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Do you want to make money online? Before you start a generic blog, consider a few niche website ideas and how a smaller site may be more successful.

Choosing a niche can help you hone in on one thing. That way, you’ll know what you should and shouldn’t write about, which can help you grow more efficiently.

Read on to learn more about niche websites and for ideas to help you brainstorm niche website ideas.

vector graphic showing an illustration of blogging niches

What Is the Best Niche for Blogging?

“Best” might mean different things for bloggers, but here is a list of the most profitable niches to explore:

  • Digital marketing – SEO techniques, lead generation, advertising campaigns, email marketing, and other ways to scale a business online
  • Health and fitness – nutrition and diet tips, mental health best practices, physical exercise strategies, relationships, and other topics to enhance overall well-being.
  • Making money online – there is a huge audience of people who wish to make extra money or money on the side, so you can provide tips, strategies, and websites for them to accomplish these goals.
  • Investing and personal finance – investing strategies, budgeting, and sound financial decisions.
  • Food and recipes – create your digital cookbook with your blog.
  • Self-care, personal development, or career development – mediation techniques, resume writing tips, interview preparation tips, how to be a better communicator or relationship builder.

What Is the Most Popular Blog Topic?

Before we list the most popular blog topics, it is critical to note you should not choose a blogging niche only because it is popular.

The topic should be something people care about, but you should be passionate about it too.

Here is a list of some popular blog topics to explore:

  • Fashion – massive global audience and opportunities to attend events, earn perks and receive the merchandise and other business deals.
  • Food – many readers will gravitate to your blog to find recipes, healthy eating suggestions, fine dining options, stories, and other ingredients.
  • Travel – people love to live vicariously through others when it comes to traveling, and they may search for destination guides, advice, and other travel tips.
  • Lifestyle – you can engage readers on interesting subtopics like local news, culture, arts, and politics.
  • Fitness – many people look to become the best version of themselves, making a fitness blog a popular topic.
  • Sports – every country or geographical area has its start and sports of interest.
  • DIY blogs – for people who love at-home projects, you can build content in woodworking, metalworking, arts and crafts, and construction.
  • Parenting – this topic will bring a passionate, engaged audience who want to hone their parenting and life skills.
  • Business blogs – entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and college students will love to hear about career development, interesting small business stories, and other value-added material to become better communicators.
  • Finance – everyone can improve on their financial management skills, enabling you to talk about budgeting, investing, and other decision-making best practices.

What Niche is Best for Beginners?

While the above topics are a great starting place for beginners, here are some other exciting niches you can explore if you are new to the blogging industry:

  • Technology – there are several emerging trends and exciting technological advancements that your audience will love to hear about.
    You can explain these advancements to beginners through guides, tutorials, and other avenues.
  • Health and wellness – people prioritize health and wellness.
    You can provide straightforward tips on stretching, exercising, meditation, diet, and more.
  • Career advice – there are millions of job seekers looking for advice on career changes, advancing at their current company, interview preparation, resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, and more.
  • Entertainment – if you love staying up to date on the most recent trends, you can cover series, movies, drama, music, sports, and more.
  • Gaming – there are over 3.2 billion gamers across the globe, making this a perfect niche for beginners to share new video game launches, tricks, tips, news, and top picks for specific genres.

The Best Niche Website Ideas [& Examples Of Each]

You can create a website about almost any topic or niche, literally. Some of the best niche site ideas are those that get a lot of traffic and have good profit potential.

Consider the following general niches and some sub-niches within each category.

Lifestyle Niche Ideas

When choosing a blogging niche, your life is an excellent place to start.

You probably already know a lot about certain things you do each day.

That will make it easy to turn one of your favorite things into a website niche.

Keep the following niche ideas in mind when starting your new website.

image showing a lifestyle blogger in front of her camera reviewing products

1. Fashion

If you love clothes and the fashion industry, you can turn that passion into a website.

You can keep it general, or you can focus on smaller niches, like plus-sized fashion (Girl With Curves is great), fashion for work, or sustainable fashion.

Choosing a sub-niche of fashion can help since there’s a lot of competition.

