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Looking for a top-notch plagiarism checker?

There are many to choose from, so we rounded up over 15 of the best plagiarism checkers to help you narrow it down and keep your writing completely original.

Before downloading a plagiarism checker, see how they compare and read about our topic recommendations.

Best Plagiarism Checkers: Ranked and Reviewed (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Copyscape: Our Pick
  2. Grammarly: Runner-Up
  3. PlagScan: Budget Pick
  4. Dupli Checker
  5. Paper Rater
  6. Quetext
  7. Unicheck
  8. Plagiarism Detector
  9. Enago Plagiarism Checker
  10. ProWritingAid
  11. Plagiarism Checker X
  12. CopyGator
  14. Scribbr
  15. Copyleaks
  16. Quillbot
  17. BibMe

An Overview of Plagiarism Checkers

Before we dive into the many plagiarism checkers available and which ones we recommend, we want to define what plagiarism checkers are and why you need them.

What Is a Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker is a type of software that will scan a piece of writing for plagiarism.

These checkers compare words, phrases, and paragraphs against other websites and published documents.

Most checkers have an advanced database they search through, looking for matches between your text and other texts.

The best ones can detect poor paraphrasing, and surface ones will find exact matches.

Why Are Plagiarism Checkers Important?

A great deal of plagiarism is not malicious or intentional but rather an accident.

For example, people may accidentally paraphrase something too close to the original text or simply phrase something in a way that already exists as someone else’s content.

Plagiarism checks help people ensure their content is 100% unique, so they don’t lose credibility as writers.

It also helps students avoid the consequences of turning in plagiarized work.

Do I Need a Plagiarism Checker?

If you are a student, it’s wise to have a plagiarism checker available, even if it’s just a free one, to ensure your work is original.

If you’re a professional writer, teacher, or professor, you need a plagiarism checker to check your work or your students’ work for duplicated content.

The Best Plagiarism Checkers at a Glance

If you write in any capacity other than a casual, you probably need a plagiarism checker.

But there are so many to choose from, so it’s hard to pick one. But we’re here to help!

What Is the Best Plagiarism Checker?

The best plagiarism checker for reliability, accuracy, and efficiency is Copyscape.

While Copyscape may lack some superfluous, fancy features, its plagiarism-checking capabilities are unmatched.

It will scan your content and compare it against millions of documents and text to ensure 100% authenticity.

What Is the Best Free Plagiarism Checker?

The top plagiarism checker you can use for free is Dupli Checker.

Considering it’s a free service, Dupli Checker offers reliable plagiarism detection and helpful grammar and spelling checks!

If you need to check for plagiarism sporadically, this is the best resource.

Features to Look For in Plagiarism Checkers

Some checkers can do much more than check for plagiarism.

Below are the top six features to look for.

Accurate Plagiarism Detection

The most important feature of a plagiarism checker is how accurately it can detect plagiarism.

Our top recommendations are the most accurate.

But to determine a checker’s accuracy, find out how many documents and what kind they compare your content with and how large their database of texts is.

Grammar and Spelling Checks

Many plagiarism checkers have integrated grammar and spelling checkers to help you polish your piece.

If you don’t want to use a separate grammar checker, try to find a plagiarism checker with this feature.

Citation Generation

Using original information from a source and neglecting to credit them is a form of plagiarism.

Traditional APA, MLA, and Chicago citations can be dizzying.

If you write research and academic content, look for a plagiarism checker with a citation generator.

AI Features

If you want extra help improving your writing, some plagiarism checkers also feature AI writing assistants that can make suggestions, help with word choice, and improve clarity.

Some AI features can even help you write stories!

Data Security

If you’re trying to avoid plagiarism, the last thing you want is someone plagiarizing you!

Unfortunately, slimy plagiarism checkers will steal people’s content and sell it elsewhere.

If this happens to you, you could be accused of plagiarism even though your content was unique.

Check the data security policies for various checkers.

