Budget Pick

Best Free Options

What Is a Link-Building Tool?

Link building refers to driving traffic to your website by harnessing the power of authority-building links.

Leveraging link-building strategies can dramatically improve a website’s SEO results, but many web users simply don’t know where to start.

Link-building tools are typically software services that facilitate link-building, streamlining the process of establishing high-quality links to and from other creators’ sites.

Why Are Link-Building Tools Important?

There are many benefits to using link-building tools.

The most significant advantage of using a link-building tool is that a high-quality service will automate and facilitate the ordinarily time-consuming process of link-building.

Additionally, link-building tools can:

  • Improve your SEO results
  • Magnify your credibility
  • Draw traffic to your site
  • Facilitate networking and authority-building
  • Provide valuable data
  • Boost your revenue

Do I Need a Link-Building Tool?

If you operate a website of any kind, you need a link-building tool.

Link builders are ideal for:

  • Content creators and influencers
  • Bloggers and digital publishers
  • Businesses and organizations
  • Anyone else who wants to maximize their digital presence

The Best Link-Building Tools at a Glance

With so many tools on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Here is a brief look at the best tools.

What Is the Best Link-Building Tool?

The best link-building tool is Ahrefs.

This software service offers various SEO tools, including a Site Audit feature, Keyword Research options, a Content Explorer tool, and a Rank Tracker.

The Site and Content Explorer tools allow you to research, build, and optimize your backlinks.

What Is the Best Free Link-Building Tool?

The best free link-building tool is Google.

With Google’s three quality URL builders, you can establish high-quality links to and from your website from third-party sites across the Google platform.

Because Google is a popular search engine, you can guarantee that your links will function as needed, and there are many training resources you can access.

Features To Look For in Link-Building Tools

Links are a pillar of SEO—but building them requires time, effort, and research.

The best link-building tools will streamline that process so you can focus on your business or content.

Essential features of high-quality link builders include the following:

Accessibility and Affordability

The best link-building tool is one you will use.

To that end, remember to look for a software package that fits your budget.

Also, look for a platform with an accessible interface and plenty of supportive resources.

Backlink Tracking & Research

Your chosen software’s backlink tools will enrich your link-building strategy.

A high-quality link builder empowered with backlink tracking will allow you to:

  • Assess the quality of your backlinks
  • Identify third-party websites that host your competitors’ backlinks
  • Identify and resolve broken link building

Content Research and Optimization

Your content quality contributes significantly to the effectiveness of your backlinks.

If your content doesn’t measure up, your backlinks will serve little purpose.

Choose a link-building tool that allows you to determine your content value, identify weaknesses in your content (and offer suggestions and fixes), and draw insight from your competitors’ content.

Additional SEO Tools

When choosing a link-building tool, consider your software’s additional features.

You will get the best value for money if you choose a toolkit that offers other resources, like domain tracking, which measures the credibility of your website relative to others, and keyword research, which can help you optimize your keywords for SEO success.

Customer Support & Training Resources

Customer service is one of the essential features of any product.

Link building is a complicated task, and quality customer support and learning resources will allow you to expedite the learning process and create effective links faster.

Consider a company’s responsiveness, avenues of contact, and knowledge base before making your decision.

The best link-building tools are easy to use, backed by quality learning resources, and offer many valuable features.

The following list showcases the best of what the SEO industry has to offer.

Ahrefs: Our Pick

screenshot of the ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is an SEO toolkit and link-building software suite that caters to content creators, businesses, and website owners.

Ahrefs is a reputable company with an extensive knowledge base and a customer service team.

The marketing toolkit is our top pick for its many features, comprehensive marketing metrics, diversity, and relatively affordable price.

Key Features of Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers the world’s most extensive backlink index.

The company began as a link-building service and later expanded its services to include keyword research, content assessment, and more.