Once you get started, you can make money with affiliate links or display ads.

If you’re a designer, you could eventually create your fashion line.

2. Beauty

Blogs like Beauty Is Boring talk about beauty, and you can combine it with fashion.

However, it also works well separately, and it’s another niche that has many sub-niches.

You might focus on vegan beauty products or makeup tutorials.

Display ads and affiliate links are two of the easiest ways to make money with your blog.

As you grow, you can also work with brands on sponsored posts.

Many bloggers and creators go on to create their makeup lines.

3. Personal Finance

The personal finance niche is another fantastic choice for a lifestyle blog, and NerdWallet is a great example.

You can take things a step further and blog about personal finance based on your situation.

For example, you may start a frugal living blog.

Or maybe you have kids, so you start a personal finance blog for families.

Now, this niche can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any financial training or certification.

However, it can be very lucrative with the right affiliate partners.

4. Couponing

A more specific sub-niche of personal finance is the couponing niche.

It may seem hard to make money with this niche since your readers want to save money.

However, you can promote products that are on sale, like The Krazy Coupon Lady.

You could also focus on reviewing more affordable versions of popular products.

You can link to those cheaper options for your readers to buy.

That makes affiliate marketing an excellent monetization method, but you can also sell budget templates or other digital downloads.

5. Parenting

The parenting niche is another common choice among lifestyle bloggers.

You can talk about your experience becoming a parent and raising your kids.

However, you can also go deeper and focus on a specific type of parenting.

For example, maybe you blog about your twins, like Twins Mommy.

Or you might be a single parent, and you decide to start a blog about that.

General parenting blogs tend to be very competitive, so smaller sub-niches can help you stand out.

6. Pets

Your pets can serve as the inspiration for one of the best niche website ideas.

If you have a dog, you could start a dog blog, while a cat owner may start a cat blog.

Of course, you can also keep it general and blog about all kinds of pets.

This niche is great because you can promote pet food, toys, and other products.

You can also provide advice for new pet owners, and that’s a great sub-niche.

Another option is to target pet business owners, like what BlogPaws does.

7. Home Decor

A lot of people love decorating their homes to their specific style.

If you’re passionate about that, you can start a home decor blog.

By Sophia Lee got its start when the founder, Sophia, wanted to share her dorm decor, but she’s since covered apartment decor and home decor.

You can create a more specific decor blog, like for college students.

Or you might focus on home decorating on a budget.

You could link to affordable products and use affiliate links to earn a commission on every sale.

8. Tiny Homes

Tiny House Blog is an excellent example of the tiny home niche.

You can blog about tiny homes, how to buy one, where to put it, and more.

One easy way to make the niche more specific is to blog about your specific city and tiny houses.

You can partner with tiny house-building companies for sponsorship.

You can also make money from display ads, and you can promote furniture for tiny house owners using affiliate links to monetize your website.

9. College

When kids go off to college, they may have tons of questions.

You can start a blog to share your experience, and you can target either students or their parents.

Her Campus is a college blog that specifically targets women in college.

Other sub-niches include college finances, choosing a major, and study tips.

Consider what you know a lot about and how you can help students.

Now, affiliate links may not be lucrative since students are on a budget, but you can use ads or sell consulting or tutoring services.

10. Travel

Another one of the best niche website ideas is to start a travel website.

You can talk about specific destinations or share travel tips and your experiences.

The Points Guy is an excellent example of a sub-niche since he talks about travel deals.

If you do a lot of solo travel, you can focus on that.

Or you could combine travel with a parenting blog and write about traveling with kids.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money in this niche by promoting flights, hotels, and other travel-related products.

11. Crafting

If you like doing crafts, you can turn that interest into a niche website.

You can start a general crafting blog where you talk about knitting, sewing, and other crafts.

Or you might choose to only blog about sewing and sewing machines or tips.

DIY blogs can also be very successful.

And if you like doing woodworking, you can use Sawdust Girl as an inspiration for your blog.

Whatever you like to make, you can promote craft supplies or even sell your templates.

