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How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Content

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In this short lesson, I’m going to walk you through how to do keyword research at a very high level. After completing this lesson you should be able to identify the most effective keywords for your content.

But there’s so much more to keyword research that I can’t cover here. If you’re looking for a more detailed guide, check out How To Do Keyword Research.

How to Do Keyword Research [An Overview]

In the simplest form, keyword research really is not that hard to do. At first it might seem overwhelming, but once you figure it out and do it a few times, it sort of becomes second-nature.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Employ the tools mentioned in the previous lesson to expand your seed list with related search terms, synonyms, and long-tail keywords.

Start with a Seed List

Begin with broad terms related to your topic or industry to create a seed list of keywords.

Analyze Search Volume

Focus on keywords with a high search volume but don’t ignore long-tail keywords with lower volume; they’re often less competitive and more targeted.

Consider Keyword Difficulty

Assess how hard it would be to rank for each keyword. Aim for keywords that you have a realistic chance of ranking for.

Look at Your Competitors

Identify which keywords your competitors are ranking for and consider whether you can create better, more comprehensive content.

Key Considerations:

  • Relevance: Choose keywords that are highly relevant to your content and audience.
  • Intent: Understand the intent behind the search query and ensure your content matches it.
  • Balance: Strive for a mix of head terms (broad) and long-tail keywords (specific) for a balanced strategy.