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You’re already writing content you love for your own blog, but did you know that you can make money by creating a sponsored post or product review?

Whether you’re a new blogger or have been doing it for a while, you may have wondered about sponsored posts.

What are they? How do they work? And most importantly, should you do them?

In this post, we’ll answer all those questions and more. So whether you’re curious or considering doing sponsored posts yourself, read on!

What Is A Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is a type of advertisement that is created by an advertiser and published on a publisher’s website.

Sponsored posts are typically written in the same style as the rest of the content on the site and may be about any topic that is relevant to the advertiser’s business.

The goal of a sponsored article or blog post is to promote a product or service while providing value to the reader.

In most cases, sponsored posts are marked as advertising, although some publishers may try to make them less obvious.

Sponsored articles/posts can be an effective way to reach a target audience, but they can also turn off readers if they are not well-written or relevant.

Types of Sponsored Posts and Reviews

You can get really creative when offering sponsored posts and reviews.

In addition to blogging, you can run social media promotions, send offers in your email newsletters,

1. Blog Posts or Reviews

If you have a blog, you can blog about products you use and enjoy.

For example, if you’re a food blogger, a brand may offer you free food or equipment to try and review honestly.

While sometimes payment may come in the form of goods, popular bloggers also get money for giving an honest review of a product or service.

2. Social Media Promotions

Do you have a large social media following?

You can leverage your network to show yourself using a sponsored product.

3. Sponsored Content and Guest Posts

An example of sponsored content would be a brand writing something for your blog.

Their content should blend seamlessly with your own content, and their content should be clearly labeled as a sponsored post.

Alternatively, you may have the opportunity at some point to write a guest post for someone else’s blog.

4. Email Newsletters

Have you ever gotten an email from someone you subscribe to and they’re acting on behalf of a third party?

In most cases, this is a sponsored email newsletter.

For example, if you follow your favorite food blogger, it may not be unusual for them to send an occasional email with holiday ideas using a specific product.

Why are Sponsored Posts and Reviews a Great Monetization Method?

With an ever-increasing demand for our attention, sponsored posts and reviews are going to be increasingly used by brands to grow their customer base.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, over 63% of businesses that are already using influencer marketing have plans to spend even more money on sponsored product marketing.

Besides earning you money for the sponsorship, your sponsored content also has other ads on it, including display ads and affiliate ads, so you’re doubling your earning capacity.

In addition to creating sponsored blog posts, you can also utilize your social media networks on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram for even more sponsorship opportunities.

What Are The Benefits For Bloggers And Businesses Alike?

A sponsored post is a piece of content that is created by a blogger or influencer on behalf of a business.

Sponsored posts can be a great way for businesses to reach new audiences, build relationships with influencers, and generate buzz around their products or services.

For bloggers, sponsored posts can be a good way to earn revenue and increase exposure for their blog.

When done well, sponsored posts can be valuable for both businesses and bloggers.

Here are some of the benefits of sponsored posts: 

  • They can help businesses reach new audiences: Sponsored posts can help businesses reach new audiences that they may not have otherwise had access to. 
  • They can help build relationships with influencers: Sponsored posts can help businesses build relationships with influencers in their industry
  • They can generate buzz around a product or service: Sponsored posts can create buzz around a business’s products or services. 
  • They can be a great source of revenue for bloggers: Sponsored posts can be a great way for bloggers to earn revenue. 
  • They can increase exposure for a blog: Sponsored posts can help increase exposure for a blog, which can lead to more traffic and followers.

How Much Can You Make With Sponsored Posts and Reviews?

Bloggers and influencers who make money from sponsored posts are cashing in big-time.

If you’re just getting started with your blog, you may not be able to take advantage of this opportunity right away, but as you grow, you can definitely become a part of the influencer economy.

The creator of Making Sense of Cents, Michelle Gardner, charges about $5,000 for every sponsored post.

Smaller blogs can bring in between $750 and $1,500 per sponsored post, according to a blogger at Fit Financials.

How Easy is it to Sell Sponsored Posts and Reviews?

Of all of our ideas for how to monetize a blog, sponsored posts and reviews may be the most difficult to break into because you need a large audience and a high-traffic blog.

Once you have an established audience, sponsored posts and reviews may be one of your biggest moneymakers.

For more on the “how”, check out our guide: How to Get Sponsors for a Blog.

How Do You Go About Finding Sponsorship Opportunities And Negotiating Deals?

There are a few different ways to go about finding sponsorship opportunities and negotiating deals.

1. Direct Approach Business Or Brands

The first way is to reach out to businesses or brands directly. This can be done by finding contact information for the marketing or native advertising department on a company’s website and reaching out via email or phone.

2. Social Media

Another way to find sponsorship opportunities is to use social media on social media platforms.

This can be done by searching for hashtags related to sponsored posts or by following companies and brands that you are interested in working with.

An effective social media platform to use for sponsored posts is Twitter.

You may discover sponsored Instagram post possibilities by using hashtags or following companies on Instagram.

3. Sponsorship Marketplaces

There are also several websites that actSeveral websites act as marketplaces for sponsored post opportunities.