12. Food

Food blogs are also quite popular and can be very lucrative.

You can blog about a certain cuisine or culture when it comes to food.

Many any food bloggers share their favorite recipes, and you can do this as well.

If you want to choose a sub-niche of food, you could focus on a diet, such as veganism.

Or you might choose to share quick recipes for busy home cooks.

Ads and affiliate links are easy to use to monetize this type of blog, but you could also sell a recipe book or online cooking classes.

13. Religion

Maybe you practice a religion, and it’s a huge part of your daily life.

In that case, you could start a blog about your religion and beliefs.

Now, monetizing this type of blog can be hard since there aren’t a ton of products to sell.

However, you could promote a version of the Bible, Torah, or Qu’ran.

You could also promote specific foods and vendors that are Kosher if you start a blog about Judaism.

14. Entertainment

Another excellent niche website you could start is entertainment.

Many people know of Entertainment Tonight, which covers celebrities.

But you could start a movie review website, or you might review new albums or singles.

Alternatively, you may focus on local entertainment based in your city.

You could talk about the best venues or local performers.

Sadly, there aren’t a ton of ways you can make money in this niche, but you could use ads to start.

15. News

Like entertainment, the news is an excellent niche idea with plenty of sub-niche options.

You could start a blog about politics, the economy, or other major types of news.

You also need to be willing to write and publish content regularly.

The news cycle is fast, so you probably won’t get much traffic over the long term.

But if you’re willing to do a lot of social media promotion, you could get visitors and make money from ads.

16. Local

Another excellent niche website idea is to use your city or state.

You can start a local blog where you write about things in your town.

You could attract locals and tourists to your blog, and you can cover a variety of topics.

You might cover the best local restaurants or performance venues.

Or you may write about the best places for tourists to stay when visiting.

To make money, you can use ads or partner with local businesses for sponsorships.

17. Organization

If you’re good at organizing items in your home, consider starting an organization website.

You can share tips for other individuals or business owners on how to store and track stuff.

The blog could have different categories, from office to clothing to kitchen.

You can share how to organize different parts of your home.

KonMari is probably the most well-known blog about organizing.

You could also create your system to teach readers to help your blog stand out.

18. Zero Waste

The zero waste movement is one where people aim to reduce their trash.

If you’ve tried to do that, you could start a blog about it.

Even as a beginner, you could create a niche website and write about your experience along the way.

You could promote more sustainable products, like reusable produce bags.

Your readers can reduce their waste, and you can make a commission on affiliate sales.

Ads are another great way to monetize this type of site, or you can sell products like Zero Waste Home.

Health Niche Ideas

vector graphic showing an illustration of a woman sitting on the ground with her hands behind her back, and the words "mental health blogs" next to her

Health is another general niche that you can use to inspire your next niche website.

You could start a generic health website, but the niche is very competitive.

sub-niches are the best way for new websites to break into the industry.

Here are some ideas for niches within the health sector.

1. Nutrition

Many people want to learn how to eat a healthier diet.

If you have experience, you could start a nutrition blog like The Healthy Foodie.

This is especially suitable for nutritionists and dieticians, but you can write from your personal experience.

If you want to get even more specific, you could focus on a diet, like gluten-free nutrition.

You could share recipes and tips to help people stay on their diet.

If you’re a nutritionist, you could even sell coaching sessions.

2. Weight Loss

Body Rebooted is an excellent example of a weight loss blog.

The creator is a health and wellness coach, and you can read about workouts, recipes, and self-care.

Now, this niche can be risky if you don’t have credentials.

Sure, you can write about your experience, but everyone is different.

Experts know how to help various people, so coaches will usually be more successful in this niche.

Either way, you should make sure to include a disclaimer that no two people lose weight the same.

3. Working Out

Working out is another important part of getting healthy.

If you have experience with certain workouts, you can create a website for sharing them.

Blogilates is an excellent example, and she has tons of pilates exercises.

Another option is to go even smaller with your niche and focus on a specific type of workout.

If you’re a yoga teacher, you might blog about yoga and different poses.

You can make money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate links.

