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vector graphic showing an illustration of blog post title generators

It’s long been established in the SEO industry that keyword research is the be-all and end-all of running a successful blog.

After all, it’s the only way you can rank high and get in front of your target audience.

Yet, what’s less spoken about is how to get your readers to interact with your content when they see it.

What gets left unsaid is that a compelling headline will drive your click-through rates through the roof.

With that said, you don’t have to agonize over how to craft the perfect blog title.

Instead, you can try one of the blog post title generators listed in the article.

The 12 Best Blog Post Title Generators (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator
  2. SEOpressor Blog Title Generator
  3. Portent Content Idea Generator
  4. Content Row Headline Generator
  5. SumoMe Kickass Headline Generator
  6. BlogAbout Title Generator
  7. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
  8. Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator
  9. The Hoth Free Title Generator
  10. FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator
  11. Blog Title Generator
  12. Content Majestic Blog Title Generator

What Are Blog Title Generators?

Blog title generators are online tools that output headlines based on the keyword they’re given.

Usually powered by artificial intelligence or automation, these tools instantly put together interesting and clickable headlines.

There are many types: some create headlines by inputting the keyword into pre-written templates, while more complex ones need an extensive description of the article you’re trying to develop before they get to work.

Why Are Title Generators Useful?

A poorly-written blog post headline may be responsible for unsuccessful content marketing efforts.

After all, headlines are the first point of contact between your audience and your content.

They’re what determine whether a browser will click through or move on to a competitor’s content.

As such, blog post title generators can help you craft interesting headlines for your blog posts that’ll drive clicks and hopefully result in conversions.

Also, they can be a source of inspiration for bloggers who have trouble coming up with title ideas for their content.

How Well Do These Headline Tools Work?

If you want suggestions for titles that catch readers’ attention, these tools will work well to fulfill that need.

However, these tools aren’t fail-safe, meaning you can only rely on them to an extent.

For example, while some of these tools output a long list of ideas, you might not find a title that’ll resonate with your target audience 100%.

As such, it’s best to view blog title generators as tools you can use to jumpstart the blog title brainstorming process.

The 12 Best Blog Post Title Generators in 2022

With one of the blog title generators below, you can speed up the headline-writing process and beat writer’s block.

1. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

If you’re at the beginning stages of writing a post and need a blog title idea to get your creative juices flowing, then the Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator is a good place to start.

This sleekly-designed and colorful blog title generator accepts up to five nouns before producing five blog titles you can use for your content.

Hubspot’s blog title generator can come up with over 250 blog post titles per request, although you’ll need to sign up for an account to access this functionality.

And if you sign up, you can download every idea in a CSV file for viewing later.

It’s a quick and easy way to get blog titles, even if some suggestions get repetitive.


  • Sleek and colorful user interface
  • Can accept five nouns at a time to produce five separate titles
  • You can download ideas in a CSV file (signup required)


  • Title suggestions get repetitive

2. SEOpressor Blog Title Generator

The SEOpressor Blog Title Generator is an easy-to-use tool with powerful functionality.

In addition to using it to come up with a catchy blog title, you can also get ideas for articles and blog topics.

It can generate thousands of catchy titles in one sitting. (Note that it isn’t free to use, so you’ll need a SEOpressor subscription.)

This blog title generator tool has an approachable interface.

Moreover, the tool gives you control over how it goes about generating blog titles by letting you specify what each word you input is for.

For example, you can specify whether a keyword is a person’s name, a brand, a place, etc., using the similarly-named options in the drop-down menu.


  • Approachable interface
  • Lets you specify the kind of keyword inputted
  • Generates thousands of catchy titles in a sitting


  • Not free to use

3. Portent Content Idea Generator

If you want to generate titles quickly, try giving the Portent Content Idea Generator a spin.

This powerful tool provides endless titles for YouTube videos, articles, podcast episodes, and more.

Simply input your keywords into the generator, and it’ll instantly create some unique title ideas.

Moreover, once Portent’s tool generates its results, you can save the one you like and retrieve it at the end of your session.

The tool even lets you share your saved ideas via social media (specifically Twitter).

It’s a handy function, though it would’ve been better if saving ideas didn’t interrupt the idea mining process by taking you to another page.


  • Generates unique title ideas
  • A fantastic resource for titles for podcast episodes, YouTube Videos, and more
  • Provides the option to share your title ideas via Twitter


  • Saving ideas interrupt use by taking you to another page

4. Content Row Headline Generator

Content Row’s Headline Generator is as bare bones as they come, emphasizing the tool’s focus on generating blog headlines.

However, this is one case where looks can be deceiving, as the tool is capable of much more.

In particular, you can also use this generator to analyze an existing headline’s clickability and quality.

Each headline has a score next to it and a tag describing the title generated (e.g., “clickbait”).

Not only does this functionality help you write titles better, but it’ll also give you a more discerning eye when appraising the headlines the tool generates.

It’s too bad the tool can only show five headlines at a time.


  • Lets you analyze headings for clickability and quality
  • Provides a built-in headline analyzer
  • Helpfully labels headlines generated by content type


  • Only shows five headlines at a time

5. SumoMe Kickass Headline Generator

Grabbing your audience’s attention will be much easier when you use SumoMe’s Kickass Headline Generator.

