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vector graphic showing an illustration of niche examples that websites can use to make money online

Niche Audience Examples

Ten examples of popular niche examples include:

  1. Pet care
  2. Gamers
  3. Home improvement
  4. Digital nomads
  5. Vitamin supplements
  6. Making money online
  7. Eco-friendly personal care
  8. Personal growth
  9. Weight loss
  10. Vitamin supplements

A brand can opt to pay more attention to any customer segment than others if it feels that’s the best approach for success.

Several companies have found success with this approach, and below is a list of some of them:

  • Eco-conscious customers: Noissue, the packaging company that only sells recyclable packaging materials manufactured using sustainable materials, is a good example of a company that has found success as an eco-friendly brand.
  • Pet owners: Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks has found success by positioning itself as a company that only sells organic dog and cat food.
  • The LGBTQ+ Community: TomboyX, a small business with less than 21 employees, makes over $10 million in annual revenues from selling clothing that is designed for anybody, irrespective of gender identity.
  • Local Shoppers: Made With Local started as a small food company in Nova Scotia, Canada, that sourced all its ingredients from local customers to appeal to the local community. Today, the company has multiple shop locations in the US and Canada, but it still sources all its raw materials from local Canadian suppliers.
  • Remote Workers: Nomatic has found success by focusing on digital nomads. The company sells bags, cameras, backpacks, and other accessories that will be required by someone that is constantly on the move.

More Niche Examples

There are so many niche examples. To illustrate, we would examine three broad general markets and potential niches under these markets. These broad markets include fashion, food, and marketing.

Niche Marketing Examples

Some examples of niches or segments companies target in their marketing include:

  • Conscious Consumers
  • Travelers
  • Health and Wellness
  • Gamers
  • Remote Workers
  • Renters

Examples of Niche Markets in Food

Some niche examples under this general market that you can cater to in your online project include:

  • Cafes
  • Family-Style
  • Fine Dining

Examples of Niche Markets in Fashion

The fashion industry is so broad, and there are potentially so many niches you can decide to sell to. Some examples include:

  • Designer Fashion such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.
  • Vintage Fashion for those into clothes from old eras.
  • Eco-Friendly Fashion for those who care about the environment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Niche And Mass Audience?

A niche audience is a narrow segment of your target market with specific needs and preferences that can only be met adequately by a purpose-built product or service. On the flip side, a mass audience is the entire target market for your industry.

What Is The Most Popular Niche?

Every industry has sub-industries that opportunistic entrepreneurs have successfully tapped. Popular niches with lots of success stories include health & wellness, pets, financial management & wealth building,  and beauty & fashion.