These websites connect bloggers and businesses and allow them to negotiate deals.

Sponsored influencer content is a more effective approach to reaching new consumers and generating interest in your products or services.

When done well, sponsored posts can be valuable for both businesses and bloggers.

If you’re interested in finding sponsored post opportunities, there are a few different ways to go about it.

You may contact businesses or brands directly, seek out possibilities on social media, or post a sponsored article marketplace.

When creating sponsored content, it’s important to keep in mind the goals of the business or brand that you’re working with.

4. Influencer Networks

Another way to find sponsored post opportunities is to join an influencer network.

Influencer networks are websites that connect bloggers and businesses and help them to find sponsored post opportunities.

Working with an influencer marketing agency can connect you with sponsored opportunities that match your interests and followers. 

5. Advertising Networks

Advertising networks are another option for finding sponsored post opportunities.

These networks connect businesses and bloggers and help them to negotiate deals.

When it comes to negotiating sponsored deals, it’s important to be clear about your goals and objectives.

What kind of exposure are you looking for?

How much are you willing to pay or be paid?

Once you’ve determined your bottom line, you can start negotiating with potential sponsors.

Keep in mind that there is usually some room for negotiation, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

With a little bit of effort, you can secure the sponsorships that will help take your content to the next level.

Traditional display advertising is not as effective as it used to be.

Users are becoming increasingly blind to banner ads, which has led many businesses to look for new ways to reach their target audiences.

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What Type Of Content Works Best For Sponsored Posts?

A sponsored post is a form of advertising in which a company pays to have its content published on another site.

This can be an effective way to reach a new audience and generate buzz for your product or service.

However, not all sponsored posts are created equal.

To make your sponsored post effective, it’s important to choose the right type of content.

Articles that are well-written and informative are more likely to be read and shared, while purely promotional posts will be less likely to engage readers.

If you’re not sure what type of content will work best for your sponsored post, consider asking the opinions of potential customers or hiring a professional writer.

With some careful planning, you can create a sponsored post that will reach a wide audience and generate interest in your business.

How To Effectively Disclose Sponsored Posts To Your Readers?

vector illustration showing affiliate disclosure examples on a laptop

There are several ways to effectively disclose sponsored posts to your readers.

The most important thing is to be clear and upfront about the fact that the post is sponsored.

It’s also important to make sure that the sponsored content is marked as such.

This can be done by adding a sponsored tag to the post, or by using sponsored fonts or colors.

If you’re not sure how to effectively disclose sponsored posts to your readers, consider asking the opinion of a content marketing professional.

With some careful planning, you can make sure that your readers are fully informed about the sponsored content on your site.

You can grab the attention of internet users through Instagram-sponsored content.

As a blogger, you may be approached by brands or businesses to promote their products or services through sponsored posts.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important to be transparent with your readers and disclose when a post is sponsored.

This will help to maintain your credibility and build trust with your audience.

Sponsored Instagram posts are a good way to reach a large audience and generate interest in your product or service.

However, it’s important to make sure that you disclose sponsored posts in a way that is clear and transparent to your readers.

With some careful planning, you can create sponsored content that will reach a wide audience and generate interest in your business.

If you have given enough time to your blog and want to know the monitization, read the blog post “How To Monetize A Blog In 2022“.

There are a few different ways that you can disclose sponsored posts:

Option 1: Add A Disclaimer

You can add a disclaimer to your sponsored post that discloses that it is sponsored content.

This can be done by adding a note at the top of the post or in the footer.

Option 2: Use A Sponsored Tag

Another way to disclose sponsored posts is to use a sponsored tag.

This can be added to the post title or at the beginning of the post.

Option 3: Use Sponsored Fonts Or Colors

Some bloggers choose to use sponsored fonts or colors to make it clear that a post is sponsored.

This can be an effective way to grab attention and make sure that readers are aware of the sponsored nature of the content.

Option 4: Choose To Mention In The Post

Some bloggers choose to mention in the sponsored post that it is sponsored content.

This can be done by adding a sentence at the beginning or end of the post.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to be clear and upfront about sponsored posts.

This will help to maintain your credibility and build trust with your audience.

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What Are The Potential Risks Associated With Sponsored Posts, And How Can You Avoid Them?

There are a few potential risks associated with sponsored posts.

image showing an illustration of a sponsored post on a computer screen with a megaphone and money next to it

1. Sponsored Content Can Be Inauthentic

If sponsored posts are not disclosed, readers may feel deceived if they later find out that a post was sponsored.

This can damage your credibility and trustworthiness.

2. Sponsored Content Can Be Misleading

If sponsored content is not clearly labeled, readers might mistake it for editorial content and make decisions based on inaccurate information.

3. Sponsored Content Can Be Off-Brand

If you accept sponsored content that is not relevant to your brand, it can confuse or alienate your readers.

To avoid these risks, it is important to only accept sponsored content that is a good fit for your brand and to disclose sponsored posts to your readers.

You should also avoid sponsored posts that are misleading or inaccurate.

By being careful and transparent with your sponsored content, you can maintain your credibility and build trust with your audience.