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One way to increase your revenue from your blog is by accepting donations. If your blog is for a nonprofit organization, donations are a particularly effective revenue stream.

Donations are monetary gifts that are commonly given to people in need or artists and creators. To accept donations on your blog, you can use a WordPress plugin, including any of these:

Donation Platforms

Besides the plugins listed above, you can also use a third-party platform for collecting donations. Some of the most popular are Patreon, PayPal, Memberful, and Liberapay.

1. Patreon

Patreon has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years and for good reason.

It’s super easy to use and offers a great user experience for both creators and patrons.

2. PayPal

In addition to the Easy PayPal Donations plugin, there is also a sleek PayPal plugin you can use to collect donations.

If you enjoy the simplicity of PayPal, this may be a great solution for collecting donations through your blog.

Additionally, you can simply create a PayPal button for your site using PayPal’s code.

3. Memberful

Memberful is excellent software for publishers, independent creators, podcasters, educators, and more. Memberful also offers a WordPress plugin.

Even better, Memberful has a free starter package, and the pro plan is just $25.

4. Liberapay

For accepting recurring donations, another great tool is Liberapay.

Once donations are set up, the donations are then funded in advance.

This service is free except for what they have to pay for payment processors.

How Much Can You Make With Donations?

Most bloggers aren’t going to become wealthy from donations, but it can provide a little extra cash flow.

On the other hand, there is one well-known blogger who makes about $12,000 per month thanks to his Patreon.

Tim Urban is the creator of the popular Wait But Why blog and all of his revenue comes from his loyal following on Patreon.

Moreover, Urban has just 2,937 subscribers, which isn’t an ungodly amount of followers.

How Easy is it to Accept Donations?

Once you have your plugin installed, it’s simple to accept donations via your blog.

While accepting donations isn’t the best way to make money from a blog, it can be a nice supplemental income stream, particularly if you have a devoted following.