Best Plagiarism Checkers: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked and Reviewed]

Read the section below for a detailed review of our top three favorite plagiarism checkers for writers.

Copyscape: Our Pick

Copyscape is one of the top plagiarism detectors, and it’s our number one pick!

With this plagiarism checker, you can upload a PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, or URL, making scanning content in any format easy.

It works with any content, from social media posts to academic papers.

Copyscape works quickly to detect plagiarism and shows you what sites match your content.

It’s one of the easiest plagiarism checkers to use, and most people figure it out in just a few minutes.

Key Features Of Copyscape

Check out the top features you get with Copyscape.

  • Side-By-Side Comparisons: If your content matches any existing sites, Copyscape will give you a side-by-side comparison of your content and information and wording on other sites. This feature makes it easy to see what needs to be changed.
  • Dashboard: Copyscape has one of the most intuitive dashboards, so you won’t feel confused or lost when trying to navigate the site. The Copyscape dashboard is simple, so there is no learning curve.
  • Case Tracking: With the case tracking feature, you can monitor improvements and trends in your writing, helping you to prevent plagiarism in the first place.
  • Format Compatibility: Almost all formats can be uploaded and downloaded from Copyscape, saving you time because you don’t have to reformat your content to use Copyscape.
  • Batch Searches: If you have lots of content you need to check for plagiarism, you can perform batch searches in Copyscape. This feature can help website owners check content from their writers before publishing it.

Why Is Copyscape A Great Solution?

Copyscape is one of the best ways to scan your content for matches because it shows you found matches, allowing you to make changes or ignore matches manually.

The checker exclusively performs plagiarism searches, so it focuses on finding matches and helping you make your content 100% unique.

Pros Of Copyscape

  • Efficient: Some checkers can take a while to find matches, but Copyscape works in seconds, saving you time so you can publish content as soon as possible.
  • Intuitive: Copyscape is easy to jump into as the dashboard is straightforward, so you can start using the checker immediately without issues.
  • Affordable: Compared with other plagiarism checkers, Copyscape has affordable prices and is not subscription based, giving you more freedom.

Cons Of Copyscape

  • No Grammar and Spelling: Unlike other plagiarism checkers, Copyscape does not scan for grammar or spelling issues.
  • Complex Pricing: While the pricing is affordable, the structure can be difficult to understand at first, making it hard to decide what plan is ideal for your needs.
  • Can’t Integrate Apps: Copyscape is not compatible with other apps, like Grammarly or WordPress, so you have to use other content apps separately.

Copyscape vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Copyscape is unique because it only offers plagiarism-detecting services, focusing solely on finding online matches.

It also has a stellar free version. Despite being one of the highest-[performing plagiarism checkers, most people use it for free!

Copyscape Pricing

Copyscape has a free version that can check for most instances of plagiarism.

However, you must purchase credits through the Copyscape Premium feature to perform batch searches and more intensive scans.

Can You Try Copyscape For Free?

Yes! Most people are satisfied with the free version of Copyscape.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Copyscape?

Copyscape is one of the most reliable plagiarism checkers you can use for free.

It’s our top choice, so we recommend at least trying out the free version!

Grammarly: Runner-Up

screenshot of the grammarly homepage

Most people use the free version of Grammarly to check their spelling and grammar.

The premium version of Grammarly also runs plagiarism scans to ensure your content is 100% unique and that you are writing blog posts correctly.

It does more than traditional proofreading platforms, helping people perfect their content.

Key Features Of Grammarly

Grammarly has several features that make it useful for writers and editors.

