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How To Write A Blog Post

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  1. Blog Post Basics To Understand
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  2. Step 1: Planning a Blog Post
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  8. Step 7: Publishing a Blog Post
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  9. Tracking A Blog Post's Performance
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Blog Post Basics To Understand

Before you can learn how to write a blog post, you need to know what a blog post is.

What Is a Blog Post?

Blog posts are single pieces of content that are published on a website or blog. The term “blog” is the shortened word for what used to be called a “weblog.”

Some blogs are stand-alone websites with nothing but blog posts as content. In other cases, a blog is a section of a business site that typically publishes company information, industry news, or informational articles.

Usually, a blog post will include media such as images or videos. However, the written content is key to blog posts.

YouTube channels aren’t blogs because they are only videos. By the same token, an image feed such as an Instagram account also is not a blog.

Why Are Blog Posts Important for Bloggers?

vector illustration showing many different types of generic blog post examples on computer screens

Here are some of the main reasons your business can benefit from content marketing.

  • Build credibility
  • Brand awareness
  • Relationship building
  • Lead generation. According to Kapost, content marketing can produce up to three times more leads than you can gain with paid search.
  • Demand generation

Here are some statistics that demonstrate the benefits of blogging.

  • Content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional methods of marketing. Because blogging is easy to do and so affordable, it’s a simple way to add value to your business.
  • Blog posts influence about 6% of sales in e-commerce in an online store. When businesses blog regularly for a year, that number doubles to 12%.
  • More than 89% of marketers say that content marketing is an essential marketing strategy.
  • Americans spend three times more time reading blog content than they spend reading email content.
  • When you have a blog on your business website, your chances of ranking higher in Google increase by 434%.
  • After publishing 21-54 blog posts, you can experience as much as a 30% increase in traffic.

Are you convinced? Then let’s dive in and learn how to write a blog post.