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Behind every successful business is an effective marketing strategy.

But in an increasingly virtual landscape of ever-evolving products and technologies, promotion is both more accessible and more complex.

That’s why modern businesses increasingly rely on the specialized services of advertising agencies to promote and sell their products and services effectively.

In the last decade, Facebook ad agencies have dominated the advertising sector.

Since Facebook is the in the world, many businesses, both big and small, have benefited immensely from promoting on the social media platform.

Because you are likely busy managing your business, we did the research for you.

The Best Facebook Ad Agencies (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Disruptive Advertising
  2. Moburst
  3. Lyfe Marketing
  4. Voy Media
  5. Skille
  6. Brand Lume

The Basics of Facebook Ad Agencies

As the advertising world progressively transitions to cyberspace, ad agencies are paying particular attention to heavily trafficked websites like YouTube and Facebook.

Facebook alone hosts over 9% of digital advertising and nearly 20% of global mobile digital advertising.

As of May 2022, 92% of social marketers use Facebook to promote products and services.

Facebook ad agencies are advertising firms that specialize in targeted social media promotion.

They vary in their services, but most offer data analysis, creative campaign design and management, brand expansion and awareness, and business growth strategies.

How Do Facebook Ad Agencies Work?

Once you partner with a Facebook ad agency, the company seeks to learn everything about your business, target market, and goals.

Skilled designers will create and manage effective marketing campaigns for Facebook, while data managers will consistently examine the efficiency of your advertisements and make the necessary adjustments.

How Can I Use Facebook Ads to Get Clients?

These firms can help you obtain clients by identifying more target markets for your business, expanding brand awareness, and reaching distant and previously inaccessible clients.

Research suggests that Facebook ads dramatically enhance the purchase intentions of customers, ensuring climbing profits.

Other experts have demonstrated that Facebook advertisements reliably capture the attention of prospective clients so that you can expand your loyal customer base.

What to Expect From a Great Facebook Ad Agency

Managing your advertising campaigns can be stressful and time-consuming.

Crafting successful marketing campaigns takes expertise—and few business owners are also advertising experts.

Externalizing this service can significantly benefit your business—and your mental health.

We’ve done all the research so you know exactly what to expect when working with a high-quality Facebook advertising agency.

Products & Services

Facebook ad agencies typically offer a variety of products and services.

They Will Clarify Your Sales and Growth Goals

As you begin work with an ad agency, you will likely meet with your team to discuss and clarify your goals for your company.

This is an immensely enlightening process and can help you to concentrate your efforts in the right place.

They Can Identify a Target Audience

Most ad agencies will hone in on your target audience(s) and direct ads at them.

This is more cost-effective than traditional advertising approaches since you don’t have to pay for broad exposure.

It also helps you to build a loyal customer base.

They Will Design Creative Campaigns

You want to focus your creativity on your business—not your advertising campaigns.

An ad agency will do all the designing for you (though they will vet their work with you before publishing it).

They Drive Leads and Sales

Facebook ad agencies can help you focus on the most effective advertisements to ensure you don’t waste any time or energy on moot campaigns or disinterested audiences.

This helps maximize your return on investment (ROI) since you only focus on leads that generate profit.

They Adjust to the Platform and Legal Changes

Social media advertising can be tricky since the virtual ad-scape is constantly changing.

Ad agencies have the expertise to manage these changes and save you time.

Do Facebook Ad Agencies Work With Small Businesses?

Most Facebook ad agencies will work with small businesses, though some are better than others.

Ad agencies use different strategies for promoting small businesses; since small businesses do not have the same brand awareness, advertisers will focus on strengthening and promoting their offers to clients.

Some of the most highly-rated Facebook ad agencies for small businesses include:

What’s the Typical Contract Length?

There is no set contract length.

Most ad agencies will determine your contract length based on your specific needs.

The average contract length is between 6-12 months, though shorter contracts (typically one month) are becoming increasingly common.

Who Owns the Data and Creativity?

Some Facebook ad agencies will assume control of data and promotion materials, while others will allow you to retain ownership.

For instance, Klient Boost allows clients to hold onto their data and advertisements.

Facebook’s directions maintain that owners of ad accounts should be those who created the accounts and paid the invoice to Facebook.

Experts recommend retaining as much ownership over your data as possible since starting over can be exhaustive.

Will I Know How My Ads Are Doing?

The Facebook ad agency you work with will typically share data reports, allowing you to determine which of your advertisements are most effective.

Facebook ads also offer comprehensive analytics, so you can learn to analyze your data yourself.

Whether you continue working with the agency, you will gain insight into effective marketing.

How Much Do Agencies Charge for Facebook Ads?

There are several different pricing models for ad agencies.

Most Facebook ad agencies will charge a percentage of the cost of your marketing campaign.

