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The Complete Guide To Twitter Marketing

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Want to learn how to use Twitter for your business marketing?

Facebook drives me nuts, Instagram’s fun but it doesn’t bring me any blog traffic or business and the jury’s still out on Google+, though I am keeping a close eye on that one. But I love Twitter.

I really do.

It’s the only social media outpost I’ve ever written about it because the simplicity and instant gratification it delivers have made me a confident, happy Twitter user. Better still it gets results.

Twitter is the fourth referral site for my travel blog Get In the Hot Spot, behind StumbleUpon, Facebook and this blog.

Over here at Successful Blogging Twitter is the second referrer site after StumbleUpon – up from seventh the last time I write about Twitter almost two years ago.

I’ve been on Twitter four years but didn’t use it strategically until last year when I got smarter about using Twitter marketing to grow my blog or business.

I still find Twitter fun but it’s also become a powerful marketing tool.

Now I’ve got 8,000+ Twitter followers on two accounts which isn’t huge but it’s enough to provide a good testing ground for these Twitter strategies and to make a difference to my business.

But no matter how many or how few Twitter followers you have, adopting these strategies should boost your blog traffic and help you get more sales.

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