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22 Ways To Find Niche Products To Sell Online

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For years, selling products from websites has been a viable way to make money online.

But it’s an easy way to lose money if you don’t choose the right products and target the right markets.

The quickest way to succeed in online sales is through niche marketing.

This type of marketing requires you to find niche products to sell that have hungry markets ready to buy.

Many different niche markets are available with various products to sell.

There’s one trick to finding profitable niche products to sell online.

Make sure that you have an audience of potential customers ready to buy them.

What Is a Niche Market?

To find niche products to sell online, you need to understand niche markets.

Niche markets drill down into a larger market to get more specific.

These markets might have more unique characteristics than a larger market.

A niche market is a more specific demographic than a larger market.

What Are Examples of a Niche Market?

Pet owners are a niche market.

Owners of specific dog breeds or snakes are even more niche markets within the pet owner market.

Parenting is a huge market.

Parents who homeschool are a niche market under that umbrella.

Parents with kids who have special needs are another parenting niche market.

Couples who love to travel are another example.

People concerned with physical fitness and the LGBTQ+ community are niche markets.

Most specific niche markets within larger markets have untapped potential.

For example, more people target pet owners than Chihuahua owners.

The target market of Chihuahua owners is smaller but has less competition.

What Is a Niche Product?

A niche product is a product designed to serve a niche market.

For example, music lovers buy music in several ways, including streaming.

A subset of music lovers who buy vinyl albums is a niche market.

Products aimed at vinyl fans, like the records themselves, are niche products.

Any product targeted at a niche market is a niche product.

Niche Products to Sell Online (Category)

You can choose to sell products from one of several popular categories.

vector graphic showing a man looking at a handful of niche products to sell

Health and Wellness Products

Exercise equipment, supplements, and diet plans fall into this product category.

Percussion massagers and herbal products can be good choices, too.

Fashion Items

Hats, hoodies, and t-shirts with sayings never go out of style.

The messages can be funny, serious, or customized.

Shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories sell well online.

Local stores have a limited amount of space to stock these items.

But an online store can have an unlimited number of fashion products available.


Any kind of tool or gadget that has a specific purpose is ripe for promotion online.

Popular drop shipped items include hammers with built-in screwdrivers and universal remote controls.

Car phone holders, blue-light blocking glasses, and fidget spinners attract impulse shoppers.

They sell to browsers and may trend and peak in a short time.

Baby and Childcare Products

Baby bottles, pacifiers, and toys with popular themes are designs that can sell online.

Parents also buy baby wipe warmers, bottle sterilizers, and nursing supplies.

Pet Products

Pet beds, bowls, and collars are hot items online because of the wide selection.

Pet pens and carriers also come in many more designs through online stores than local ones.

Comfort Items

Sleep masks, slippers, robes, and cozy blankets are some of the comfort items you can sell online.

Other examples are products like a tray to sit on your bathtub for a book, candle, and a glass of wine.

Any product designed to provide comfort or pleasure can be a good choice.

Home and Outdoor Appliances

Shoppers searching for humidifiers, vacuums, and outdoor fire pits often look online.

Local stores might not have the style they want or any at all.

So some people have to shop online for their preferred brands and products.

Kitchen Appliances

Over the last few years, small kitchen appliances trended.

Items like the Instant Pot and air fryers became big Christmas purchases for a few years.

Selling these items as they trend can be profitable.

Many will remain good sellers for years.

Hobby and Lifestyle Products

Craft supplies, collectibles, books, DVDs, and vinyl records fall into this category.

Every hobby has specialty products that users either need or could use.

This means there’s a long list of niche products to sell to hobbyists.

Beauty Products and Accessories

Hot products right now are wigs and fake eyelashes, including magnetic lashes.

Hair accessories and makeup are always bestselling items in retail and online stores.

Products to Sell Online (Type)

Four basic types of niche products lend themselves to online sales.


Commodities in niche marketing are products in high demand.

They’re popular and often essential goods.

Examples of commodities are products like toilet paper, soap, or batteries.To sell commodities online, you’re competing with established retail stores.Those stores have more buying power and lower prices.

