vector graphic showing an illustration of a man/woman sited to learn YouTube affiliate marketing showing how to start a money-making vlog

Becoming a vlogger is easy today. But making money from vlogging takes work.

In a way, many blogging tips also apply to vlogging so that you can set up a successful vlog with basic blogging knowledge.

Though, if you are a newbie, let’s walk through a quick process to start a vlog:

1. Pick Your Niche

Niche is the topic of your vlogs. Finding a niche with good demand but moderate competition today is the hardest part. But ask yourself one thing while choosing your vlog niche—what is your passion?

2. Do Market Research

Once you find your niche, do some research. Watch your competitors’ videos and find a way to create better content than theirs.

3. Find Your Vlogging Platform

YouTube is the first preference of vloggers to publish their content. But it is not the only video platform—there is also Instagram, Vimeo, and many more. I will suggest trying multiple platforms to target a larger audience base.

4. Get Quality Video Equipment

Video quality matters regarding higher search engine rankings and user experience. So, always invest in video recording equipment like DSLR cameras, microphones, and basic lighting gear.

5. Edit, Edit, and Edit

Relentless and unbiased editing makes a quality vlog. Invest in quality video editing software to take your video to perfection. A good editing tool might cost you a fortune, but it is critical for your career growth.

6. Promote Your Vlog

Don’t rest after creating your vlog. Promote it on all the digital platforms where you can find your targeted audience. I suggest embedding videos on websites, too; it can help you improve your SEO score and traffic.

7. Track Your Performance

Ensure to track your vlogs so you can produce content topics generating more traffic.