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How To Start A Blog In 2024 [Step-By-Step]

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  1. The Basics Of Blogging [Start Here]
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  2. How To Research & Select A Blogging Niche
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  3. How to Come Up With A Blog Name: An Easy, Proven Formula
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  4. Choosing a Tech Stack [The Right Way]
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  5. How To Set Up & Configure Your Blog [Step-By-Step]
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  6. How To Create The Most Important Blog Pages
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  7. How To Create A Professional Brand & Design
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  8. How To Create Blog Content
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  9. How To Publish A Blog Post: Optimization & Going Live
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  10. How To Get Your Blog Noticed [Quickly & Effectively]
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The Basics Of Blogging [Start Here]

vector graphic showing the basics of blogging - a travel blogger at a laptop computer writing content

Bloggers are content creators with solid authority over their niche. They dominate different channels like Youtube, WordPress blogs, and social media.

They’re the dominant voice of cyberspace, and they’ve built a reputation for being trustworthy sources of information among their followers. What they say impacts their audience’s purchasing decision.

Successful bloggers narrow down on a single niche and create content around it. They keep current with what’s trendy in their industry and adopt the lingo of their audience.

Bloggers are consistent and in complete control of their schedules.

A blogging career offers a lot of flexibility and is one of the best creative ideas that help you make money. While it’s not for everyone, it’s a great place to share expertise and earn cash discussing a topic you’re genuinely interested in.

Why Understanding the Basics if So Important

Before you dive into this course and actually learn the steps to setting up your blog, we need to start with the basics.

I’ve built this section as a way to help you understand the world of blogging in simple terms so that you understand the reality of today’s blogging landscape.

With what seems like constant Google algorithm updates, how we built blogs even just a few years back is remarkably different from what it takes to build a successful, profitable blog now.

But, missing the fundamentals from the beginning can spell disaster in the future if you’re not careful. Once you understand the basics, then you’ll be able to move on to actually creating it.