You’ll need to make up for charging lower prices with high sales volume, which can take time to achieve.

Niche Products

These products target a specific market and are more exclusive than commodities.

A light bulb is a commodity.

A niche product in lighting might be a hand-carved wooden lamp.

Niche products can be commodities with a more niche market.

Soap is a commodity, but homemade decorative soaps are niche products.

The profit margin per sale is higher.

Targeting the niche market to get those sales is the challenge.

Physical Products

Anything you sell that you must ship to the customer is a physical product.

Take into consideration how you’ll get, store, pack, and ship physical products.

Selling these products takes up space and time, especially if you create the product.

If you opt for dropshipping products, you won’t have to store them, which makes it a better option for many people.

The dropshipping company will ship the products for you.

You’ll pay the wholesale discount and keep the difference.

Digital Products

Storage and shipping aren’t issues with digital products.

These products are anything digital like files, games, courses, ebooks, and apps.

Creating each digital product and setting up automated distribution can take time.

And not all platforms allow sales of digital products.

Customers can buy digital products and receive them without help from you.

Almost any niche idea has the potential for digital products.

15 Trending Niche Products to Sell Online 2022 (Examples)

Each niche market has dozens or hundreds of profitable items people want to buy.

Here’s a product idea or two from several different categories.


Many people go into local stores to try on shoes to find the right size, then order them online.

Online shopping offers a greater variety of colors, sizes, and styles.

Shoes are a great niche product idea for dropshipping or what’s known as Amazon FBA.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the easiest ways to sell products online.

Educational Toys

Google shopping and searches help people find niche educational toys for kids.

Most companies that manufacture these toys offer them for all stages of development.

Pens and Pencils

Stationery is a profitable dropshipping niche with low shipping charges.

Many companies that manufacture pencils and fountain pens offer an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs let you market a product for the company and earn a part of each sale.


Cutters for quilting, crafting, and sewing appeal to a niche audience.

Office Chairs

Larger items like office chairs always have limited availability at stores.

But an online store can offer hundreds of styles.

These chairs are good dropping products and Amazon FBA choices.

Decorative Bottles

All decorative items, including bottles, can be great product choices.

Browsers have a much larger selection to enjoy online.

Look at Etsy and similar sites to get an idea of what people want.


Drills and other home improvement tools are popular online shopping items.


Projectors aren’t products you can find at any local store, so most people in the market for one shop online.

Kitchen Towel

Floral prints and traditional patterns are always popular.

Towels with funny and irreverent messages are big sellers, too.


Many women prefer to shop for bras and underwear in private.

They can enjoy a much larger selection of these clothing items.

An eCommerce store can offer more than any lingerie boutique in a mall.

Water Bottles

When ordered online, water bottles can bear product logos, images, and custom messages.

Digital Artwork

Purchasers can download the image and print art themselves from some online sellers.

This option eliminates shipping charges.

GPS Navigation Systems

Most people have GPS on their phones or in their vehicles.

Techies still love the equipment, making this a profitable niche market.

Eco-Friendy Items

Sustainable products of all kinds are hard to find in small stores.

People concerned with the environment shop online for these types of items.

Home Fitness Equipment

Home gyms, workout machines, and other equipment are big sellers online.

This trend doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon.

People who shop for fitness equipment are a target audience worth serving.

These shoppers are open to many different fitness and health products.

So the potential for selling other items in this product category is high.

How to Choose Niche Products to Sell

Choosing the product niche and individual items to sell can feel overwhelming.

Follow these steps to help you narrow down the choices and choose the most profitable ones.

Conduct Market Research and Identify In-Demand Products

Choose an industry you’ll be able to create content around.

The more you know about the general market, the easier it will be to focus on it.

Do keyword research with tools like the Google Keyword Planner.

This research will help you see the types of searches people make every day.

Search volume on Google and sites like Amazon can help you see the biggest sellers.

If you can find an Amazon niche that interests you, you can become an Amazon seller to get your feet wet.

Create Products That Solve a Problem or Fulfill A Need

If you want to create products, look for the things people want and need.

