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Let’s focus more on the related keywords your keyword research tools produce after you input your first batch of search terms.

Related keywords are incredibly important.

They help you fill up your topic buckets, as mentioned above.

But they also help you further understand the search intent of your target audience members.

Recall the blog business owner who wants to improve traffic to their website.

They run a research session for “blog theme ideas”.

They find, thanks to their keyword research tool, that “blog theme ideas” is often related to keywords like:

  • Blog themes for free
  • Blog themes for photos
  • Best paid blog themes

All of these terms provide more insight into their target audience members.

From the keyword searches above, the business owner deduces that their target visitor:

  • Is curious about paid versus free blog themes
  • Wants to know which themes are best for displaying photos compared to longer posts

This is very valuable information.

Armed with this knowledge, our hypothetical blog owner might decide to write lots of posts answering these needs.