Key features include:

  • The Backlink Tracker: The backlink tracker lets you quickly view a site’s backlink profile. This tool distinguishes itself from others with its broad index and many sorting and filtering options.
  • Domain Comparison Tool: This tool offers side-by-side comparisons of competitors’ websites so you can assess their backlinks and relative organic traffic.
  • Content Explorer: This feature allows you to track content performance by assessing backlink data, keywords, and shares across social media.
  • Additional SEO Features: Aside from its link-building tools, Ahrefs offers a keyword research and tracking tool, domain authority tracking, and more.
  • Excellent, Responsive Customer Service: Ahrefs is an established company with an expert customer service team that you can reach across many avenues of contact. Ahrefs Academy offers an invaluable knowledge base full of articles, how-to guides, and more.

Why Is Ahrefs a Great Solution?

Ahrefs is an ideal link-building tool for anyone who operates a business or personal website.

Ahrefs is beginner-friendly since the company offers many supportive resources and boasts a user-friendly interface.

But this service is also appropriate for SEO experts since it offers many advanced features unavailable on other platforms.

Ultimately, Ahrefs works for almost anyone.

Pros of Ahrefs

There are many benefits of Ahrefs. These include:

  • Accessibility: The Ahrefs dashboard is intuitive, and Ahrefs Academy offers numerous valuable resources to guide you as you go. Ahrefs also enables push notifications to keep you on task.
  • Excellent Value for Your Money: Ahrefs isn’t just a link-building tool; it also allows you to optimize nearly every aspect of your website. This toolkit is more diverse than most and more affordable, considering its value.
  • Robust Customer Support: From Ahrefs Academy to a polite, responsive customer service team, Ahrefs offers the best support among SEO platforms.

Cons of Ahrefs

There are several potential drawbacks to Ahrefs, including the following:

  • Steep Learning Curve: Though Ahrefs is accessible, it may take some time to acclimate to the sheer breadth of features and options available within the platform.
  • Pricing: Ahrefs is affordable compared to other platforms, but because this is a multi-feature SEO toolkit, it is more expensive than more basic link-building tools.
  • No Mobile Access: Ahrefs does not currently have a functional mobile application, so this isn’t the best tool for users on the go.

Ahrefs vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Ahrefs boasts many advantages compared to similar platforms.

First, Ahrefs has the most extensive backlink index available, allowing you to conduct in-depth research.

Ahrefs also offers more diverse SEO options than other marketing toolkits.

This company also has high-quality back-end infrastructure.

So you can count on high uptime rates, available servers, and tons of comprehensive marketing data.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers several pricing options:

  • The Lite Package ($99 monthly): This package consists of the SEO Dashboard, Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit.
  • The Standard Package ($199 monthly): This option offers more link-building tools to fulfill your every SEO need.
  • The Advanced Package ($399): This option is best for businesses and marketing teams and enables additional advanced SEO tools like HTTP authentication and dashboard folders.
  • The Enterprise Package (starts at $999 monthly): This option is for larger enterprises.

Can You Try Ahrefs for Free?

Ahrefs offers many marketing tools for free, so you can try the service out before making a substantial investment.

Free tools include:

  • Domain authority tracking
  • Link Building
  • SERP analysis

Since there is no Ahrefs free trial, you can use the free tools as long as you wish.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an excellent choice for most website owners.

This toolkit is versatile and adaptive to every marketing need, and its many supportive resources allow novice users to reach expert status in no time.

Although Ahrefs is relatively expensive, it offers the best value for your money, making this our top pick.

Pitchbox: Runner-Up

screenshot of the pitchbox homepage

Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing platform.

This marketing toolkit focuses on quality link outreach and building.

So you can count on its efficacy and versatility.

Pitchbox is a renowned company with extensive credibility in the SEO industry, and its customer service arm is responsive and powered by experts.

Key Features of Pitchbox

Pitchbox offers many valuable features for link building and content optimization, including the following:

  • Prospecting Tools: Identifying third-party hosts for your website links can be time-consuming. Pitchbox makes it easy with a comprehensive prospecting tool.
  • Contact Mining & Outreach Tools: Pitchbox’s SEO CRM is ideal for future backlink campaigns. With Pitchbox, you can quickly obtain contact information for prospective hosts, send automated emails, and organize your SEO contacts.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Pitchbox conducts regular marketing and SEO research and publishes these reports frequently, informing your link-building process.
  • Integrations: Pitchbox integrates with the most popular SEO tools and applications, streamlining your marketing operations.
  • Scaled Outreach & SEO Email Tools: Unlike other platforms, Pitchbox allows you to manage your communications to optimize for SEO and collaborate with partners.