Think about how you can help the people who buy products in the market.

Create a better way to do something or a product that does it better.

You have a great chance at a successful eCommerce business if you can do either.

Identify Products That Fulfill a Guilty Pleasure/Desire

People shop for things that solve problems.

They also want things that make them feel good.

Shoppers want pleasurable items and little treats even when times are tough.

Find Products That You’re Passionate About

The more passion you feel about something, the easier it will be for you to sell.

Look at your interests to see how they mesh with niche products to sell.

Identify and Research Your Competitors

Look at your competitors’ branding and messages.

This research will help you know how to approach the market.

You may also notice things your competition isn’t doing that will help you sell.

Identify and Serve Niche Segments

Look for underserved niches and speak to those people in your marketing.

An example of this would be reptile owners instead of all pet owners.

The information for each group will be different and specific.

Look for Business Opportunities and Trending Products

Look at the sites where your ideal potential customer might hang out.

Watch places like Google Trends and Amazon’s trend report.

Doing these things will let you catch the next hot seller so you can jump on trends for quick profits.

Keep an eye on the Amazon best sellers.

Also, pay attention to Facebook ads and Google ads to see what others are marketing.

Stay Updated With the Latest Market Trends in Your Niche

Don’t forget to look at boards and websites where other internet marketers gather.

Doing so will help you keep on top of marketing trends.

You’ll also be aware of the newest trending product, so you don’t miss out on the sales.

Consider Profit Margins

Go for items that make you more per sale in most cases unless you’re sure you can do volume business.

These items offer higher profit margins after marketing expenses.

Consider all costs while calculating your profit.

Where to Find Trending Products to Sell Online?

Fads and trends can be profitable.

But products that sell like hotcakes one second can drop off in sales fast.

One easy way to see what people are searching for is to check Google Trends.

When you follow the search trends, it can help you spot fad products in demand.

Trends can help you get ahead and sell products early if you see changes coming.

You can also look at the places where your niche market hangs out.

Online groups and forums can be a resource to see what people are talking about to help you spot trends.

Where to Sell Niche Products Online

When planning your eCommerce niche, you’ll need to decide where you’ll sell products.

Social Media Channels

Marketing and selling through social media can help you reach your niche market.

Some sites offer tools that help customers buy your products.

You won’t have control over the check-out process or branding.

But social media can result in higher sales.

Online Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and eBay are examples of online marketplaces.

These sites have a built-in structure to help users put items for sale.

But they have limitations on how you can showcase a product.

They have specific check-out processes, too.

You won’t have to set up your cart and payment processing.

You don’t have much control over the process because they do it for you.

Ecommerce Sites

Building an eCommerce site is the best option for many people.

Those who want to control the branding and appearance of their website can do so.

These sites let users create online stores without coding knowledge.

You don’t have to build a working site from scratch.

Examples of popular eCommerce sites are Squarespace, Wix, and BigCommerce.


Here are some of the most common questions about niche products to sell online.

What are the most profitable niches?

One of the most profitable niches for several years is the niche of making money online.

Info products that teach users how to earn money online sell well with almost no overhead.

This market is one of the most competitive markets, so it can be harder to establish.

Lower competition niches are pet products, sports equipment, and solar products.

What to sell in a dropshipping store?

Health and beauty items like acne patches and jade rollers are popular.

Shoppers love clothing, mugs, and other customizable items.

Products with messages are some of the best dropshipping products available.

Hobbyist items and trending items are also good choices.

Which products to add to your store?

Look at your competitors for ideas about niche products to sell.

You can use a mix of steady sellers and hot trends to maximize sales.

Always look at the profit margin of a product.

Expensive items sell slower.

But you don’t need the sales volume with less expensive products to make the same profit.

Final Thoughts

Online marketers who want to sell through an eCommerce store have many options.

Good keyword research and vetting niche products to sell can start you off on the right foot.

You could be making profits from online sales as soon as you choose products and set up a store.

Why not look at your interests and the niche products you could sell online today?

To learn even more, check out our guide on how to write product reviews the right way.