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It’s no secret that there are many rank-tracking tools on the market, and understanding which ranking tool is right for you is even more complex.

While it may be tempting to ignore ranking tools, you need them to optimize your website’s search engine standings.

Luckily, I’ve compiled the best rank-tracking tools on the market, so you don’t have to sift through the good, the bad, and the terrible.

Best Rank Tracking Tools (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Our Top Picks

  1. Semrush – Our Pick
  2. Ahrefs – Runner-Up
  3. Nightwatch – Budget Pick

Quick Breakdown of Our Suggestions

Here’s a glance at the best tracking tools on this list.

What Is the Best Rank Tracking Tool?

Semrush is the number one choice as the best rank-tracking tool on this list.

Semrush provides marketers and SEO specialists with every tool they need to optimize their websites and ranking.

Semrush is the best ranking tool on this list regarding value and reliability.  

What is the Best Free Rank Tracking Tool?

The best free rank tracking tool goes to Google Search Console.

While it may not have the plethora of features that Semrush provides, it provides enough to know where you stand on Google’s search engine.

You just can’t beat the simplicity and utility that Google offers.

An Overview of Rank Tracking Tools

Before getting into the bulk of ranking tool choices, you should understand what they are and why they’re important.

Here’s a brief overview of rank-tracking tools for those unfamiliar with them.

What is a Ranking Tracking Tool?

First, rank tracking is when SEO specialists, marketers, and web developers track where their websites rank within search engine results.

A Rank tracking tool helps you pinpoint how close your website is to the first result page on search engines.

Ranking tools go further by showing you the exact location of your website on the result page.

Additionally, ranking tools will track what keywords boost your website’s rank and how your competitors use them to boost their ranking.

Why Are Ranking Tools Important?

Ranking tools are important because of how difficult and complex search engine optimization has become.

Millions of websites compete to be near the top of all search engine results.

The few websites on the front of search engines earn the lion’s share of traffic.

Ranking tools ensure your website performs as best on every search engine.

Each search engine has different methods of organizing and filtering websites.

Ranking tools allow you to optimize your SEO content and increase your organic traffic.

Do I Need a Rank Tracking Tool?

You need a ranking tool if you’re a digital marketer, blogger, or SEO specialist.

Website optimization is critical to your success in the digital space.

Remember, your website is essentially worthless if no one can find it.

Additionally, since other website owners are using ranking tools to optimize their websites better, it only makes sense that you do the same.

You’ll always be behind the competition if you don’t understand where you stand on search engine result pages.

Features to Look for In Rank Tracking Tools

Before you commit to any particular ranking tool, you should understand what features are important to have.

Here are the top five features you should look for when choosing your rank-tracking software.

1. Keyword Ranking

Ranking tools provide you with website rankings, but most ranking tools should provide you with keyword ranking options in addition to website rankings.

SEO keyword ranking is extremely crucial to have in your ranking software.

2. Backlink Checker

Backlink checkers provide you with information about your backlink profile.

Your website will link to other websites, and the backlink checker will ensure your website uses the best ranking sources to help boost your site’s overall performance.

3. Reporting

For your team, business, or clients, rank-tracking tools with reporting features are crucial for most users.

Advanced reporting features don’t have to be complex or extravagant, but they must present your findings in an easy-to-understand format, or you won’t understand the data.

4. Competitor Analysis

While tracking tools don’t need competitor analysis features, it’s favorable if they do have them.

Knowing where your competitors rank in search engines is just as important as knowing your own.

Tracking your competitor’s keywords also provides opportunities to learn and understand what works and doesn’t.

5. Site Auditor

A feature you shouldn’t gloss over is the site auditor that the top rank-tracking tools provide.

The hidden gem that is the site auditor helps optimize your entire website by finding formatting errors, performance issues, and other website flaws that plague your website.

Best Rank Tracking Tools: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Semrush: Our Pick

screenshot of the semrush homepage

In my research on the best rank-tracking tools, I kept returning to one particular tool, Semrush.

Semrush is one of the more well-known tracking tools on the market.