Why Is Pitchbox a Great Solution?

Pitchbox is ideal for those seeking a focused, high-quality link-building tool.

Unlike Ahrefs, Pitchbox prioritizes the link outreach and building process, offering easy integrations and a more manageable workflow.

Pitchbox is excellent for beginners since it is easy to use and boasts an extensive knowledge base, but it also works well for advanced users seeking innovative backlink solutions.

Pros of Pitchbox

Pitchbox has many advantages over similar platforms.

These include:

  • User-Friendly Platform & Streamlined Workflow: Pitchbox prioritizes efficiency and ease of access, making the platform easy to navigate.
  • Relevant, Frequent SEO Reports: Marketing metrics are precious in informing the link-building process, and Pitchbox offers some of the most comprehensive data.
  • Communications and Outreach Tools: Unlike other platforms, Pitchbox makes prospecting and outreach easy with SEO email capabilities and an optimized CRM.

Cons of Pitchbox

There are various drawbacks to using Pitchbox that are worth considering:

  • Pricing: Pitchbox is a pricier option than most, and the company’s prices are not displayed on the website.
  • Not Optimized for Social Media: Pitchbox mainly focuses on scraping websites and does not facilitate outreach across social media platforms.
  • Spotty Customer Service: Pitchbox customer service isn’t always easy to reach, and the platform does not offer an instant chat feature.

Pitchbox vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Pitchbox boasts several advantages over its competitors, namely link outreach and SEO communication tools.

Unlike other platforms, Pitchbox optimizes link building across all your business operations, and the SEO email feature and SEO CRM are valuable tools.

Pitchbox offers fewer additional SEO tools compared to a broad toolkit like Ahrefs, and its customer service team is less accessible than others.

Pitchbox Pricing

Pitchbox does not have a public pricing page because it offers customized pricing packages.

However, you can contact the company and request a quote for free.

Can You Try Pitchbox for Free?

Although Pitchbox does not offer a free trial option, you can request a product demo on the company’s website.

Unlike Ahrefs, Pitchbox does not offer free resources, so you will have to rely on the demo and customer reviews to make your decision.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Pitchbox?

Pitchbox is an excellent SEO and link-building solution for users seeking a backlink-specific tool.

Additionally, Pitchbox is helpful for entrepreneurs seeking to optimize the link-building process and marketing teams seeking a comprehensive link-building platform.

Because the company does not publicize prices, you may need help determining whether it falls within your budget, so remember to request a quote during your demo. Budget Pick

screenshot of the homepag is a marketing software tool that offers several features crucial to successful link building.

This company caters to over three million users, so you can count on the value and reliability of its product.

Additionally, is more affordable than most competitive options, making this our budget pick.

Key Features of boasts many features that greatly facilitate the process of link outreach and building:

  • Domain Search:’s domain search tool allows you to identify contact information for a business or website owner efficiently. You can access data in bulk and conduct API searches.
  • Email Finder and Verification Tools: allows you to locate relevant email addresses in seconds, and you can verify each email address within the platform.
  • Campaign Builder: With, you can compose effective link outreach campaigns, automate follow-ups, and manage contacts from within your Gmail or Outlook dashboard.
  • Easy Integrations: This tool integrates easily with your favorite CRM, email, automation, and third-party tools.
  • Free Google Extension: offers a free Chrome extension that you can use with your subscription.

Why Is a Great Solution? is an excellent link-building resource for those seeking an affordable, adaptive solution to SEO needs.

This tool is appropriate for entrepreneurs, content creators, and marketing teams.

Its quality software and back-end infrastructure make it robust and reliable, and it is the most cost-effective of the paid link-building tools on this list.

Pros of

Pros of include the following:

  • Accessible Dashboard and Easy Integrations: is versatile and integrates with the most popular marketing apps and platforms. Its dashboard is intuitive and accessible.
  • Affordability & Free Resources: is more affordable than most link-building services, and the company offers many free resources, like 50 free searches and a free Chrome extension.
  • Adaptive for Beginners: With responsive customer service and a simple, easy-to-use toolkit, is exceptionally well-suited for beginners.

