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How to Make Money Vlogging: 5 Cool Methods

Now that you know how to start a vlog, let’s see how to make money from it:

Method 1. Run Ads

YouTube vloggers can always run ads to make money.

Just set up your Google AdSense account, and you can make money whenever someone clicks on your ads.

But there is a condition—your channel must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for 12 months to run AdSense ads.

Thus, your primary focus must be creating quality and consistent content to increase viewership.

Once you have that, AdSense lets you add various ad styles on YouTube.

Skippable in-stream ads that you can skim after 5 seconds—

skippable in-stream ads

In-feed video ads that appear in between videos—

in-feed ads

Non-skippable in-stream ads users cannot skim; they have to watch them all—

Alt text: non-skippable in-stream ads

Bumper ads are shorter (6 seconds) and useful for delivering a quick message—

bumper ads

Masthead ads auto-play without sound for up to 30 seconds at the top of your YouTube Home feed—

masthead ads

Outstream ads play with the sound off that viewers can unmute to listen to—

outstream ads

Method 2. Affiliate Marketing

Don’t want to disturb viewers’ experiences with ads?

Or haven’t you received AdSense approval yet?

Then, affiliate marketing is the best option.

You can promote third-party products and services on your vlogs.

You can also add affiliate links in the video description to get more signups for your affiliates.

Today, you can find many great affiliate marketing programs in almost every niche.

Every affiliate program offers different revenue compensations, so check commission rates before joining a program.

Here are some great affiliate programs for vloggers:

  • Semrush offers $200 for a new subscription and $10 for a lead.
  • Siteground commission goes up to €75.
  • Liquid Web pays 150% of the monthly hosting cost.

Method 3. Sponsored Videos

Do you have significant followership on your video platforms, like 5 million followers or 10 million views?

Then, you can take the sponsorship route to make money from vlogs.

You can contact companies in your niche to promote their products on your platform.

When a company sees you have vast followership, they don’t mind paying you money to promote their products to your audience.

But this only happens if you have good traffic.

Micro-influencers are also on business radars these days.

So, it is easy to find good sponsors if you have a good reach.

Remember, don’t promote any brand on your videos because they pay well.

Once you promote the brand, its repetition is linked to you.

Therefore, you don’t want your brand’s name to be associated with any wrong or illegal companies.

Do your market comprehensive research before partnering with a company.

Take inspiration from Hot Ones and Tums collaboration.

Hot Ones is a YouTube channel about hot wings, so their sponsorship with Tums was a match made in heaven.

Method 4. Sell Merchandise

Are you an influencer with a loyal following?

Then, you sell custom merchandise to your fans.

For example, you can sell branded coffee mugs or t-shirts.

You can also leverage third-party platforms like Etsy to sell more merchandise or set up your WooCommerce store.

Don’t limit yourself to physical merchandise.

You can also sell digital goodies like ebooks, templates, etc.

For instance, Semrush Academy uses its YouTube channel to promote courses.

semrush academy youtube

Method 5. Sell Custom Photo Presets

Most vloggers are active on multiple social networks like Instagram.

Therefore, they also need captivating images for an Instagram profile photo, YouTube thumbnails, or more.

Since you have already invested in high-quality editing tools, use them to create custom-branded elements for others.

You can create preset photo packages and sell them through your vlogs.

You can even create a complete vlog start kit.

Then, you can guide other people to become vloggers.

Make a list of tools and platforms you use to build your vlog brand and sell to aspiring vloggers at good rates.

VFXnut’s Vloggers Pack is the best example of learning how to sell vlog buttons, openers, end frames, and other elements.

vfxnuts vlogger pack

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How to Make Money Vlogging: Parting Note

Vlogging is a great content-sharing format, especially in travel, finance, and lifestyle niches.

Plus, there, you have so many options to monetize your vlogs.

On a parting note, pick any way to make money from vlogs but keep your content quality always high.

You will only get sponsorships if you have a good fan base and traffic—the same goes for ads or merchandise sales.

So, produce quality content, and you will make money vlogging.

We hope you find this “how to make money vlogging” guide helpful.

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