Semrush earns favors from its users because of its impressive keyword and competitor tracking features.

Optimizing your organic SEO traffic and SEO marketing while providing engagement metrics are just some of the many things Semrush does for its users.

As the top pick, Semrush provides a more cohesive and refined experience than this list’s other keyword rank tracking tools.

Key Features of Semrush

Here are some key features you want to take advantage of when choosing Semrush as your main keyword-tracking tool.

  • Competitor analysis tools: Keeping track of what works for your competitors is just as, if not more important, than keeping track of your keywords. Semrush lets you track your competitor’s traffic and social media engagement.
  • On-page SEO: Along with their site audit feature, Semrush provides strong technical on-page SEO tools to help improve your website’s ranking on the Google search engine. Additionally, you can analyze your access logs to see how Google crawlers interact with your websites.
  • Keyword research: The keyword research tools are one of the main reasons most people choose Semrush. Keyword manager and magic tool allow you to create master lists that align with your SEO strategy. You can also share your keyword research with your clients or team.
  • Content optimization tools: Semrush includes an SEO writing assistant and SEO content template. The tips depend on your target keywords and your top ten competitor’s keywords.
  • Content marketing analytics: The last important feature involves content marketing tools. Through Semrush’s content audit feature, you can break down content assets into sets to find what you need to update, rewrite, or delete for better content optimization.

Why is Semrush a Great Solution?

For many, keeping track of your ranking while also keeping track of your competitors is a dream come true.

Semrush is a great solution because it covers all aspects of a tracking tool with providing SEO and marketing features.

Pros of Semrush

Here are the pros that Semrush will offer.

  • Great tool for backlink analysis: Semrush provides many tools, such as their audit tool, to help optimize your website’s backlinks. Backlink analytics lets you discover and track inbound links. Semrush will also monitor your backlink profile to assure quality and avoid Google penalties.
  • Digital marketing and SEO features: SEO and digital marketers love the features Semrush provides. Topic research, post tracking, and content audit lets users measure and optimize their content and website to outperform their competition.
  • Unrivaled competitor analytics: Semrush’s biggest strength is its competitor analytics. Competition is important, and Semrush is the perfect tool to keep an eye on your competitors. Traffic analytics and advertising research are two of the biggest advantages of using Semrush as your main ranking tool.

Cons of Semrush

Semrush isn’t all pros.

Here are some of the cons users have with the software.

  • Traffic analytic estimates: The problem with estimates is that they can be imprecise. Semrush’s traffic analytics are just that, estimates. While they’re certainly good enough for most, you may want to use other ranking tools if you’re looking for exact numbers and data.
  • Learning curve: Semrush offers impressive visuals and dashboards to represent and organize your data, but it can sometimes be too much. There is a learning curve to Semrush, and it shows that they have an entire learning academy dedicated to teaching you how to use their software.
  • Expensive plans: Even though Semrush offers a free version, its other plans can get expensive compared to the other tools on this list. Regardless, the number of features is well worth the price, but you have to ask yourself if you can use those features.

Semrush vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Semrush ranks above the other recommendations on this list for two basic reasons.

The first reason is how impressive its competitor analysis features are, and the second is the sheer amount of features they offer for the price.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers three paid plans.

  • Pro: $119.95 per month.
  • Guru: $229.95 per month.
  • Business: $449.95 per month.

Can You Try Semrush for Free?

You can get a Semrush free trial that will last 30-days, giving you a month to try their software.

Additionally, Semrush does have a free version with limitations.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Semrush?

If you’re looking for the best ranking tool on the market, then you should choose Semrush.

Semrush will serve you with keyword tracking, digital marketing, and SEO tools.

If you want a package that does it all, Semrush is the way to go.

Ahrefs: Runner-Up

screenshot of the ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is another all-in-one tool for SEO content creators and marketers.

Ahrefs is the runner-up because of how similar it is to Semrush.

Like Semrush, Ahrefs offers a keyword explorer, rank tracker, and site audit feature.

Ahrefs is a viable alternative to Semrush but falls short of delivering the advanced features that Semrush offers.