  • Finds Errors and Plagiarism: Grammarly is best known for finding grammar and spelling errors, but the premium version also checks for plagiarism and helps you curate a specific writing style. Grammarly is an all-in-one platform for checking your content and making it ready to publish.
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistant: You get access to an AI-powered writing assistant that can make suggestions to help you improve the quality of your writing beyond just technical issues. It can help you clarify sentences and optimize your writing.
  • Downloadable Reports: You can download editing reports for each piece you work on in Grammarly. These reports can help editors and publishers relay recommendations to writers and show them the quality and plagiarism scores.
  • Word Choice Suggestions: If you tend to use common or repetitive words, Grammarly can offer suggestions for more interesting words to help your content stand out and flow better.
  • Collaborative Documents: You can easily share documents in Grammarly with other members of your team. This feature is ideal for businesses or team projects so everyone can monitor the content’s progress in one place.

Why Is Grammarly A Great Solution?

Grammarly is a great solution for content writers because it can help them polish their work, so it’s ready for publishing.

Rather than paste your writing into several applications, you can check for almost everything you need in one place with Grammarly.

Pros Of Grammarly

  • Checks Spelling and Grammar: Unlike Copyscape, Grammarly ensures your content is grammatically correct and spelled correctly. It has more functions than checkers like Copyscape.
  • Customizable: Even the free version of Grammarly offers impressive customizable features, from the type of English to the desired tone to the use of contractions.
  • Plagiarism Score: The plagiarism score is a great feature that helps you understand how original your content is, as some matches, such as product names, are acceptable and not real plagiarism.

Cons Of Grammarly

  • Expensive: The premium price for Grammarly is higher than its competitors’ prices but doesn’t offer more features than other platforms.
  • Only English: If you write in more than one language, Grammarly is not ideal. It can only check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism for English content.
  • No Plagiarism Checker Free Trial: While you can check most grammar and spelling issues with the free version of Grammarly, you can’t test out the other features, so it’s hard to decide if a premium plan is necessary.

Grammarly vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Grammarly stands up well against other plagiarism checkers concerning accuracy and reliability.

However, the premium price is much higher than other platforms, so it can be costly for writers to use.

While the free version is great for grammar, spelling, and readability, it doesn’t offer plagiarism scans.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly has the free version, which helps with grammar and spelling, and a premium version for $30 per month.

You can save a few dollars if you sign up for an annual membership.

Can You Try Grammarly For Free?

You can try some of Grammarly’s features for free, but not the plagiarism-checking feature.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Grammarly

If you don’t mind paying the monthly payment of $30, the premium version of Grammarly is an excellent choice.

It’s ideal for people who grow frustrated with having to plug their content into multiple applications before it’s ready to publish.

PlagScan: Budget Pick

PlagScan is a plagiarism-checking site that is accurate and affordable.

It’s ideal for writers who don’t always produce the same amount of words every month.

You can buy bundles of credits to check your work that doesn’t expire, so you won’t feel pressured to utilize the service if you don’t have to.

PlagScan is best for people who want highly reliable plagiarism checks on an as-needed basis.

Key Features Of PlagScan

PlagScan has recently added new and innovative features; check out a few below.

  • Prepaid Model: The prepaid model is different from most plagiarism checkers, so you don’t need to pay for more words than you need! You also don’t have to pay monthly, so you won’t have any automatic payments to worry about.
  • Plagiarism Reports and Statistics: The reports you can download from PlagScan offer a wealth of information. You can look at how time-efficient the editing process is, your average plagiarism percentage, and how you can improve your content by avoiding plagiarism.
  • Plagiarism Prevention Pool: This feature is a core technology of PlagScan, which references a large index of sources and digital content. It’s a joint archive with millions of documents, so your content is cross-checked as thoroughly as possible.
  • Resources and Tutorials: PlagScan also has a resource library with video tutorials to help people, especially students, understand the severity of plagiarism and the best ways to avoid it.
  • Assignments: The assignments feature allows you to receive, manage, and analyze student documents. This feature is ideal for teachers or website owners who want to keep tabs on their writers’ work.

Why Is PlagScan A Great Solution?

PlagScan is ideal for writers who don’t consistently have content that needs checking or people working on a book.

In addition, this service is an excellent solution for college students working on academic papers, as plagiarism under these circumstances is a severe infraction.