This free blog title tool can generate creative headlines because it offers users a slew of configuration options.

When you first launch SumoMe’s tool, you can choose from five different headline categories, including “How To”, “Explanatory/Why”, “Strong/Controversial”, “Fun/Playful”, and “DIY Headline Formulas”.

Each category has its own inputs that you can use to shape the content ideas the tool will ultimately generate.

While it looks complicated, it’s a pretty useful tool.


  • Offers a slew of configuration options
  • Provides five headline categories to choose from
  • Free-to-use (no signup required)


  • Can look complicated for some

6. BlogAbout Title Generator

The BlogAbout Title Generator is an excellent tool for getting quick inspiration.

To use this tool, you give it a keyword and specify the keyword’s type (i.e., a product or service, brand or business name, industry, or something else) from one of the options in a drop-down list.

When you hit the “Generate Titles” button, the BlogAbout tool will instantly provide five eye-catching titles.

In addition, you can get alternative title suggestions by hitting the refresh button below the results.

And the tool lets you save the titles you’re interested in and download them later.

Other than the somewhat dreary color scheme, we love this tool.


  • Provides five eye-catching titles
  • You can get alternative titles with every refresh
  • Selected title ideas are downloadable


  • The tool’s color scheme is dreary

7. Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

Tweak Your Biz’s title generator is one of the most versatile tools in its category.

Specifically, the tool lets you specify whether your keyword should be used as a noun or verb.

Also, you can specify whether you want the headline generated in title case, sentence case, or all caps.

The latter function is handy for SEO purposes.

Once you hit the “submit” button, this title generator spits out tons of headline ideas arranged by category.

For example, a topic on dogs will produce headlines framed as lists, questions, celebrities, motivation, and so on.

You get so many title choices that it can be overwhelming.


  • Lets you specify whether the keyword is a noun or a verb
  • Can generate titles in title case, sentence case, or all caps
  • Generates tons of titles that are conveniently categorized into lists


  • Some users may find the number of title choices overwhelming

8. Inbound Now Blog Title Idea Generator

Inbound Now provides an amazing blog title template generator you can use to create article and blog post headlines.

However, it works differently from the other tools mentioned on this list because you don’t give the tool a keyword.

Instead, you simply click a button to cycle through the blog title idea templates it generates.

For example, a template might read “10 Ways to [insert industry problem]”, allowing you to fill in the blanks with your ideas.

As such, this is the tool to use if you think AI writers and blog post title generators are “cheating”.


  • No need to input a keyword
  • Produces blog title idea templates
  • Excellent tool for AI writing software skeptics


  • Bland user-interface

9. The Hoth Free Title Generator

The Hoth’s Free Title Generator is an excellent tool to use for creating blog topic titles.

This generator is meant for online marketers who want a creative title for their content.

It can take a while to get it going (too many input fields), but the results are worth it.

To use it, you’ll need to input information into the provided fields, like the problem your target audience faces, their desired outcome when using search engines, and the industry you’re operating in, among others.

Once you hit the “Generate Headline Ideas” button, the tool will get to work, producing tons of headlines you can use in your content marketing.


  • Clean user-interface
  • Excellent for online marketers
  • Produces tons of title ideas


  • Takes a while to get the ideas

10. FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator

By far the most straightforward tool on this list, the FatJoe Blog Post Title Generator is a one-click affair.

This free tool is excellent for bloggers who need blog post ideas in short order, producing highly-tweakable headlines.

To use it, enter the keyword related to your topic into the provided field and hit the “Generate Blog Title Ideas” button.

The tool will instantly produce 10 blog titles you can use as is or tweak.

Moreover, you can generate hundreds of blog topic ideas, though you’ll need to submit your email to unlock this functionality.


  • Straightforward to use
  • Excellent if you need title ideas fast
  • Produces highly-tweakable headlines


  • Signup is required for more title ideas

11. Blog Title Generator has a blog title generator that provides inspirational ideas for blog headlines.

You get 15 free runs when you sign up.

Since this tool is AI-powered, you can provide it with a description of the kind of article you’re trying to craft.

Make sure you’re thorough, as states that the quality of your inputs determines the quality of the outputs.


  • AI-powered title generator
  • Lets you describe the content you want to create
  • Provides inspirational titles


  • Signup required before use

12. Content Majestic Blog Title Generator

Content Majestic’s Blog Title Generator simplifies the blog title-creation process into three steps: enter your keyword, choose the keyword’s format from the available options, and hit the “go” button.

This tool is an excellent time-saver for anyone who needs headlines written in a hurry.

Moreover, this generator doesn’t produce vague titles and can create content heading ideas on almost any topic imaginable.

However, it can be buggy, so it may not always work.


  • Excellent time-saving tool
  • Produces titles on almost any topic imaginable
  • You can optimize keywords based on prescribed formats (e.g., name, brand, etc.)


  • Has a bug problem

Headline Generation at the Click of a Button

Blog title generators make it easy to generate blog headlines in seconds.

Some are simpler than others, but they all serve the same purpose: to spark your creativity and help you craft headlines that’ll increase the traffic to your blog.