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If you work with content of any kind, reading and writing extensive texts is likely part of your routine.

But the process can eat up a significant amount of your most precious and finite resource: time.

AI-based summarize tools have revolutionized workflow for busy readers, writers, bloggers, and people who create tons of content.

Use this guide to find the best summarize tools available to save yourself time and money.

Best Summarize Tools(Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Jasper: Our Pick
  2. SummarizeBot: Runner-Up
  3. SMMRY: Budget Pick
  4. Intellippt
  5. Free Summarizer
  6. Resoomer
  7. SkimCast
  8. WordTune
  9. Split Brain Summary Tool
  10. Scholarcy
  11. Quillbot
  12. Autosummarizer
  13. Summarizer
  14. Editpad.org
  15. AI21Labs
  16. Tools4noobs
  17. Text Compactor

An Overview of Summarize Tools

In content-based industries, from copywriting to education, professionals spend most of their time reading and writing.

The speed at which they do so determines productivity – and pay.

But research suggests that your reading and writing speed depends mainly on factors beyond your control, such as linguistic knowledge.

Summarize tools have transformed content-based industries, allowing users to quickly and efficiently summarize long blocks of text.

What is a Summarize Tool?

Summarize tools capture large blocks of text and convert them into clear and concise summaries.

They are generally powered by artificial intelligence, which makes them exceptionally skilled at mimicking language produced by a human being.

With a quality summary tool, you can comprehend a long text without reading it or make your writing shorter and more straightforward to appeal to readers.

Why Are Summarize Tools Important?

Experts determine that AI-generated language represents one of the most outstanding achievements of our time.

Automation holds great promise for those whose jobs depend on their ability to read or produce writing quickly, and summarizers are already on the cannon tech stack of content marketing professionals.

Summarize tools are also helpful for:

  • Studying for school or professional education
  • Generating captions and text for social media posts
  • Creating advertisements, articles, newsletters, and e-mails
  • Copywriting for blogs

Do I Need a Summarize Tool?

If you spend time reading or writing long texts, you will benefit from using a summarize tool.

Summarizers can also contribute to your productivity if you are a:

  • Business owner
  • Freelancer
  • Copywriter
  • Education professional (or student!)
  • Marketer
  • Content creator

Ultimately, anyone whose profession requires reading and writing content would benefit from a summarizer.

Remember, even with summarized content you should give credit to the original creator’s ideas, so it’s a good idea to learn how to cite a website.

The Best Summarize Tools at a Glance

The best summarize tools are fast, efficient, and produce clear writing that is indistinguishable from a human-produced text – and free of plagiarism and copyright infringements.

Check out our top two choices below.

What is the Best Summarize Tool?

The best summary tool on the market is Jasper.

Jasper is an AI-integrated writing software that performs many functions, but the company’s summarizer is its best asset.

This summarizer can convert nearly anything into a short, concise summary.

What is the Best Free Summarize Tool?

The best free summarize tool is IntelliPPT.

IntelliPPT is a paragraph summarizer that uses AI software.

This tool is primarily for summarizing paragraphs and creating brief vital points.

It can quickly summarize reports, emails, white papers, and articles.

Features to Look For in Summarize Tools

Searching for crucial features and capabilities is the key to finding a summarizer that works for you.

The features below are those you are most likely to find in a high-quality summarize tool.


While specific summarizing tools are strictly for summarizing short blocks of text, others, like Jasper, can process long-form content.

Depending on your particular needs, you may require a summarizer that can perform additional functions like paraphrasing, generating original copy, drawing up outlines, or even a tool with an integrated plagiarism checker.

Consider choosing a tool that fits your requirements or one that can do it all.

Quality of Content

The quality of your summarizer’s content is paramount – particularly if you are choosing to publish the summarizer’s writing.

Choose a writing tool that produces clear, concise, and nuanced writing.

Researchers maintain that the biggest problem AI text generators face is approximating a human-sounding tone and voice.

For this reason, this guide features AI summarization tools that can mimic human-generated text.

Diversity of Content

Ultimately, you want a summarizer that offers many structures, formatting, and content options.

Choose a summarize tool that lends itself to choice and creativity by offering templates, diverse content structures, and available functions.

Additionally, should you use your summarizer for published content, ensure that the software protects against plagiarism and copywriting infringement.

The last thing you need is a lawsuit!


The best summarizer is the one you will use.

Choose a summarize tool that boasts a navigable user interface and is accessible from multiple devices.

Additionally, choose a company backed by an expert customer service team or knowledge base.

Some summarizers are only available with WiFi access, while others are downloadable.

Some are even available as Google Chrome extensions, which can maximize your efficiency.


Your summarize tool should enhance your career and education.

To that end, it should fit your budget and provide significant value for your money.

Consider the above factors and compare them to the price of the summarizer you are considering.

Choose a tool that will offer a return on your investment.

Best Summarize Tools: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Once you have assembled a list of criteria you need in a summarized tool, you can begin exploring the market and experimenting with any free tools available.

Consider choosing from our top three summarized tools below.

Jasper: Our Pick

screenshot of the Jasper AI homepage

Jasper is an artificial intelligence AI text generator that can perform many functions, including content generation, summarizing, optimizing, outlining, and more.

Jasper’s “summarize” template produces high-quality summaries – allegedly in under two minutes.

Jasper is our top pick for its versatility, ease of use, and ability to summarize various text inputs, producing clear, concise, and natural writing.