Cons of does have several drawbacks, which you may wish to consider:

  • Not Optimized for Social Media Research: does not enable social media research like some of its competitors, so it may not be the best option for influencers.
  • Comparable to Free Resources: Although is affordable, its services are identical to those competing for free resources.
  • Limited Features: Unlike a comprehensive toolkit like Ahrefs, does not offer additional SEO tools besides link outreach capabilities. vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Compared to its competitors, is more affordable and easier to use.

This platform is also more conducive to beginners for its simplicity. focuses primarily on link outreach, so it does not offer as many additional SEO tools as other similar options.

Lastly, has a smaller knowledge base than many competitors. Pricing offers packages at several different price points:

  • The Free Package: You can conduct 25 monthly searches and 50 verifications for free.
  • The Starter Package ($49 monthly) allows for 500 searches and 1,000 monthly verifications.
  • The Growth Package ($99 monthly) enables 2,500 searches and 5,000 monthly verifications.
  • The Pro Package: ($199 monthly) allows for 10,000 searches and 20,000 verifications per month.
  • The Business Package ($399 monthly) allows 30,000 searches and 60,000 verifications.

Can You Try for Free?

You can test all of’s features for free.

Conduct up to 25 monthly searches and 50 verifications on the free plan, and invest in a paid plan if you need to exceed the allowed number of functions.

Conclusion: Should You Choose is an excellent product, and it is adaptive to the needs of most entrepreneurs and freelancers.

If you own a more significant business, you may need a more comprehensive toolkit, though will cover your basic link outreach needs.

Ultimately, this is the most affordable paid product, so it fits most budgets.

The Best Free Link-Building Tools Options

If you are reluctant to make a significant investment or are new to link-building, consider one of the free link-building tools below.


screenshot of the google homepage

Although Google is primarily a search engine, you can use this versatile tool to build effective backlinks.

With the right SEO strategies and research tactics, you can navigate Google’s massive web index and find thousands of link prospects at no cost.

With the Search Operator function, you can filter your searches and specify results.

Google even provides helpful resources to facilitate the URL-building process.

Why Is Google a Great Option?

Google is an excellent option because it allows for basic link prospecting and building—at no cost to you.

If you do your due diligence and research the parameters of Google link building, you can easily find prospects and email addresses.

Many YouTube tutorials will teach you to leverage Google’s many tools to streamline workflow.

Drawbacks to Google

Google is not a link-building tool.

Instead, it is a tool you can optimize to communicate with potential website owners and establish your credibility.

Google does not offer managed services or additional SEO features like other platforms.

For this reason, you will need more than Google to facilitate the process, mainly if you are new to link building.

Consider watching YouTube tutorials or reading more about building backlinks with Google.

SEO Toolbar

screenshot of the seo toolbar homepage

SEO Toolbar is a comprehensive free SEO toolkit and Google extension offered by the renowned SEO company Ahrefs.

This product offers incredible value at no cost, so it is an essential resource for entrepreneurs, content creators, and business owners on a budget.

With SEO Toolbar, you can conduct reports, identify backlights, and more.

Why Is SEO Toolbar a Great Option?

SEO Toolbar is an excellent option for free, accessible SEO resources.

Since this is an Ahrefs product, it is backed by a quality customer service team and extensive marketing data.

This tool includes:

  • An on-page SEO report
  • Redirect tracer with HTTP Headers
  • Outgoing links report
  • A broken link checker
  • SERP ranking

Drawbacks to SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs created SEO Toolbar to introduce users to the company’s paid product, so while it offers some of Ahrefs’ essential services, it doesn’t meet the same standard as the paid package.

Additionally, SEO Toolbar does not enable backlink tracking and content exploration.

If you need a comprehensive link builder, consider starting with SEO Toolbar to determine whether to invest in Ahrefs.

Notable Mentions: Other Link-Building Tools to Check Out

If you still haven’t found the right link-building tool for your business or personal website, consider checking out some of our honorable mentions below.


screenshot of the haro homepage

With over seven years of experience, the team behind Haro has perfected the art of link building—and now, you can too.