Ahrefs stands as our runner-up for its incredible ease of use and impressive data visualization features for its dashboards.  

Key Features of Ahrefs

Here are the key features Ahrefs has to offer.

  • Dashboards: Your SEO dashboard will display your most important metrics, such as your site health score, domain rating, backlinks, keywords, and organic traffic. Ahrefs provides a unique integration with Google Search Console, so you can also see that data on your dashboard.
  • Site explorer: Ahrefs can get an in-depth look at any website’s organic search traffic. You can see your competitors’ highest-ranking keywords through their organic traffic search. Additionally, you can see where your computers are funneling their paid traffic.
  • Keyword explorer: Ahrefs keyword explorer is perfect for discovering thousands of high-ranking keywords. They use clickstream data to refine their searches, and their database of keywords expands into as many as ten unique search engines, not just Google.
  • Site audit: The site audit feature helps uncover your website’s performance and SEO issues. Through their reporting tool, you get an exhaustive website analysis with key visual data and flags to support fixing your website’s problems.
  • Rank Tracker: The interactive graphs allow you to visualize your data and see a snapshot of your position on search engines along with your traffic. Ahrefs provides a mobile view of your rankings and will send you regular updates on the data you’re tracking.

Why is Ahrefs a Great Solution?

Most people gravitate towards using Ahrefs over Semrush because of how accessible it is for most users.

Ahrefs is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

It’s one of the best tools on the market for monitoring backlinks and offers powerful competitor analysis features.

Pros of Ahrefs

Here are the important pros of Ahrefs.

  • Desktop and mobile analytics: Something important you get with Ahrefs is desktop and mobile analytics. Sharing your data is important and having it available to you on all devices provides you with more opportunities to review and use it.
  • Massive database of keywords: The keyword database available to you is more than most ranking tools. Ahrefs also monthly updates its keyword database to ensure that the highest-ranking keywords are general for you.
  • Intuitive interface: Users boast about how easy and intuitive the interface is for Ahrefs software. Easy navigation of the interface will save you time and make it easier to familiarize yourself with their software.

Cons of Ahrefs

Here are the drawbacks of using Ahrefs as your tracking tool.

  • Price: While Ahrefs is cheaper than Semrush, it’s still an expensive option. Users must weigh the cost and features of Ahrefs to justify the cost. While Ahrefs offers a plethora of features, it still lacks in comparison to Semrush, which makes you consider the price even more.
  • No free version or trial: It isn’t easy to try Ahrefs when there is no free trial of their software. You’ll have to make an informative decision of whether or not the software is right for you by paying for a month of their membership which will run you a minimum of $99.
  • Reporting limits: Ahrefs uses a credit system for its dashboard, site explorer, content explorer, and keyword explorer. Every time you open a report, you’ll consume one credit. Standard plans give you access to five hundred credits, but after that limit, you’ll pay for additional credits.

Ahrefs vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Ahrefs is a close second to Semrush but falls short with its credit report limits and price.

Semrush provides more features for a slightly higher cost.

Even so, Ahrefs is a strong second pick for those who care more about ease of use over parts.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers four tiers of pricing.

  • Lite: $99 monthly.
  • Standard: $199 monthly.
  • Advanced: $399 monthly.
  • Enterprise: $999 monthly.

Can You Try Ahrefs for Free?

Ahrefs free trial includes Ahrefs Webmaster Tools but only limited access to their Site Explorer and Site Audit features.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Ahrefs?

If you’re weighing your options between Semrush rush and Ahrefs, you should pick Semrush.

Ahrefs is a great tool and easy to learn, but Semrush offers more features and utility for a few dollars extra per month.

Nightwatch: Budget Pick

While Nightwatch didn’t make it into the top two spots, it still earns the third spot for being the best budget option for rank-tracking software.

Simplicity and automation are what Nightwatch does best.

When using Nightwatch, you’ll utilize a dashboard that presents all your keyword data in real-time.

In addition to your dashboard, Nightwatch’s Backlink and SEO monitor provide direct support in helping optimize your on-page SEO.

