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If you have a blog, you have lots of skills.

For one thing, you’re probably an excellent writer and editor.

If you built your own site, you also have some tech skills.

However, you also have the expertise in your niche.

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What are Services?

Services are intangible items that are provided for one person or company by an individual.

Types of Services You Can Sell

In terms of blogging, there are situations where people or brands may want more of your expertise than you have in your blog, course, or book.


If you have conquered obstacles and can teach others how to do the same, you may be able to sell your services as a coach.

When you coach someone else, you are using your experience and skills to help your client solve various problems that they’re trying to overcome.

In some cases, you may already be monetizing your expertise with books, podcasts, and blog posts.

Why not package up those skills and sell them as a service.


Consulting is different from coaching because it’s usually a service that is bought by a business.

Many companies don’t want to hire someone full-time for specialized work. Instead, they like to work with a consultant for specific projects.

How Much Can You Make Selling Services?

It depends on what type of service you’re providing and which industry your niche is in.

Nagina Abdullah earns more than $100,000 per year coaching clients who are struggling with weight loss.

How Easy is it to Start Selling Services?

You can use the free plugin Easy Digital Downloads as Services to sell services instead of downloads.

Why is Selling Services a Great Monetization Method?

When you can bring your expertise to a service opportunity, you’ve really reached the next level.

Selling your services is yet another way to monetize your blog.

You can even create a services page on your blog.

If your aim is to get clients to your services business through your blog, it is very important to consider the 6 most important tips that we’ve outlined for successful service business promotion.