Pros Of PlagScan

  • Side-By-Side Comparisons: Like Copyscape, you can look at your content directly next to the websites you may have matches with. This feature helps you to see what must be changed and what is acceptable.
  • Easy-To-Use: The dashboard and scanning features are easy to use! Most people can start using PlagScan right away without any help.
  • Colored Matches: The checker uses different colors to highlight matches, helping you see the possible purposes of the flag. Not all plagiarism matches are the same and show paraphrasing issues rather than exact plagiarism.

Cons Of PlagScan

  • Limited Free Trial: You only get 2,000 words for free when you first signup, after there is no free version of PlagScan.
  • No Spelling or Grammar: PlagScan does not check for grammar, spelling, or readability, so you’ll need another platform.
  • No Integrations: Like Copyscape, you cannot integrate other apps into this platform, which is inconvenient when dealing with large batches of content.

PlagScan vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

For writers who generate loads of content every month, PlagScan is not ideal.

The pricing system means you pay for the number of words you check rather than a flat monthly fee.

If you write more than 50,000 words a month that you need to check, Grammarly can be the more affordable option.

PlagScan Pricing

With PlagScan, you pay for a certain amount of credits that correspond with how many words you can have checked.

  • 6,000 words for $5.99
  • 17,500 words for $12.99
  • 40,000 words for $24.99
  • 100,000 words for $49.99

Can You Try PlagScan For Free?

Yes, when you first signup for PlagScan, you get 2,000 free words to check.

However, after those 2,000 words, you have to pay to check anything else.

Conclusion: Should You Choose PlagScan?

PlgScan is best for students, teachers, and professors.

Several features help professors and teachers assign their student work and keep an eye on it.

It also helps students learn how to avoid and identify plagiarism.

For professional writers, the bundles or credits may not be enough for the amount of content they generate.

The Best Free Plagiarism Checker Options

Unfortunately, the best available plagiarism detectors are not free, but there are some free options to consider!

Below are our two favorite plagiarism checkers that are free to use!

Dupli Checker

A homepage of the duplichecker screenshot

Dupli Checker is our favorite free plagiarism checking site because it’s easy to use and reliable for surface-level plagiarism checks.

Additionally, it will provide you with the URLs where the same content appears so you can see the match and adjust your content accordingly.

Why Is Dupli Checker a Great Option?

Dupli Checker is the best free alternative for Grammarly, as it can check grammar, spelling, and plagiarism on one platform.

The site offers a variety of features for free to writers, including a paraphrasing tool, plagiarism checker, and reverse image search.

Drawbacks to Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker doesn’t scan your content against as many websites and documents as our top three picks.

It does a preliminary and surface plagiarism check but doesn’t have a massive archive of sources to ensure your content doesn’t have any matches at all.

As a result, the checker can be a little slow and doesn’t deliver the clearest results.

Also, you can only scan 1,000 words with the free version, making it useless for longer documents.

Paper Rater 

screenshot of the paperrater homepage

Paper Rater is excellent for businesses who want to ensure their content is unique enough for publishing.

Like Dupli Checker, it doesn’t scan content against billions of documents but checks the most accessible content to ensure there are no matches.

Paper Rater isn’t the most reliable, but it has plenty of features that make it worthwhile.

Why Is Paper Rater a Great Option?

You can check for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism and use AI to help you proofread for clarity.

The writing assistant isn’t as advanced or accurate as Grammarly’s but is still useful for optimizing content.

It is suitable for people unfamiliar with plagiarism practices, as it has video tutorials and guides to help you navigate the site and understand plagiarized content.

Their customer service team is also readily available to help you.

Drawbacks to Paper Rater

The site can be visually confusing and difficult to navigate.

The user-interface leaves a lot to be desired.

It also only works with English, so writers who use other languages can’t put their content here.

In addition, it’s uncomfortable to edit your piece on the website, meaning you need to edit the content elsewhere and run it through the checker again.