4. Health Conditions

After a diagnosis, many patients want to learn more about their condition.

You could create a blog around a specific diagnosis, such as diabetes.

Now, ideally, you’d be a doctor or some other health professional with experience.

But patients can share their experiences as well. Instead of being informational, a patient-run website might focus on community.

You can lead people to more educational resources, and you can make money from display ads.

5. Skincare

You might find a skincare post or section on a beauty blog.

However, you could also write about skincare from a health background, especially if you’re a dermatologist.

You can share skincare tips and products with readers.

That makes affiliate links an excellent monetization method.

If you want an even smaller sub-niche, you could target teens or people with acne.

You can share products specifically for them, and you can direct people to their local doctor.

6. Digestive Health

The digestive system is essential, and when something’s wrong, you can have a lot of problems.

If you’re a digestive health professional, this niche is an excellent choice for your website.

You can write about specific digestive conditions, such as Chron’s disease.

Patients with digestive issues may also be able to start a website on this topic.

However, you need some sort of expertise.

You should also do plenty of research to make sure you’re not spreading harmful, false information to your readers.

7. Reproductive Health

Similar to digestive health, reproductive health is important.

A lot of people don’t learn much about it, so there’s a need for quality content online.

If you’re a doctor or nurse, you can write about certain reproductive health conditions.

Patients may also be able to start a niche site on reproductive health.

Like any medical blog, you’ll want to direct people to their healthcare providers for specific recommendations.

8. Pain Management

About 50 million people in the US have chronic pain.

That means there’s plenty of demand for blogs on pain management.

If you’ve treated people with chronic pain, you can write about the conditions that lead to pain.

You can also share tips on how to minimize pain or live with it.

Be sure to refer people to a doctor for more individual care.

Sports Niche Ideas

If you’re a sports fan or participate in sports, you can start a sports website.

There are tons of sports, and you can turn almost any of them into a website niche.

Consider the following options for sub-niches.

1. Archery

Archery is an excellent sport that requires accuracy and precision.

If you’ve practiced it, you can start a blog about your experience.

You could share tips for how to improve one’s aim to hit the target.

Promote bows and arrows among other products using affiliate links, or use display ads to make money.

If you have a lot of experience, you could even offer a course or individual coaching.

2. Baseball

Baseball is another excellent website niche, and you can write for players or fans.

Call to the Pen, for example, is a site that targets people who watch baseball.

But if you’re a player or coach, you could write content for other players.

You could promote baseballs, bats, and other gear with affiliate links.

Display ads are another great way to make money.

If you get enough traffic, you may even be able to get a sponsor from a baseball team or a uniform company.

3. Basketball

Another excellent sport you can start a website about is basketball.

Basketball for Coaches shares tips for coaches and players of the sport.

You can share your tips on a site that you create.

If you’re more of a fan, you could write about different teams.

You can share tips for new fans looking to learn about the game as well.

Ads and affiliate links are two of the best ways to make money from a basketball website.

4. Bowling

Bowling can make for a great website niche.

You can target regular players or casual players who go bowling on special occasions.

Among the monetization options are promoting products, like shoes or bowling balls, and you can share tips.

Another option is to make your blog more local, and you can review area bowling alleys.

Readers will know where to go.

5. Cycling

Cycling is another popular sport and a great website niche.

The American Cycling Association has an excellent blog to inspire you.

But you can choose the topics you want to cover, from bike reviews to bike gear or cycling classes.

You could even target beginners and share tips on how to choose a bike and how to ride one.

You could promote bikes for new riders using affiliate links.

6. Dance

If you love to dance, you can start a blog all about the activity.

You can start a general dance site where you cover various styles.

Or you might choose to stick to one style, such as ballet dancing.

The Whole Dancer covers health and wellness tips for dancers, so that’s another route you can take.

You can monetize your blog with affiliate links to dance gear.

Tights and leotards bring in a high premium for dancewear companies, so there is always money to be made in this niche.

If you’re a teacher, you could also create an online course or tutorial to sell.

7. Equestrian

If you’ve ridden a horse or you own one, start an equestrian website.