Key Features of Nightwatch

Here are the important key features of Nightwatch.

  • White labeling: Nightwatch is one of the few rank tracker tools that provides white labeling features for your reports. With white labeling, you can tailor your reports to look more professional and make Nightwatch your own.
  • Custom segments: Segments will allow you to filter your keywords into custom categories to organize them better. Additionally, you can see how your keywords perform in search results and monitor their performance on all your websites.
  • Accurate local tracking: Nightwatch provides the most reliable local monitoring. Their method offers a dedicated approach to acquiring accurate local and global rankings without getting into too many details.
  • Automated reports: Nightwatch’s automation features help create informative and data-rich reports. Statements are simple to build and understand. Additionally, you can deliver them to your team and clients via automation.
  • Site auditor: The final important feature you’ll get with Nightwatch is their site audit feature. Like Semrush, this feature will help you discover broken pages and links while improving your website’s performance.

Why is Nightwatch a Great Solution?

Nightwatch is the most flexible solution for those looking for a ranking tool.

You can adjust the tool and pay for what you need while not losing any of its core features.

Nightwatch is simple to use and has the most important features you need for a ranking tool.

Pros of Nightwatch

Here are some of the Nightwatch pros.

  • Clean interface: Users love how easy information is to read on Nightwatch. Not only is their interface clean, but it’s also intuitive. Semrush and Ahrefs suffer from clutter which can make understanding data more complex. Nightwatch doesn’t suffer from that clutter issue.
  • Amazing reporting tool: While the main focus of Nightwatch is a keyword and website ranking tool, it acts as an impressive reporting tool. Other ranking tools have built-in reporting features, but Nightwatch focuses extra on making the reporting process simple and beautiful.
  • Price: Finally, the biggest pro to Nightwatch is the price. Nightwatch has the most flexible pricing model out of the other top three options. You’re not missing out on features when paying for Nightwatch, but you will pay extra if you want to track more keywords.

Cons of Nightwatch

Here are the downsides you can expect from using Nightwatch.

  • Limited free trial: While Nightwatch does offer a free trial, there are limitations. These limitations will hinder your overall experience with Nightwatch, but it gives you a general idea of what you can expect from the full Nightwatch package.
  • Expensive for big tracking needs: While Nightwatch is affordable for people who need to track a few keywords, it becomes expensive for websites that need to track more. When the price gets too high, you’ll have better alternatives like Semrush.
  • Lack of features: Affordability comes at the cost of features. Nightwatch does provide the core ranking features you can expect, but it doesn’t improve upon those features like Semrush.

Nightwatch vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Nightwatch is the best budget alternative out of all the top recommendations, but it doesn’t provide the most features.

The more you pay for Nightwatch, the less value it has.

I would recommend Nightwatch to freelancers who are getting into SEO.

Nightwatch Pricing

Nightwatch has flexible pricing. Here are some prices you can expect.

  • $32 monthly per 250 keywords
  • $82 monthly per 1,000 keywords.
  • $151 monthly per 2,000 keywords.

Can You Try Nightwatch for Free?

You can schedule a demo and try Nightwatch with limitations for fourteen days.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Nightwatch?

Nightwatch is the perfect budget option for SEO specialists getting into keyword ranking software.

You’ll get a ranking tool’s core features and amazing reporting features.

Regardless, if you need to track more than 1,000 keywords, I wouldn’t recommend you choose Nightwatch.

The Best Free Rank Tracking Tools Options

You have options for those on a budget or who don’t want to pay for basic ranking tracking features.

Here are the best free ranking tools you’ll find on the market.

Google Search Console

A screenshot of the google_search-console hompeage

Google offers a free alternative to ranking software with its cloud-based software, Google Search Console.

Google Search Console monitors, maintains, troubleshoots, and tracks your website’s presence in their Google search engine.

Google Search Console is a great option for business owners and website developers.

Business owners will get a basic understanding of optimizing their websites, and web developers will use it to monitor and resolve issues on web pages.

Why is Google Search Console a Great Option?

It’s hard to beat free, and Google Search Consoles offers you everything you need to optimize and check the health of your website.

