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vector graphic showing an illustration of what happens when you learn how to get more likes on facebook

Facebook ranks #1 in social media as it’s the biggest platform globally. There are billions of daily users, which means there is an endless supply of potential likes and followers.

So, how can you turn these users into more likes on your page? There are plenty of methods to gain more likes on Facebook successfully.

What Is a Facebook Like?

A Facebook like is a form of interaction with your content from a user. Facebook page likes show the number of people who have interacted with or “liked” a piece of content.

Anytime someone likes a post, it automatically helps to circulate that piece of content. A post that is liked will then appear in the user’s friends’ news feed.

Who Can Like Your Posts on Facebook?

In Facebook settings, you can customize who can and can’t like your Facebook content. But, of course, if you’re looking to increase your Facebook photo and page likes, it’s best to set your page to public.

Why Do Some of Your Friends Get More Likes Than Others?

Some friends get more likes than others on Facebook because the Facebook algorithm picks up on their content. These factors boil down to consistency and the number of interactions from users.

How Facebook Likes are Beneficial

The more Facebook likes you have, your post or page gains popularity.

So when your post has a lot of likes, Facebookwill recognize this. Your post will then be bumped up on the newsfeed of active users with your posts.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Increasing Facebook likes may seem impossible, but it’s effortless to accomplish with effective techniques.

vector graphic showing an illustration of what happens when you learn how to get more likes on facebook

Follow the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule for social media is the top role for gaining and retaining an audience.

It states that 80% of your Facebook content should be entertaining, educating, and solving a problem for your audience.

The remaining 20% should promote your business or brand.

This rule simply gives followers what they want, which leads to more likes.

In a nutshell, keeping Facebook followers’ attention is imperative.

It provides them with value and keeps them entertained.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is one of the most effective methods of gaining more likes on Facebook.

Hashtags are an essential part of creating a successful social network.

They help capture the attention of new followers and gain your page more likes and a higher follower count.

Schedule Your Posts at High Traffic Hours

There are certain days & hours where you can see the most engagement with your social media posts.

Therefore, if you post on a specific day at a particular time, you can obtain growth on any social media platform.

On Facebook, the best time to post during the week is between 1 PM and 4 PM.

Specifically, Wednesday through Friday are the best days to gain more engagement and likes.

How to Automate Your Facebook Posts

An auto poster can help organize your posts and prove beneficial when growing likes and gaining more visibility on social media.

 Setting your posts to go out on a specific day at a particular hour will help you maintain consistency, which shows your current and potential followers that you post regularly.

You can go about automating your posts in different ways.

The first way is directly through Facebook.

  • Write a post in the box labeled “Create Post.”
  • Click the dropdown area titled “Share Now.”
  • Choose “Schedule”
  • Click the time and date you want to publish the post
  • Click “Schedule”

To overview your scheduled posts, go to the publishing tools button and click “scheduled posts” to see them.

Other Helpful Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook

These tips are all straightforward to implement on your Facebook page.

By improving on these small changes, you will see significant changes in your page’s overall growth.

Be Consistent

Posting to Facebook constantly or regularly has benefits that will pay off in the long run.

If you post regularly and your followers see you’re consistent, they will want to continue following you.

This quickly turns into more likes, more engagement, and strengthened brand awareness.  

Time It Right

When you post at the right time, you strengthen your page’s chances of getting noticed.

If your page has more views, follows, likes, and shares will significantly increase.

Timing it right ultimately helps get your content out there in front of more users during peak hours of the day.  

Be Entertaining And/or Educational

According to the 80/20 rule, being entertaining and educational provides excellent value for your followers.

Users want to feel connected to the brands and niches they follow.

By posting entertaining and educational content, you show your page is relatable and that you value your followers.

Keep It Short

Keep it short but make it sweet, which is very important to captivate attention on your page.

An interesting punch line followed by a sentence or two can work wonders.

Sum up your post but keep it interesting.

Make sure you give your followers a reason to like and engage with your posts.

Be Relevant

What you post to your page has to matter to your audience.