Like the general pet niche, horse owners and riders need to know how to care for their animals.

But you can also share riding tips and review riding gear.

Another way to niche down, even more, is to review stables in your area.

You could then ask them to partner with the stable to sponsor your blog post.

Then, you can make money from your passion.

8. Fencing

Fencing is another amazing sport that you can write about on a niche website.

Like other sports, you can share tutorials for beginners.

You can review fencing gear to help participants find the right gear for them.

The Fencing Coach is an excellent blog to use as an example for yours.

If you’re a coach, you can share that and teach fencing online with courses or lessons.

If you’re not yet a coach, you can share your experience with other students.

9. Football

Many Americans love to watch or play football.

This niche offers plenty of options for your website, from covering football teams to sharing gear and playing tips.

You can also cover types of football, like flag football.

Of course, the NFL has an amazing blog about the sport.

Think about what you’d want to write about and what you’d want to read.

Then, you can choose the right sub-niche for your new football website.

10. Golf

The next sport to use for a niche website idea is golf.

One example to check out is MyGolfSpy, which reviews golf gear to help you choose the right products.

But you could also take a more informational approach and share tips and tricks.

Maybe you prefer to watch golf, so you blog about specific players.

You could share their stats and schedules for their next game.

Ads and affiliate links are great monetization options, but golfers could also sell coaching sessions.

11. Gymnastics

If you’ve ever done gymnastics, you can use that experience to create a new website.

You can write about your experience and the different events in gymnastics.

This includes sharingreviews of your favorite gear.

If you’re more of a fan, you can write about famous gymnasts.

You can even do interviews with gymnasts or gymnastics coaches.

Professionals can monetize their website with coaching as well as affiliate links and sponsorships.

12. Hockey

Hockey is yet another sport that you can write about from the perspective of a player or fan.

If you play hockey, you can review gear.

You could also share what to look for when choosing a rink to use for individual practice.

If you’re a fan, you can write about games, teams, and players.

You can share scores and stats, and you can update those pages every week.

Either way, display ads are a great monetization choice, and players can use affiliate links to promote their favorite gear.

13. Martial Arts

Maybe you’ve practiced a martial art and can teach others about it.

You could write about the history of martial arts and compare different types.

Another option is to write about the different belt levels and how to reach them.

If you know more about a specific martial art, focus on that for your website.

For example, you could start a karate website similar to The Karate Blog.

Then, you can use your expertise to provide tips and reviews.

14. Quidditch

Quidditch began as a fictional sport, but many people play a modified version of it.

If you’ve played quidditch or even watched Harry Potter, you can start a quidditch website.

You can share the meanings of each ball in the game.

Use the website to compare how the game works with and without magic.

Share your favorite places to buy the gear and write product reviews.

Then, you can make money with affiliate links, and you can use display ads.

15. Running

If you enjoy running, consider starting a new website about it.

You can share your favorite running shoes and link to them.

Do reviews of other gear, like the best clothes, or you can review treadmills for people who can’t go running outside.

Lazy Girl Running is an excellent example of a website in this niche.

She writes about products, marathon training, and more.

The blog also has tips for how to become a running coach, and she sells her coaching services.

16. Soccer

Soccer is another popular sport, and you can write about it on a new niche website.

Like many other sports, you can write as a player or fan.

The Soccer Blogger is a blog by a pro soccer player, and it covers both aspects of the sport.

If you’ve played soccer, you can share tips and tricks to help people.

You can also review your favorite soccer balls, cleats, and other gear.

Or you can share games and scores of popular teams to help fans keep up with the sport.

17. Swimming

You may not think of a niche website when you think of swimming.

But this niche is an excellent sub-niche of sports.

You can share tips and tricks, review swimsuits, or review local swimming pools in your area.

On the other hand, you might share profiles of famous swimmers.

You can follow meets and share updates on champions.

Display ads are a great way to monetize your website, but you can also use affiliate links.

18. Tennis

If you play or watch tennis, start a website in this niche.

You could follow Love Tennis Blog and write about news regarding the sport.

