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How To Start A Blog In 2024 [Step-By-Step]

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  1. The Basics Of Blogging [Start Here]
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  2. How To Research & Select A Blogging Niche
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  3. How to Come Up With A Blog Name: An Easy, Proven Formula
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  4. Choosing a Tech Stack [The Right Way]
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  5. How To Set Up & Configure Your Blog [Step-By-Step]
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  6. How To Create The Most Important Blog Pages
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  7. How To Create A Professional Brand & Design
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  8. How To Create Blog Content
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  9. How To Publish A Blog Post: Optimization & Going Live
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  10. How To Get Your Blog Noticed [Quickly & Effectively]
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a header graphic that shows is blogging dead in visual form

Blogging’s been around for decades now, and because it doesn’t have the same cool appeal as social media or platforms like Instagram, you’ll see plenty of arguments that say blogging is dead. That you can’t make money blogging anymore. That it’s too hard.

The truth is, blogging’s here, it never went away, and it’s going to be around for the long haul, in some shape and form. In fact, as long as people have questions that need to be solved (Google searches), blogs will exist to provide helpful answers.

While yes, Google is making a huge push for SGE and AI-powered answers, the industry is changing. However, it is NOT dying.

So if you’re worried you missed the blogging train, don’t be. It’s always chuggin’. I’d even argue that now’s one of the best times to start simply because of the tools we have and the ease of getting started.

Why Blogging Isn’t Dead

And I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. According to Growth Badger, there are more than 600 million active blogs currently available on the internet – a figure that grows year-over-year.

And in the digital marketing world, blog posts are still the most popular format of content. 9 out of 10 marketers still choose blogging as a way to achieve their content goals online.

Not only that, but compared to social media, blogging puts you on a nice, steady path of passive income and traffic. This makes it a great side hustle idea to consider.

You don’t get that with social media or other channels. If you stop posting on Instagram, your engagement will come to a halt.

If you stop blogging but have a blog full of good content, your traffic and revenue can continue going up long after you stop making new content.

All that’s just a way of saying: blogging is still a really effective, profitable and creative endeavor that doesn’t get the same appeal as it once did, but that’s great for those of us who know the truth.

The best part? I can prove this point in data. The strategies I’ve outlined in the course has proven to work time and time again over the years.

For example, I’ve spend the past year working on a new project with some business partners. While we are technically a service provider to customers, we can attribute the majority of the company’s marketing efforts – and success so far – to the leads we’ve gained through the blog.

As you can see by the graph below, the time and effort we’ve taken to consistently blog over the past 12 months has really begun to pay off:

is blogging dead screenshot

So, no, blogging isn’t dead. When done correctly, it can return huge benefits in traffic, leads, and brand exposure, just to name a few benefits.

In this course, you’ll find the strategy I’ve used to start and grow numerous blogs from scratch to $1,000 per month in income and beyond.