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There are plenty of things to write about when it comes to branded content. It can take the shape of various content and mediums, including blog posts and podcasts.

Let’s look at the common types of branded content.

1. Blog Posts

You might stumble upon different types of blog content, but one of the most common forms of blog posts is branded content. Blog posts are an easy and effective way for businesses to communicate, explain, inform, and encourage a customer base.

2. Infographics

One highly effective means of engaging with a customer base is through infographics. This form of branded content allows customers the chance to understand visually, which is generally more appealing than reading walls of text.

Infographics are a great way to create interactive experiences with customers and draw them in with genuine interest.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are not a recent development. However, their popularity has spiked recently, especially for people looking for new channels to consume news.

Because they are highly accessible and often free, podcasts are an excellent way for brands to engage with customers and bring in new potential clients by covering fun and exciting topics.  

4. Webinars and Other Videos

Brands that use webinars, video shorts, and other types of videos to engage with their clientele benefit from the fact that people will almost always choose to watch videos that interest them rather than pick another medium.  

Examples of Branded Content

Each type of branded content shows up in various mediums across the internet. Let’s take a quick look at three solid examples of thoughtful, interesting, and engaging branded content.

Educational Branded Content

One key way brands engage with current customers and bring in new consumers is through educational resources explaining aspects of their products or services. This example shows how a deeper explanation of a specific product or service can get consumers interested enough to visit the brand for themselves.  

Inspirational Branded Content

Look at this article about a prodigy photographer sponsored by a camera company. It tells the tale of a young man with skills and abilities that others his age lack. The article serves as a great example of branded content because of the way it tells a human story that centers around a usable product.

Entertainment Branded Content

Check out this branded content video that features a unique challenge with well-known influencers and sponsors by a movie that was coming out at the time. This example is excellent branded content because it combines humor, recognizable faces, and a little bit of a shock factor that often draws people in.