Alternatively, you might test different tennis balls and rackets to review.

You can use affiliate links to make money from gear sales.

If you want to teach others, you can also include tutorials, and you can sell lessons or coaching.

19. Volleyball

WorldofVolley is a news website all about volleyball.

You can also create a news site or share tutorials and product reviews for players.

If you want to get even more specific, you could write about beach volleyball only.

This niche has many of the same monetization options as other sports blogs.

You can use ads, and affiliate links, or sell your coaching services if you’ve played volleyball.

20. Wrestling

Another sport to create a niche website about is wrestling.

You can cover WWE, student sports, or all of the above.

If you’re a wrestler or coach, you can recommend protective gear and other clothing.

You can even share tutorials for beginners or other coaches.

Then, coaches can sell their services to individuals who need more help.

Other ways to make money include ads and affiliate links.

21. College Sports

Many people follow a variety of sports teams at their old alma mater or another favorite college.

You can start a blog focusing on the sports teams at a specific university.

Maybe you share scores and details on the players or the upcoming schedule.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of ways to make money in this niche.

You could maybe sell tickets to games through affiliate marketing.

But display ads are a pretty reliable option as long as you get enough traffic.

Other Niche Sites Ideas

You can come up with niche website ideas outside of lifestyle, health, and sports. If none of those things interest you, consider a few other niches.

vector graphic showing a man looking at a handful of niche products to sell

Then, you can start a site in that niche or choose a sub-niche.

1. Digital Nomad

The digital nomad life is appealing to many, but people may not know where to start.

If you’ve started traveling as you work, start a website using that experience.

You can share tips regarding where to live and how to access the internet abroad.

If you have a special situation, such as kids or taking prescriptions, you can also talk about that to help others.

This niche is great for affiliate marketing because you can promote flights and medium-term accommodations.

2. Fine Art

You may categorize art with other crafts, but you can also focus only on art.

Like sports, you could start a website for people who are artists or people who appreciate art.

Maybe you write biographies about famous artists or reviews of art museums.

On the other hand, you might share tutorials for painting, photography, or other art forms.

Then, you can share affiliate links to the supplies you need for those projects.

3. Music

If you’re a musician or music lover, you may start a music blog like CMUSE, which covers a lot of topics related to music.

You can also go more specific and review albums or new artists of a specific genre.

As a musician, you could start a blog on your instrument.

Then, you can review specific models and promote them with affiliate links.

You can also share tutorials for your instrument and sell private lessons or an online course.

4. Theater

Theater is another creative website niche.

If you’ve participated in theater, you can share tips for actors, directors, and writers.

You can even share tutorials for creating costumes for specific characters or plays.

Alternatively, you could write for theater lovers.

You might share news on new plays coming out, and you can focus on a local theater scene.

Then, you can work with venues to get sponsorships so that you make money.

How Do I Find the Right Niche for Me?

To choose the right niche, you need to consider your current interests and experience.

If you don’t care about basketball, you shouldn’t start a website on the sport.

Choosing a niche you know about can reduce the amount of time you have to spend on research.

You can also write more from your experience, which can help readers and search engines trust you and your content.

However, you don’t want to ignore profitability if your goal is to make money.

Make sure you can get enough traffic for ads to produce income.

Or consider if there are enough affiliate programs you can promote to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start a niche website, you may still have questions. Here’s what you should know.

Are niche websites profitable?

As long as you select a profitable niche, you can make good money from your niche website.

Be sure there’s enough interest from readers before you start.

Which niche is best for affiliates?

The best niche for affiliates is one that has a lot of niche-specific products for you to promote.

Ideally, some of these products would have high commission rates.

What is a multi-niche website?

A multi-niche website hosts more than one niche, such as parenting and fashion. While you can get traffic to them, growth is much harder.

Wrapping Up

You can choose from dozens of niche website ideas.

However, the best idea is the one that you know about and could write about over and over so that it doesn’t get boring.

If you still have questions about starting a niche website, leave them down below.

Starting a niche website isn’t always easy, but it can be a profitable venture for many.

Just make sure you choose a niche you like and have experience in.