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How To Write A Blog Post

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  1. Blog Post Basics To Understand
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  2. Step 1: Planning a Blog Post
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  3. Step 2: Structuring a Blog Post
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  4. Step 3: Outlining a Blog Post
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  5. Step 4: Writing a Blog Post
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  6. Step 5: Enhancing a Blog Post
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  7. Step 6: Editing a Blog Post
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  8. Step 7: Publishing a Blog Post
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  9. Tracking A Blog Post's Performance
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What topic should you write about?

The options for a blog post idea are endless, but what you write about depends on:

  • Your expertise: What are you most qualified to write about? Which topic do you know better than anyone else?
  • The market needs: What are your prospective readers looking for? What are the pain points of searchers?
  • Your own interests: It’s important that you enjoy writing about the topic. If you don’t, the process will be miserable for you. If you’re determined to produce content about a topic you’re not passionate about, you can outsource the writing. We will discuss that more later.
  • The niche: For example, if you have a cooking WordPress blog, we don’t recommend writing about unrelated topics such as technology. How your content fits into your overall website is something that Google takes into consideration.
  • Search statistics: Doing some research to find out what is popular and frequently searched in Google can give you some topic ideas. For this research, you can look at your competitors or explore Google Trends.