It must be something they can connect with.

That’s why you must continue to provide your audience with relevant content.

In addition, your page’s posts need to create an emotional connection to them and spark their interests.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action is a sure-fire way to grow any business on social media.

Studies show that a compelling CTA can increase conversion by 83% on social media.

A call to action prompts your followers to interact with your posts.

They will be more interested in liking, sharing, and commenting if urged.

Grow Your Audience to Get More Likes on Facebook

When your post is liked by someone and circulated onto their friends’ news feeds, this pushes your shareable content to gain more momentum.

The more people like your posts, the more your brand credibility is created and reinforced.

Put Your Facebook Page on Your Newsletter

You can choose a template and place your Facebook page on it.

Then you can email the embedded newsletter to your followers or email list.

This method helps give insight to your audience about what you do on your other social media channels.

Sharing other parts of your niche or business will create more trust and prompt more likes.

Create a “Like Us on Facebook” Popup

Pop-ups are effective if you’re looking to gain more likes.

Although there are downsides to pop-ups, they can work when done correctly.

Pop-ups are great because they can be timed, and you can use them with Facebook to get new eyes directly over to your Facebook page.

You can create a pop-up specific to a post or straight to your home page.

Include Your Facebook URL in Emails

Another great way to gain Facebook likes is via email.

This method works exceptionally well if you have an email list.

You can add a Facebook icon, URL, and CTA to direct your users to your page.

Show Your Facebook Feed on Your Website

You can embed your Facebook account feed and to your page if you have a website.

Embedding your page onto your site is beneficial because you can share an event without the worry of spamming your audience.

Show Free Facebook Events on Your Site

There are a few ways you can embed Facebook events onto your website.

  • You copy and paste a javascript code from Facebook onto your site
  • Utilize the Facebook page plugin generator

Both ways simply take copying and pasting a code onto the location of your website where you desire the event to show.

Be sure you have pasted it correctly by refreshing the page after clicking save.

Create a Facebook Group

Creating a Facebook group is perfect for getting more likes since you get noticed much faster.

You can email your followers or send an invite to them via Facebook, to join the group.

Because they are already fans of your niche or business, those fans won’t mind pushing the like button.

Is it Worth Buying Facebook Likes?

Purchasing Facebook likes is very valuable, but there are risks to assess before buying them.

How Much Do Facebook Likes Cost to Purchase?

The cost of Facebook likes can vary from 1 cent per like up to 5 dollars per like.

Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes

We live in the age of social media, and it only continues to move forward.

But unfortunately, it isn’t easy to grow on social media without some form of social proof or growth in popularity.  

However, it helps if you have lots of likes on your Facebook page, showing others you are trustworthy or have something they like.

There are notable advantages to buying likes but also some disadvantages to consider.


There are so many advantages to buying Facebook likes.

Some of these can contribute to tapping into a new audience and growing your revenue.

Boosts Activity on Your Other Social Media Platforms

Buying likes can help to increase the number of views and engagement on your other social media channels.

The more traffic you gain, the higher you raise your visibility and tap into the algorithm.

Strengthens Revenue Potential

Revenue can come from various directions when you grow your likes on Facebook.

Revenue comes from the views on your shareable content, which usually results in collaborations and more likes.

Builds Up Credibility

In the world of social media, credibility is everything you need.

Facebook, of course, is no different.

If your page proves credibility with thousands of likes, you have a higher chance of gaining your followers’ trust and a loyal following.


There are some disadvantages to purchasing likes that can hurt your analytics and your page’s growth.

It Could Mix up Your Analytics

This method is excellent, but it could also mix up your analytics.

Analytics are essential because they help you know which likes are real and which aren’t, and this method could mix both.

You Could Destroy Your Reputation

If your amount of likes is highly disproportionate to the number of followers on your page, this could raise some eyebrows.

Wrapping Up

It’s essential to take time and apply these methods to your Facebook profile to gain more likes.

Then, utilize as many of these techniques and remain consistent.

Consistency is a significant key to organic growth, gaining trust, and reaching a larger audience for more likes.