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How To Write A Blog Post

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  1. Blog Post Basics To Understand
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  2. Step 1: Planning a Blog Post
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  3. Step 2: Structuring a Blog Post
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  4. Step 3: Outlining a Blog Post
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  5. Step 4: Writing a Blog Post
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  6. Step 5: Enhancing a Blog Post
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  7. Step 6: Editing a Blog Post
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  8. Step 7: Publishing a Blog Post
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  9. Tracking A Blog Post's Performance
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Once your blog post is published, it’s time to share it with the world. While SEO will drive traffic, that takes time.

The best way to get traffic quickly is to share your post as widely as possible.

Submit to Google Search Console

Another free Google tool, Google Search Console gives you valuable data about your website traffic.

Google Search Console can show you:

  • Who links to your blog and how often.
  • The keywords you’re ranking for.
  • Your site structure.
  • Whether or not you have duplicate meta data (and how you can fix it).
  • How often you’re showing up in search.
  • The number of clicks you have on your indexed blog posts.

Share on Social Media

You probably already have a social media presence, but if you don’t, it’s time to start building one.

We suggest that you focus on a few social media platforms rather than try to be on every single platform that’s out there.

  • Post the link to your blog post on your Facebook page or in your Facebook group.
  • Create an image for Pinterest and upload the image to the Pinterest board you have created for your blog. Be sure to optimize the image using Pinterest tools, and put the pinnable image in your post.
  • If your blog post is of interest to Twitter users, share it to your Twitter account with relevant hashtags.
  • Upload one of the best images to Instagram with the link to the blog post in the Instagram post. You can also put the link in your Instagram bio or use a link-in-bio tool such as Later or LinkTree.
  • If your blog content is a good fit for video, consider creating a video of yourself talking about your blog post. You can do this on TikTok, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or YouTube.

Share With Your Email List

One of the best ways to let your readers or customers know about your blog post is to send it to your email subscriber list.

To manage your email subscriber list, you can use a tool such as Mailchimp or Convertkit.

What should you send to your email subscribers?

You can send your entire blog post, but ideally, your subscribers will want to visit your site.

If site visits are your goal, include an enticing snippet of the blog post in your email.

Link Building

For the long game, we recommend putting some focus on link building.

While link building can be time-consuming and tedious, if you can get an authoritative website to link to your blog post, it can help you rank better in Google.

One of the best ways to get backlinks to your blog is through guest posts that you write on other blogs.

To do this, identify the high-authority blogs in your niche and offer to write a free guest post for them.

Most blog owners will allow you to put a link to your blog in your guest post.

For organic link building, keep writing high-quality content that other blogs will want to share.