Notable Mentions: Other Plagiarism Checkers to Check Out

We highly recommend choosing one of our top three recommendations because they offer the most to users at reasonable rates.

But if you want something cheaper but higher-quality than the free options, below are our notable mentions!

Check out our brief reviews of these checkers to find out what they offer and what they don’t.


a screenshot of the quetext homepage

Quetext is a reputable plagiarism-detection software that is popular among students and teachers.

Professionals also enjoy the efficiency of this platform to analyze their content for duplicated material.

It’s easy to use and has several pricing plans to choose from.

Why Is Quetext a Great Option?

Most people who use Quetext are very happy with it. It allows you to upload multiple documents and scan them all for plagiarism at once.

It uses Deep Search technology to perform writing reviews with millions of documents and ensure total accuracy.

It’s faster, more reliable, and more affordable than many free plagiarism checkers.

Drawbacks to Quetext

Like many affordable or free plagiarism checkers, Quetext does not have a built-in spelling or grammar check, so you need to use a different tool.

You can only scan 500 words using the free version, meaning you can only check about two pages of content.

Compared with competitors, this is abysmal. Some of the best features are only for premium users.

Quetext Pricing

  • 500 words for free
  • 100,000 words for $10/49
  • 250,000 words for $20.99
  • 500,000 words for $52.49

Can You Try Quetext for Free?

You can try and continuously use Quetext for free, but you only get to check 500 words per month, which is about two pages of regularly formatted content.

It has a stunning user interface and intuitive navigation system, making it easy for young students or tech-challenged folks to scan their writing for duplicated content.


Unicheck is one of the most trusted content checkers in the academic community.

More than 1,000 academic institutions rely on Unicheck for detecting plagiarism in student work.

The platform combines innovative and high-performing technology with insightful design features, creating an enjoyable site to check the authenticity of your unique content.

Why Is Unicheck a Great Option?

Unicheck is ideal for professors and students, as it can integrate seamlessly with Canvas.

This option is one of the best plagiarism checkers for app integrations, as it can work with applications like WordPress!

Unlike many other free and affordable checkers, Unicheck has a gorgeous website with beautiful design elements and clear navigation.

As a result, it feels as top-notch as Grammarly or Copyscape!

Drawbacks to Unicheck

The pricing plans are odd, as they base content on pages rather than word count.

For academics, this can work. However, for businesses that want to scan blog posts, social media posts, or copy, it can be hard to evaluate how many pages you need to scan.

You also need to select a plan and reach out to Unicheck for a quote, making it difficult to compare with competitors.

Unicheck Pricing

It’s inconvenient that the pricing is not transparent, but it’s also highly customizable.

You can customize each of the following plans for your desired page count.

  • Personal Plan
  • K12 and High Ed Plan
  • Business Plan

Can You Try Unicheck for Free?

You can check 200 words at a time using Unicheck for no cost.

But this is barely a page of content, so not very useful.

Plagiarism Detector

a screenshot of the plagiarismdetector homepage

Plagiarism Detector has a free version that’s super easy to use and always has the latest technology.

This checker constantly updates its software to reflect new technology and implement new features for premium users.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Plagiarism Detector is rather generous with its services, offering grammar and plagiarism checks for up to 1,000 words at once.

Plagiarism Detector has a lot to offer users.

It’s efficient and accurate, checking millions of sites and documents against your content.

Their billing options are a bit complicated but super flexible, allowing you to choose a plan that fits your content needs.

Unlike almost every other plagiarism checker on this list, Plagiarism Detector can check documents in several languages, including Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, and French.

In total, it can process twelve different languages!

Drawbacks to Plagiarism Detector

The first notable drawback is that the website is bulky and cluttered with ads, making it slightly unpleasant to use.

The user interface is decent but clouded with banners and pop-ups.

However, the website isn’t awful if you can get past these distractions.