With Haro’s fully managed link-building services, you can establish inbound and outbound links to your website from high authority domains—efficiently and affordably.

Haro is ideal for businesses and organizations seeking to expand their reach, but it is also adaptive to the needs of entrepreneurs and content creators.

Why Is Haro a Great Option?

Haro is an ideal option for businesses of all sizes.

This fully managed backlink-building service allows you to turn everything over to a designated team of marketers and SEO experts.

First, a marketer chooses queries and compiles thoughts for pitches.

Then a copywriter drafts your angles, and the team reviews them.

Haro sends your functional links to news agencies and journalists.

Unlike its competitors, Haro will do everything for you—from A to Z.

Drawbacks to Haro

Haro is relatively expensive compared to similar products because this company drafts your content and builds your links.

Additionally, Haro does not work with the following industries: pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult content, dating sites, betting, or credit repair agencies.

Because Haro is a fully managed product, you won’t learn to build your links.

Haro Pricing

Haro offers two pre-paid pricing packages:

  • Three qualifying links cost $975
  • Seven qualifying links cost $1,995

Can You Try Haro for Free?

You cannot try Haro for a fee since it is a comprehensive service.

However, you can read reviews of the product on Haro’s website and view examples of the company’s reputable work.

Additionally, Haro includes several pitch examples on the website to show users how the service works.


screenshot of the linkody homepage

Linkody is a link-building platform that boasts several unique features to help you boost your outreach and gather links from popular websites.

With Linkody, you can track your links’ performances, view SEO metrics, and more.

Additionally, Linkody offers a free trial and excellent customer service, making this a great option for beginners and those reluctant to make a significant investment.

Why Is Linkody a Great Option?

Linkody is an excellent option for building backlinks with every SEO resource available.

With Linkody, you can benefit from the following:

  • Backlink analysis, monitoring, and research
  • Crucial metrics like Moz status, Google Index, and more
  • Disavow tools
  • PDF white labels and CSV exports
  • Email notifications

Drawbacks to Linkody

Linkody’s interface is complex, and beginners may take a while to acclimate to the system.

Additionally, Linkody is relatively new and experiences crawl errors.

Lastly, Linkody has limited analytics features compared to a more comprehensive platform like Ahrefs.

Linkody Pricing

Linkody offers five pricing packages available in monthly or yearly installments.

  • The Webmaster Plan ($14.90 per month) allows for two domains and 500 monitored links.
  • The Advanced Plan ($24.90) allows for five domains and 2,000 monitored links.
  • The Pro Plan ($49.90) enables 20 domains, 5,000 monitored links, and three users per account.
  • The Agency Plan ($99.90) allows for 50 domains, 20,000 monitored links, and five users per plan.
  • The Agency XL Plan ($153.90) grants 100 domains, 40,000 monitored links, and ten users per account.

Can You Try Linkody for Free?

You can try Linkody for free.

The company offers a free 30-day trial.

The free trial does not require entering a credit card number, and you can stop services before investing in the paid version if you wish.

The free trial allows you to research backlinks across two domains and establish 500 links.

Additionally, you can use the entire toolkit of SEO features.


screenshot of the buzz stream homepage

Buzzstream is a link-building and outreach tool for entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and businesses.

This SEO-focused CRM caters to big names like Indeed, Shopify, Canva, and Airbnb.

With BuzzStream, you can effortlessly build your link-building capabilities, using the best marketing data available.

Why Is BuzzStream a Great Option?

BuzzStream is an ideal option for those seeking an SEO-maximizing CRM and link-building platform—at an affordable cost.

BuzzStream’s key features include a press list building and pitching tool, prospect research and link monitoring capabilities, and content promotion.

BuzzStream automates the most tedious aspects of digital marketing, so you can focus on personalizing your outreach and engaging with partners and clients.

Drawbacks to BuzzStream

BuzzStream only offers a few supportive resources, so you may have difficulty finding answers if you don’t understand something.

Additionally, BuzzStream occasionally experiences slow loading times.

Lastly, the platform only makes 80% of prospect emails visible and does not provide campaign templates or sequences.

BuzzStream Pricing

BuzzStream offers three pricing plans at various costs.

