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When should you start monetizing your blog?

The short answer is to monetize your blog as soon as you can.

Most advertising networks and affiliate programs don’t have a specific number for how large your audience should be (or how much traffic you get) before you can use their services.

However, there are some guidelines that can ensure that you have a good chance of being accepted to their programs.

The quickest way to start monetizing your blog is to apply for Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate Program because both of these have a fairly low barrier to entry.

  • Initial Google Adsense approval: You need at least 30 articles on your blog, but we have seen people get approved with fewer articles than this.
  • Website approval if you already have an existing Google Adsense account: You need 7-10 articles on a new blog before submitting the site to Google Adsense for approval. The content must be unique and pass Copyscape or Google will require you to correct the issue and re-apply.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program: You need to have an active blog, website, YouTube channel, or app. It helps if you already have some content on your site so that your blog appears to be authentic and active.

You can start applying for other advertising networks and affiliate programs when you have one or both of the following things in place.

  • Steady traffic (Some networks have minimum thresholds that must be met.)
  • A sizeable and growing email list

Once you have those two in place, don’t hesitate to start.