Plagiarism Detector Pricing

  • Basic: 72,000 words for $20
  • Institute: 210,000 words for $50
  • Enterprise: 540,000 words for $90
  • Custom: You can create a custom plan if you reach out to Plagiarism Detector

Can You Try Plagiarism Detector for Free?

You can scan up to 1,000 words for grammar and duplicated content for free, and you can do this as much as you want.

Enago Plagiarism Checker

Enago works with Turnitin’s database, accessing thousands of publishers and reviewers.

It has text detection algorithms to scan for plagiarism and offers a powerful grammar check to help writers and students perfect their work before sending it into the world.

Overall, this site is best for academics rather than researchers or copywriters.

Why Is This a Great Option?

Enago uses artificial intelligence and high-end algorithms to check for plagiarism and grammar.

They have features that allow you to scan scholarly articles against your content.

You can also select a power editing option that helps you edit for readability, clarity, word choice, and more.

It can offer suggestions, similar to Grammarly’s writing assistant.

Compared with our other notable mentions, this has the best grammar capabilities.

Drawbacks to Enago Plagiarism Checker

The pricing plans for Enago are not ideal.

The plans do not offer any more than 8,000 words per month.

Any additional words result in overcharges at $1 per 1,000 words.

This site is unsuitable for people who generate loads of content in a given month.

But for students who don’t write tens of thousands of words in a month, it can be perfect.

Enago Plagiarism Checker Pricing

  • Basic: 8,000 words for $12
  • Scholarly Articles Check: 8,000 words for $19
  • Power Editing: 8,000 words for $6

Can You Try Enago Plagiarism Checker for Free?

Unfortunately, there is no free option with the Enago system.

They do not offer free words or trials, so you always have to pay, even for just a few hundred words.


screenshot of the prowriting homepage

ProWritingAid has a grammar and style checker that features video explanations made by writing experts!

They have features to help you clarify your writing, improve your word choice, and learn grammar rules you may not understand.

While the features sound promising and robust, this plagiarism checker is better suited to amateur writers looking for basic help rather than experienced writers trying to achieve perfection.

Why Is This a Great Option?

ProWritingAid is a great option because it consists of a plagiarism checker, a spelling and grammar check, and artificial intelligence for bettering content.

One of the most notable features is the video tutorials, which can help you improve your future writing by making you more familiar with your common grammatical mistakes.

It’s excellent for people who don’t typically write, so they need help ensuring their content flows and doesn’t have any errors.

The pricing plans are straightforward and unlimited, making it simple!

Drawbacks to ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is not the best choice for professional writers or advanced students.

The features sound similar to Grammarly or Enago but are more basic.

The plagiarism checker is accurate and reliable, but the AI assistance and grammar help are very fundamental.

ProWritingAid Pricing

All pricing plans offer unlimited plagiarism and grammar checks, no matter how many words!

  • Monthly: $20
  • Yearly: $120
  • Lifetime: $399

Can You Try ProWritingAid for Free?

When you first signup, they offer a 14-day free trial with all features.

But you must put down a credit card, and will be charged when your trial ends unless you manually cancel.

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is a versatile platform with simple pricing plans and reliable features.

Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the website and check your content for duplicated material.

It’s one of the fastest plagiarism checkers, so you don’t have to wait for your content to scan and can easily check large batches of writing at once.

Why Is This a Great Option?

This platform has many helpful features that are fairly easy to use.

For example, it checks millions of websites for duplicated content to help you make your writing 100% unique.

Like some of our top three picks, this checker allows you to perform a side-by-side comparison with the matching content to help you understand why some words or phrases are flagged.

You can also perform batch searches, making it easy for website owners or editors to check many pieces of content simultaneously.

Drawbacks to Plagiarism Checker X

It is downloadable software, not a desktop or mobile website.

So you need to have the right hardware and software to use, which disqualifies many people.

For example, it is not compatible with Mac OS.

Most of the time, this software is efficient, but users report it can lack speed on certain devices.