While Google Search Console has its limits, it’s the perfect starter tool for new website owners to familiarize themselves with tracking tools.

Drawbacks to Google Search Console

Since Google Search Console is free, it has certain restrictions that come along with it.

First, it’s strictly a ranking tool for Google’s search engine.

You can’t use Google Search Console to track your website’s analytics on Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines.

Secondly, It takes a while for results to update on Google Search Console.

You’ll find yourself sometimes waiting days for your analytics to update.


WordStream is a tool built to help small business optimize their online advertising.

In addition to its keyword research tool, WordStream offers tools such as Facebook and Google Ads performance graders.

Why is WordStream a Great Option?

WordStream offers its users plenty of value.

If you need a boost in online marketing, your best bet is to use WordStream’s website performance grader.

The free assessment will help you understand where your website is lacking so you can improve your entire site.

Drawbacks to WordStream

While WordStream will show you what you need to improve on your website, it won’t fix your problems for free.

Additionally, the advice they provide fixes basic issues with your website.

WordStream offers little value if you need to resolve more complex issues with your website.

Notable Mentions: Other Rank Tracking Tools To Check Out

While they didn’t earn a top spot, that doesn’t make them any less relevant.

Here are some notable ranking tools that didn’t quite take the top spots but are still contenders.

SE Ranking

screenshot of the seranking homepage

SE ranking is an all-in-one SEO software tool.

SE Ranking claims to be the only SEO analysis and marketing tool you’ll ever need, and there is truth to that statement.

Keyword and competitor tracking, white labeling, and a great price make SE Ranking an amazing choice for freelancers and small businesses.

Why is SE Ranking a Great Option?

For freelancers, SE Ranking is a dream come true. It’s an affordable tool with a plethora of features.

Your pricing options and packages they provide are extremely flexible for any ranking tool.

Drawbacks to SE Ranking

The main drawback to SE Ranking is the lack of customer support and a lackluster local database option.

Additionally, while SE Ranking is flexible with its pricing, it can confuse newer users who don’t know what they’ll need from a ranking software tool.

SE Ranking Pricing

There are three plans SE Ranking plans.

  • Essential: $23.52 monthly with weekly ranking checks.
  • Pro: $52.32 monthly with weekly ranking checks.
  • Business: $114.72 monthly with weekly ranking checks.

Can You Try SE Ranking For Free?

SE Ranking has a lengthy 30-day free trial with limitations.

You’ll get the core features to showcase how much SE Ranking can do for you, and you don’t need a credit card to activate your free trial.


screenshot of the serpstat homepage

Serpstat’s goal is to increase productivity for search marketing specialists.

They do this by providing an amazing all-in-one ranking tool with plenty of features to cover the needs of SEO and marketing specialists.

Why is Serpstat a Great Option?

Serpstat is a fantastic option for any marketer who doesn’t want to pay for Semrush or Ahrefs but still wants the all-in-one utility that the other tools offer.

You’ll get the core package of rank-tracking features with additional tools to help your on-page SEO factors, such as your post title.

Drawbacks to Serpstat

Some features can be hit or miss.

For example, sometimes, the organic keyword feature isn’t accurate in detecting which keywords provide you with the most traffic.

Additionally, their lite plan doesn’t offer much for most users, even freelancers.

Serpstat Pricing

There are four plans that Serpstat offers its users.

  • Lite: $55 monthly.
  • Standard: $199 monthly.
  • Advanced: $239 monthly.
  • Enterprise: $399 monthly.

Can You Try Serpstat For Free?

Serpstat has a 7-day free trial of both their lite and standard plan.

You’ll get access to every feature that both the lite and standard versions offer, so you must take advantage of the trial period.


A screenshot of the Moz Homepage

Moz is yet another all-in-one SEO tool, but with a different twist.

Moz has two well-known versions of its software versions: Moz Pro and Moz Local.

Moz optimizes your experience with its software depending on what you need.

You’ll get amazing features like ongoing listing sync, adulated duplication deletion, and profile optimization.