These include the following:

  • The Starter Plan ($24 monthly) allows for one user and 1,000 contacts.
  • The Group Plan ($99 monthly) allows three users and 25,000 contacts.
  • The Professional Plan ($299 monthly) allows six users and 100,000 connections.
  • Custom Plans start at $999 a month and include 15 users and over 300,000 references.

Can You Try BuzzStream for Free?

BuzzStream offers a 14-day free trial on all plans for new users.

The free trial requires you to enter your information and credit card details, so you will need to cancel the plan or expect additional charges should you continue to use the service.


screenshot of the group high homepage

GroupHigh is an industry-leading, cloud-based marketing software kit for businesses of all sizes.

This content marketing tool is also ideal for influencers and bloggers since it allows you to harness contact data from any blog or social media account.

Since Mavrck recently acquired GroupHigh, you can find more details about this scalable link-building tool on the Mavrck website.

Why Is GroupHigh a Great Option?

GroupHigh is an invaluable marketing toolkit for bloggers, influencers, content creators, and businesses.

The comprehensive index lets you locate any influencer and gather contact information from any page.

The platform has more filters than most, so your information will be relevant to your brand and business goals.

The platform also allows you to optimize and curate content according to your objectives, and an embedded CRM enables easy outreach and follow-ups.

Drawbacks to GroupHigh

Customer support is less responsive with GroupHigh than with other platforms, so you may need to rely on third-party resources to acclimate to the software.

Because GroupHigh has merged with Mavrck, pricing is also higher than previously, so this service may only fit some budgets.

GroupHigh Pricing

GroupHigh’s pricing packages are not readily available on the website, but pricing starts at $8,000 per user per year.

Can You Try GroupHigh for Free?

You cannot currently try GroupHigh for free, but you can request a free demo through the Mavrck website.

Additionally, the company offers customized pricing packages so that you can negotiate a better deal after your free demo.


screenshot of the just reach out homepage

JustReachOut is a PR software toolkit that allows you to boost your visibility and increase traffic to your website without compromising on time or budget.

JustReachOut is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, so it is excellent for beginners seeking to learn link building.

Remember that this product works best for outreach within English-speaking countries and is less adaptive to foreign businesses and brands.

Why Is JustReachOut a Great Option?

JustReachOut is an excellent option for anyone seeking to expand their web visibility and increase traffic.

A search engine with useful filters allows you to identify prospects and immediately harness contact information.

You can also use pre-populated pitch templates to customize your outreach and benefit from the platform’s many training resources.

JustReachOut is famous for its responsive and helpful customer service team, so it’s a great place to start.

Drawbacks to JustReachOut

JustReachOut is best for businesses seeking to network within English-speaking countries and is not optimized for foreign contacts.

Additionally, if you cater to a specific niche, you may need help finding the appropriate filters to locate contacts.

Otherwise, JustReachOut is ideal for digital PR management and organization.

JustReach Out Pricing

JustReachOut offers three pricing packages for businesses of varying sizes.

  • The Starter Outreach Plan ($79 monthly) allows for one team member, five campaigns, and 250 emails per month.
  • The Advanced Outreach Plan ($149 monthly) allows three team members per plan, 500 emails, and 25 campaigns.
  • The Ultimate Outreach Plan ($299 monthly) allows ten team members per plan, 100 campaigns, and 1000 emails per month.

Can You Try JustReachOut for Free?

JustReachOut offers a 14-day free trial on all of its plans, so you can try the service for free before making a substantive investment.

You can try every SEO tool on the platform with each free trial, making this one of the best free products available.


screenshot of the ninjaoutrech homepage

NinjaOutreach is a digital PR software for bloggers, marketers, and small businesses.

This product is also beneficial for connecting businesses and content creators with influencers, bloggers, and other creators on social media platforms.

Unlike similar products, NinjaOutreach caters to social media users, so it has more flexible features.

Why Is NinjaOutreach a Great Option?

This product offers a complete, SEO-optimized CRM, an extensive contact database, diverse features, and frequent high-quality upgrades.

You can use NinjaOutreach for link outreach, link building, social media, content marketing, organizing contacts, branding, expert roundups, and guest posting outreach.