Some will accept fixed fees, while others will take performance-based pay.

If you pay a monthly retainer fee, expect it to fall between $1,000 and $3,000.

Do You Need a Huge Budget?

You do not necessarily need a large budget to hire a Facebook ad agency.

Some agencies will only charge based on performance, while others offer up-front wholesale pricing to accommodate small budgets.

Brand Lume, for instance, provides monthly services for as low as $79.

It is always a good idea to determine your budget size before spending on advertising.

Is the Fee Based on Spending?

Some companies charge a fee based on spending.

Those that do typically charge 10% of your total budget.

Why Do Facebook Ad Agency Prices Fluctuate?

Facebook ad agency prices fluctuate for several reasons.

First, your company’s needs likely shift from month to month, and many agencies will adjust their approach based on your fluctuating needs.

Second, the dynamics of Facebook advertising are often changing, and agencies must adapt.

Third, agencies will adjust their approach depending on what the data suggests.

Do Facebook Ad Agencies Charge a Setup Cost, and What Does it Include?

Most Facebook ad agencies will charge a setup cost.

This is typically a flat fee that includes audience analysis, strategy development, and campaign desire.

Setup costs can range from $75 to $5000, depending on the size of your business.

Top Facebook Advertising Agencies

Once you have decided on working with a Facebook advertising agency, you will face a dizzying array of options.

We have done the research, so you can simply select from the high-quality agencies below!

Disruptive Advertising]

A screenshot of the disruptive advertising

Disruptive Advertising offers a wide range of services—from content creation to advertisement management.

Though their prices are high (most projects are $5,000+), this company promises to increase leads by 40% and reallocate your funds to more effective campaigns.

Reviewers maintain that it is one of the most cost-efficient and comprehensive agencies.

Moburst – Best for Customized Approach

A screenshot of the moburst homepage

Moburst is a full-service company that harnesses the power of Facebook analytics to optimize your ad campaigns.

Expect your team to work tirelessly to create and adjust your approach to promotion to best suit your service.

Moburst is also best for larger budgets, with projects starting at $8,000.

Lyfe Marketing – Best for Advertising and Management

A screenshot of the lyfemarketing homepage

Lyfe Marketing is an award-winning social media marketing and management agency.

They offer a wide variety of services for scaled prices.

Their costs start at $650 a month, making this a more affordable option for smaller budgets.

Voy Media – Best for All Budgets

A screenshot of the voymedia homepage

Voy Media is a full-service, performance-based marketing agency that tackles every element of social media advertising.

Because it is performance-based, prices are variable and flexible—so you can access expert service at the proper budget.

The website offers case studies and research to bolster its claims to increase client profits dramatically.

Skille – Best for Direct-to-Consumer Brands

A screenshot of the skille homepage

This Montreal-based company caters mainly to DTC brands.

Their prices are reasonable—projects start at $1,000—and you can expect fluid and consistent communication with your team members.

Brand Lume: Best for Small Budgets

Brand Lume caters primarily to small businesses.

This social media marketing agency offers wholesale packages for as little as $79 a month—and no contracts, so you can terminate services anytime.

Which Agency Is Best for Business?

The best agency for your business is the one that best accommodates your needs and budget.

Disruptive Advertising and Skille are always good choices, but you may want to spend less on your services.

Check out this directory of the most highly rated social media marketing agencies to find the best fit.

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Experts maintain that Facebook advertising is highly effective when done correctly.

Facebook continues to increase ad spending yearly, indicating that the social media marketing sector continues to expand.

Advertising on Facebook is a good idea—but beware of trying to go at it yourself.

Harvard research maintains that expertise is vital in digital marketing.

Furthermore, experts also suggest that different platforms exhibit different advertising conditions and demands, so if you plan on advertising on Facebook, it is best to hire a company specializing in Facebook ads.

When Is the Right Time to Outsource to a Facebook Ad Agency?

You can outsource to a Facebook ad agency when you have the money.

Although advertising on Facebook is accessible to all, effective marketing requires domain-specific expertise.

Therefore, hiring experts to conduct your Facebook advertising campaigns is often wise.

However, if you already have a marketing expert on your staff or resist delegating responsibilities, working with a Facebook ad agency may not be for you.

If you have chosen to assume management of your ads, consider hiring an agency if you find that your leads and profits remain stagnant or your workload becomes unmanageable.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the choice to hire a Facebook ad agency to manage your marketing campaigns is one only you can make.

Comment below with any questions or comments you have.

Also, consider reaching out to Disruptive Advertising (for larger businesses) or Voy Media (for smaller firms) for more information on how a Facebook ad agency can support your business.

Facebook ad agencies offer specialized marketing services that can dramatically expand your reach, strengthen your customer base, multiply your leads, and generate profits.

There is no time like the present!