Why is Moz a Great Option?

Moz is a great option because it has powerful features that make your entire experience cohesive and hassle-free.

For example, in addition to your site audit feature, Moz has a crawler that searches your website for technical issues and fixes those issues.

Drawbacks to Moz

The drawback of Moz is that it’s a Google-only ranker tool meaning you’ll only get accurate ranking results from Google’s search engine.

Additionally, rank data takes a while to update and populate, sometimes taking more than a week.

Moz Pricing

Moz Pro and Local have different pricing. We’ll be listing their Pro version pricing.

  • Standard: $99
  • Medium: $179
  • Large: $299
  • Premium: $299

Can You Try Moz For Free?

You can try Moz Pro and Moz Local for free.

Each version has an impressive 30-day free trial that provides you full access to all of their software’s features.

Additionally, you’ll get full, 24/7 online support from their Moz support team during your trial period.


With SERPWatcher, you can expect to get accurate day-by-day website rankings.

SERPWatcher offers rank tracking on all devices and provides users with keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, SEO metrics, and backlink analysis, all in one package.

Why is SERPWatcher a Great Option?

If you’re a blogger, SERPWatcher is the perfect tool for you.

The software is extremely simplistic, and new users boast about how intuitive it is to use and learn.

For new bloggers and freelancers, SERPWatcher is the perfect tool to use with minimal hassle.

Drawbacks to SERPWatcher

The main complaint, and biggest drawback to SERPWatcher, is its reporting features.

You can share and create reports with SERPWatcher, but they aren’t as well put together and intuitive as other ranking tools.

SERPWatcher Pricing

There are free plans that SERPWatcher offers.

  • Basic: $49 per month.
  • Premium: $69 per month.
  • Agency: $129 per month.

Can You Try SERPWatcher For Free?

You can try SERPWatcher, but their free version is extremely limited.

Free SERPWatcher accounts have a 10-keyword tracking restriction.

If you want a better presentation of what SEPPWatcher can do for you, you can sign up for SERPWatcher’s 10-day free trial.


AccuRanker is a popular cloud-based ranking tool that targets SEO and marketing agencies.

Priding itself in data accuracy, AccuRanker is one of the most reliable SERP ranking and keyword tracking tools on the market if you’re looking for strict performance.

Why is AccuRanker a Great Option?

AccuRanker is the perfect tool for mid-sized agencies looking to transition to an intuitive tracking tool.

Easy navigation, customizable reports, and accurate data are some of the reasons AccuRanker is a great option for SEO agencies.

Drawbacks to AccuRanker

AccuRanker’s keyword pricing is a big drawback to using the software.

You’ll find your keyword usage quickly reach its limit and constantly have to upgrade your plan.

If you need global tracking and have to keep track of multiple websites or keywords, you should avoid AccuRanker.

AccuRanker Pricing

AccuRanker has flexible pricing. Here are some figures.

  • One-thousand keywords: $116 per month.
  • Two-thousand keywords: $224 per month.
  • Five-thousand keywords: $548 per month.

Can You Try AccuRanker For Free?

You can try AccuRanker for free with their 14-day free trial.

They give you access to all of their features, including limitless users, competitor analysis, and access to their keyword database.

You don’t need a credit card to start your free trial.


Ranking reports, traffic analysis, and keyword discovery are the basic features you can expect when using Wincher.

Wincher focuses on making marketing and SEO as clear as possible, and they succeed with their extremely clean UI and gorgeous reporting tool.

Why is Wincher a Great Option?

For freelancers, Wincher will provide everything you need for keyword tracking.

Wincher is one of the market’s most affordable options for ranking tools, and it’s not just for a great deal for freelancers but also great for enterprise users.

Drawbacks to Wincher

The only real drawback to Wincher is that it doesn’t provide as many features as other ranking tools on this list.

You have to weigh the value of having a visually pleasing and easy-to-use tool over having more utility for the price you pay.

Wincher Pricing

There are three plans for Wincher.

  • Starter: $29 per month.
  • Business: $59 per month.
  • Enterprise: $249 per month.

