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Creating branded content requires you to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Define your brand and audience
  2. Strategize your content
  3. Brainstorm for the best ideas
  4. Create authentic materials
  5. Review for storytelling
  6. Remember your audience and check for audience fit

Let’s take a more in-depth look at creating branded content to see how you can start making your own branded content right away.

1. Define Your Brand and Audience

While this step might seem obvious, it’s the first one because it’s the most critical step on your branded content journey.

To create compelling branded content, you must know what you’re selling and who you are selling to or engaging with; you’ll start on the right track if you take the time to define your brand and identify your audience.

Without a set audience, you’re not likely to be able to catch attention and your attempt at creating a brand will fail.

2. Strategize

Bring others in to help you create a branding strategy you can follow throughout your branded content adventure.

Use this time to determine your content campaign’s what, when, where, and why. You can use your strategy as a blueprint to guide the rest of your time.

A strategy also works as a plan so you don’t have to keep tabs on the next steps.

3. Brainstorm

Make ideas for content.

List everything that comes to mind without hesitation, even outrageous ideas.

You can always root out the bad ideas later.

It’s a good idea to look at examples of branded content during this stage.

Seeing what others have done will help you know what to do to engage your audience.

If your niche is relatively new, look at similar content, even if it’s not exactly what you are trying to create.

4. Create Authentic Materials

Now it’s time to start creating, but be aware of how you go about it.

You want to ensure that your content is authentic to the definitions you began with at step one.

Ensure that the materials you create align with who you are, what your product or service does, and what your audience wants to see.

Avoid copying successful content creators.

Not only will this detract from your personal appeal, but it may also put off potential consumers who may feel cheated.

5. Review for Storytelling

Examine your created content for storytelling.

Telling a story with your content is one of the key ways that you’ll engage with your audience and help them connect with your content.

If your content is not telling a story, it will be very hard for your audience to identify with it.

You need to tell your story, rather than simply educate or entertain.

6. Remember Your Audience

Before you publish your content, remember your audience.

Does your content communicate with your intended audience?

Does it solve a problem for them or provide a needed service?

Without a set audience, you’ll fail because of the high competitiveness of branded content online.

Best Practices for Branded Content

Now that you know a little bit more about creating branded content, you might wonder if there are any universal standards to follow.

You can always adhere to a few standard best practices when creating branded content to ensure that you make the best message possible for your product.

1. Show

You might have heard the expression that you should always show in your content instead of telling.

It’s true for any writing or creating, especially for branded content.

You want your content to communicate with your audience, not simply state facts or figures.

Use engaging language and avoid passive attitudes.

2. Use Characters

Using characters that can identify as or personify your brand and your core values is a great way to engage with consumers.

Characters are personable, relatable, and easily accessible to people of all ages and demographics.

It’s advantageous if you use real people!

3. Be Honest

Your consumer base wants to know who you are.

They want to know they can trust you and feel good about working with you.

When you have a brand built on family values, let your audience know.

If you love your community and industriousness, use that to connect with your audience.


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