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How To Write A Blog Post

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  1. Blog Post Basics To Understand
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  2. Step 1: Planning a Blog Post
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  3. Step 2: Structuring a Blog Post
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  4. Step 3: Outlining a Blog Post
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  5. Step 4: Writing a Blog Post
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  6. Step 5: Enhancing a Blog Post
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  7. Step 6: Editing a Blog Post
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  8. Step 7: Publishing a Blog Post
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  9. Tracking A Blog Post's Performance
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Step 4: Writing a Blog Post

Now that you’ve identified your blog topic idea, learned how to create a great blog post, created your content outline, and researched your competition, it’s time to expand your outline into a full blog post.

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Internal vs External

Since you have a blog, you are probably passionate about your niche or industry.

You can write your content yourself (internal), but not everyone enjoys writing. In this case, you can hire someone else to write your content (external).

Many businesses start with writing their own content internally with plans to outsource the content at a later date. However, unless you have a full-time writer on staff, it’s better to work with external writers such as freelance writers or a content agency.