Can You Try Wincher for Free?

Wincher offers a standard 14-day free trial with no credit card information needed to activate your subscription.

During your trial period, you get access to every feature and their support team.

Even More, Options To Check Out

Still haven’t found a ranking tool that piques your interest?

Here are some more ranking tools that may fit you better.

SEO PowerSuite

screenshot of the SEO-Powersuite homepage

The perfect starter tool for many users is SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is an easy-to-understand ranking, SEO, and content checker tool.

For SEO specialists and business owners, SEO PowerSuite is worth a try.

One of the biggest advantages of SEO PowerSuite is that it covers all search engines.

There are no limitations to website, keyword, or backlink tracking.

Additionally, since SEO PowerSuite is a desktop application, you won’t pay as much as other ranking tools.


Morningscore takes a unique approach to SEO optimization by using game mechanics to help motivate you to prioritize and focus on your website’s most profitable and important tasks.

You can create custom missions in place of checklists and tasks to make things more fun.

While it may seem pointless, many users have shown the positive impact of Morningscore’s website optimization approach.

Morningscore also provides core features such as keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and a mission system to ensure your website’s health.

Advanced Web Ranking

On-demand and mobile rankings and unlimited ranking projects make Advanced Web Rankings a great choice for SEO specialists looking for a robust ranking tool.

Where Advanced Web Rankings shine is through their timely data refreshes.

Flexibility and consistency are what Advanced Web Rankings provides.

Along with a slew of reporting features, you get access to reliable website rankings, competitor research, and informative SEO guides.

AWR also offers free SEO tools to familiarize yourself with their software.

Raven Tools

Primarily an SEO reporting tool, Raven Tools provides a unique all-in-one website and keyword rank-tracking experience.

Raven Tools has an impressive site audit feature that organizes your website issues in a cohesive and easy-to-understand manner.

Their site auditor will quickly analyze your entire website and categorize all your issues from critical to minor.

Another great thing about Raven Tools is that its rank tracking extends to all search engines and provides daily, weekly, and monthly data refreshes.


White labeling, competitor analysis, and backlink analysis are the main features that help RankWatch stand against the competition.

Along with RankWatch’s keyword ranking feature, they also have a user-friendly advanced reporting feature that works with any mobile device.

RankWatch is an amazing choice for freelancers because of its affordability and website analyzer tool.

Additionally, RankWatch is simplistic and very beginner friendly.

If your team is trying to transition to a new ranking tool, RankWatch makes it easy and painless.


Whitespark is another tool that focuses on ease of use.

Whitespark provides more detail on your search engine ranking position.

They help break down and calculate your true visibility through their score-based system to make it easy to understand your website’s current ranking.

For businesses that care about their local rankings, Whitespark is especially useful.

Rank trackers sometimes skimp on separating organic and local traffic ranking, but Whitespark separates these results so you can see how much of an impact your website has locally.

Other Products Relevant to Rank Tracking Tools

Here are some other SEO tools that work with rank-tracking tools and offer unique ways of improving your website’s ranking in search engines.

  • SEO Analyzers:As it sounds, SEO analyzers figure out what keywords are helping your website rank better and which aren’t doing you any favors. Most ranking tools include an SEO analyzer to help users boost their overall SEO performance in search engines.
  • SERP CheckersSearch engine result page checkers, or SERP checkers, give the top search results accurate SEO stats. You’ll get full insight into what keywords are helping drive top results so you can implement them into your website to better your SERPs standings.
  • SEO Audit ToolsOften overlooked, SEO audit tools provide full support to users trying to optimize their websites. SEO auditors find fatal flaws to minor flaws that involve a website’s structural performance. You can then formulate a plan to fix these issues that auditing tools find.

Wrapping Up

Semrush is your best option regarding ranking tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option.

Ahrefs and Nightwatch are both strong alternatives to Semrush and capable tools that provide impressive site audit features, advanced reporting, and digital marketing utility.

Every ranking tool on this list will provide you with the tools you need to optimize your website and your stand on search engines.

It’s up to you now to choose the best tool for you and your websites.


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