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vector graphic showing an illustration of niche selection criteria

So, how do you select the best niche for your blog? Below are six questions you need to answer before narrowing down your blog niche and topics.

1. How Narrow Should Your Niche Be?

When creating a profitable blog niche, the narrower the better. There are millions of people asking questions on Google every day. If your content addresses a specific problem, people will turn to you and trust you more.

2. Is Your Niche Evergreen?

An evergreen blogging niche is an industry with sustainable, long-lasting, and everlasting interest to your target audience. It does not rely on gimmicks or seasonal trends to gain viewers or attract customers.

An evergreen niche provides insights, solutions, services, and products that people will always need or desire.

Evergreen niches share the following characteristics:

  • They produce money every year
  • You do not need to aggressively advertise or market them because your audience is already aware
  • Long-term potential for profit

3. Have You Considered the Seasonality of Your Niche?

Is your topic only relevant during certain times of the year? As you evaluate your niche, you should not only analyze the need for your topic but also assess “when” people need your topic.

If your topic is seasonal, you should understand the risks of posting in non-seasonal periods. You must have a content plan for the down months.

4. Does Your Target Audience Like the Topic?

While your blog should inform your audience, it should also entertain the audience. Your readers should not only feel educated and empowered after reading your topic, but they should also have fun learning about it.

5. Do You Like Writing About the Topic?

As you build a successful blog, remember this important thing: enjoy the process. If you do not like writing about your topic, you cannot expect to grow your blog into the future. Content is great, but consistency is even better.

Your content will also resonate with your audience once it senses your enthusiasm and passion behind the topic. If you write content to check off a box, your audience will perceive the lack of passion behind your words.

The best thing to do is to identify a topic area, activity, or hobby that you would do for free. From there, you can develop meaningful content with no pressure.

When you produce content you are passionate about, it will translate into better quality for your audience.

6. Does Your Blog Niche Fill an Unmet Need?

Every piece of content from your blog should provide value. To accomplish this, you need to offer insights that solve everyday problems.

Are there problems to be solved involving your blogging niche? When you can produce content that addresses your target audience’s needs, you will build trust with them.