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How to Produce Branded Content

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to increase your brand’s awareness or a writer looking for a new way to earn cash, branded content is worth checking out.

What Is Branded Content?

There are so many different types of content on the Internet these days that it can seem impossible to keep them all straight.

Branded content sets itself apart by serving a specific purpose – coming from an advertiser with the express purpose of building awareness for a particular brand.

It engages the brand’s audience and builds awareness through positive interactions. It should leave a good impression on the audience and encourage them to tell others about the experience.

There is one key difference between branded content and sponsored content. Although they have similar purposes and look nearly identical, their origins and audiences are different.  

Branded content is always produced in-house to reach the brand’s audience. Sponsored content is created with an editorial team and reaches the publisher’s audience.

Why Is Branded Content Important?

Perhaps you’ve heard someone tell you that content is king, and the more content you have, the better off you’ll be in the business world. The truth is brands need branded content because branded content helps them:

  • Build a relationship with their audience
  • Maintain a good name in the business world
  • Generate engagement and customer loyalty

Branded content has proven benefits. Some studies show that 61% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that create their custom content.

With such a high percentage of buyers more likely to buy when branded content is involved, the primary benefit of branded content seems to be that it increases visibility and sales for a business, product, or service.