Most drawbacks of this checker revolve around tech issues.

Plagiarism Checker X Pricing

  • Basic: Free with limitations
  • Professional: $39 for unlimited words
  • Business: $148 for unlimited and more user licenses

Can You Try Plagiarism Checker X for Free?


This platform has a free forever option you can download for your desktop! It has limited features and a daily search limit but supports over 20 languages and is free of charge.

Even More Options to Check Out

Below are overviews of six more options you can consider that we think are decent alternatives.


CopyGator is a free plagiarism checker where you can check if your content is anywhere else on the website.

The system will automatically notify you if there is any duplicated content.

Plus, you get an overview page to understand why and where the duplicated content is.

The website can be tough to navigate and slow to deliver results.

Rather than upload or paste your content, it can only check content on a given URL, limiting your scanning options.

This plagiarism checker has a polished and intuitive website that makes it easy to check your content.

The program is directed toward students looking to improve their writing skills and learn more about plagiarism.

It can scan content in English or Spanish, showing more versatility than some of the top competitors.

It is similar to Unicheck but slower and less accurate.

The pricing is not transparent, as you have to reach out for a quote.

However, you can often take advantage of discounts and promotions to save money on your membership.


Scribbr is ideal for students rather than professional copywriters.

It’s also an excellent resource for researchers, as it helps with plagiarism and citations. It can help you scan for plagiarism and generate APA or MLA citations for your content.

Scribbr is free but lacks many high-end technologies, like AI assistance and advanced algorithms.

Therefore, some duplicated content may be overlooked, or citations may be slightly inaccurate. But for the most part, the system delivers reliable results.


Copyleaks has a plethora of helpful features and a friendly support team. With learning management systems, API integration, AI graders, site comparisons, and a massive library of resources, this checker barely missed our list of notable mentions.

However, it falls short because the system is slow and doesn’t work with all formats.

You can scan 5,000 words a year for free or pay for a premium plan costing between $9 and $600, depending on the number of pages you want. All the plans are monthly.


screenshot of the quillbot homepage

Quillbot only scans for plagiarism on its premium membership.

The only thing it does for free is to help you paraphrase the content.

You can plug information in, and the AI writer will rewrite the information to be unique.

However, if the paraphrase is not different enough, other plagiarism checkers, editors, publishers, or professors may still consider this plagiarism.

Quillbot has a paraphrase, grammar check, spelling check, summarizer, citation generator, and plagiarism checker, offering an all-in-one platform if you buy a membership.

The memberships are affordable, ranging from $8 to $20 a month.


BibMe is mostly for creating citations but also has a plagiarism checking feature.

It can take several minutes to load, but you can scan for plagiarism, grammar, and style at once. It offers writing suggestions and provides a content score to help you evaluate your writing.

However, you need to pay to use any of these features.

They offer a free trial, but it’s only three days long.

For pricing, you need to make an account and answer a few questions to get subscription quotes for their services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to the frequently asked questions below for more information.

Is plagiarism a crime?

Plagiarism is not a crime in the eyes of the law.

In the US, it is not illegal but highly frowned upon and considered a violation of ethical writing and research practices.

You cannot be arrested or fined for plagiarism, but you may face consequences at your workplace or academic institution.

Does Google have a free plagiarism checker tool?

Google has a plagiarism checking tool that ensures all external sources are acknowledged within a text.

Unfortunately, it’s not a plagiarism checker like the other options on this list.

However, Google Docs has a built-in plagiarism checker you can use within the application.

Wrapping Up

We firmly believe that Copyscape and Grammarly are the best plagiarism checkers available.

If preventing plagiarism is your number one priority.

Copyscape is hands down the most reliable checker.

However, for a plagiarism checker that also offers more features, Grammarly is the best and most accurate, featuring grammar check, spellcheck, and AI writing assistance.

If you write, don’t leave your work unchecked.

Plagiarism is ethically wrong, so download one of the top plagiarism checkers to be on the safe side!