NinjaOutreach is ideal for those seeking a more affordable and flexible option.

Drawbacks to NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach does not have quality customer service resources, so you may lack the support you need—mainly if you are new to link building and SEO.

Additionally, NinjaOutreach needs to practice transparent pricing, and the 7-day free trial period is relatively short.

Lastly, NinjaOutreach operates only on Instagram and Twitter, so this isn’t your product if you rely on a different social media platform.

NinjaOutreach Pricing

NinjaOutreach offers three pricing plans:

  • The Flex Plan costs $155 per month and is best for beginners. With this plan, you can send 1,000 emails and contact 500 influencers.
  • The Silver Plan costs $255 per month and is ideal for entrepreneurs. You can contact 1,000 influencers and send 10,000 emails.
  • The Silver Plus Plan costs $2459 per month, and you can contact 4,000 influencers and send 15,000 emails.

Can You Try NinjaOutreach for Free?

NinjaOutreach offers a 7-day free trial period, during which you can test the platform’s various features at no cost.

However, you will need to enter your credit card information, and the company will charge you after the seven days are up.

Even More, Options To Check Out

If you wish to continue exploring your options, consider checking out some link-building tools below.


screenshot of the neverbounce homepage

NeverBounce is an email cleanup and verification service that caters to businesses and creators across every niche.

With NeverBounce, you can verify and clean up your bulk email list to ensure successful outreach and improve inbox deliverability.

This product is affordable, and the company charges you per email sent so that you can manage your budget effectively.


screenshot of the semrush homepage

Semrush is a popular marketing software provider offering valuable backlink analytics tools.

This tool can empower you to reach out to prospects, build and test your backlinks, and manage your contacts effectively.

The backlink Audit feature can remove harmful links and threats to your SEO ranking, while the Backlink Gap tool allows you to compare your website and rankings to competitors.

Semrush offers a free trial to test the product before making a purchase.


screenshot of the trello homepage

Trello is a marketing productivity tool that can streamline your outreach, promotion, and communications operations.

With Trello, you can benefit from valuable automation and easy integrations, and the platform allows you to visualize and outsource tasks easily.

Trello is less adaptive to research but is a valuable communication tool that can help you organize your link-building data.


screenshot of the airtable homepage

Airtable is a task management platform similar to Trello.

However, Airtable offers marketing insights and outreach tools that Trello does not.

With Airtable, you can visualize each project’s most up-to-date marketing data and relevant contacts.

Airtable allows you to build applications quickly and efficiently.

The platform also allows you to collaborate across teams, devices, and geographic distances.

Link Hunter

screenshot of the link hunter homepage

Link Hunter is an all-in-one link-building tool that identifies prospects, streamlines outreach, and builds and launches links within minutes.

Link Hunter allows you to choose between using the software or outsourcing your link-building capabilities to experts.

Additionally, Link Hunter is affordable, with plans including unlimited prospects starting at $49 a month.

SE Ranking

screenshot of the se ranking homepage

SE Ranking is a quality, all-in-one SEO toolkit that includes a backlink checker, a website audit tool, competitor analysis capabilities, and a rank tracker.

This tool is excellent for businesses and brands seeking to boost website traffic and maximize outreach.

With prices starting at $39.90 and a free trial option, this is an optimal tool for any budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have reservations about investing in a link-building tool, consider the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Does link building still work?

Link building is a highly effective method of driving traffic to your site by capitalizing on the authority of other places.

Link building works to improve SEO and web visibility, boosting traffic and revenue for businesses of all kinds.

What is the difference between link building and backlinks?

Link building refers to creating links to your website from other websites, while backlinks are external links that drive traffic back to you.

Ultimately, the two have become somewhat interchangeable in SEO circles.

Wrapping Up

Ahrefs is the best option for most users of all the link-building tools available.

The Ahrefs toolkit will meet your every need with its various features and training resources.

If you are new to link building, consider trying Pitchbox.

The platform has an extensive knowledge base and a streamlined interface.

Ultimately, any high-quality link-building tools on this list will empower you to establish and nurture traffic-driving backlinks.

Simply choose one to get started!