Key Features of Jasper

Jasper offers many crucial features that can dramatically accelerate and enhance your content summaries:

  • Variety of Templates: Jasper offers over 50 templates, each corresponding to a different genre or style of writing. Choose the summarize template to write a summary.
  • Originality and Quality of Writing: Jasper produces high-quality writing indistinguishable from human writing. The company uses the most high-performing machine learning systems to accomplish this.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Jasper offers a plagiarism checker tool that allows you to remove any unoriginal content.
  • Functionality: Jasper can handle most documents and formats. Additionally, the platform offers many useful complementary tools and integrations.
  • Extensive knowledge base: There are so many uses for Jasper, so the company offers a broad knowledge base of tutorials, guides, and courses.

Why is Jasper a Great Solution?

Jasper is an excellent solution for all your summarizing needs.

This AI text generator boasts the best summarizing tool of any of its competitors, and its writing is clear, original, and full of character.

Jasper also offers use cases for every type of content, so you can count on its ability to produce a clean copy of almost anything.

Jasper is best for copywriters, marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and writers.

Pros of Jasper

Jasper is speedy and efficient and produces excellent writing.

Additionally, you can count on the following benefits:

  • Easy integrations: Jasper integrates with many third-party apps and systems, including Surfer SEO, which is excellent for marketing and copywriting professionals. Jasper is also the only AI writing tool that natively integrates with Grammarly.
  • 99% Accuracy: Jasper produces accurate and fact-checked content—most of the time. Remember to read your pieces once before publishing or turning them in.
  • Accessible Features: Jasper offers a voice-to-text option.

Cons of Jasper

There are several minor drawbacks to using Jasper. These include:

  • Upcharges: You may have to pay extra for certain features. Unfortunately, the plagiarism checker requires an additional payment.
  • Requires Editing: You can’t simply generate Jasper content and publish it. Unfortunately, most AI-generated content, Jasper included, will have several mistakes you need to edit by hand.
  • Unreliable Fact-Checking: Jasper doesn’t understand credibility, so you must check all your facts and resources.

Jasper vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Jasper had many advantages over the company’s competitors.

First, Jasper is the most commonly used AI text editor – and it is famous for a reason.

The platform is easier to use than most and offers more diverse templates and writing tools.

Additionally, the company invests in the highest quality AI technology and a qualified response support team – so you can count on answers to your every question.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper offers the best value for your money.

The company offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter (Starts at $40 a month): This plan offers 50+ AI templates and supports 20+ languages and five users.
  • Boss Mode (Starts at $82 a month): This plan allows you to use compose and command features, access more templates and features, and receive priority support.
  • Business (Varies): This plan offers custom word limits, billing options, and more.

Can You Try Jasper for Free?

There is a Jasper free trial that you can easily claim on the company’s website.

The free trial period offers 10,000 free words and five days of continuous use – and you can access all of the Starter plan features with the free trial option.

Additionally, Jasper offers a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied users.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Jasper?

Jasper is an excellent choice for anyone who reads or writes regularly.

This summarizer is our top choice for its versatility and functionality – and the quality of writing is unbeatable.

Jasper boasts many unique functions and integrations you are unlikely to find in any other individual product.

Use Jasper to unlock fast writing for blogs posts, articles, reports, emails, social media posts, and more.

SummarizeBot: Runner-Up

SummarizeBot is an AI-powered blockchain summarizer that quickly generates summaries of PDFs, news articles, white papers, and more.

Businesses of every size use SummarizeBot for its accessibility and efficiency – and if your company or team doesn’t yet have a summarize tool, this one’s for you.

Key Features of SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot offers many unique features, including:

  • Multilingual Capabilities: SummarizeBot is unique in that it works in over one hundred languages—perfect for international audiences and businesses.
  • API Tools: SummarizeBot can search and summarize information from the internet, saving you time and money.
  • Easy Access and Support: SummarizeBot is a cloud-based, SaaS web-based tool that allows you to access anywhere with internet access. Additionally, the company offers responsive 24/7 email support.
  • Multi-Format Functionality: This product is unique in that it can summarize images, videos, audio files, and other multimedia content.
  • Business and Marketing Tools: SummarizeBot offers keyword extraction, web data extraction, and other business-related functions.

Why is SummarizeBot a Great Solution?

SummarizeBot is an ideal solution for businesses and teams of all sizes.

This tool allows large teams and organizations to communicate more efficiently and generate data and talking points from clunky texts.

Its marketing tools make it especially useful for boosting web visibility and SEO.

Choose SummarizeBot if you need a quick, easy, affordable summarizer for your brand or business.

Pros of SummarizeBot

SummarizeBot boasts many valuable features and capabilities, including:

  • Unique Functions: SummarizeBot can perform web and keyword extractions – which many similar products cannot.
  • Accessibility: SummarizeBot is easy to use, and you can access the software from anywhere in the world with WiFi.
  • Linguistic Features: SummarizeBot can perform cross-lingual summarizing and works in 100 languages.

Cons of SummarizeBot

There are several potential drawbacks to using SummarizeBot, including:

  • Quality of Writing: SummarizeBot produces critical points and phrases, so your content will not be ready for publishing.
  • Knowledge Resources: Although the website features FAQs, this product does not have the extensive knowledge base of a product like Jasper.
  • Limited Support: SummarizeBot does not offer phone support or a live chat function.

SummarizeBot vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

SummarizeBot is a unique product with several characteristics that differ from those of similar products.

SummarizeBot uses Slack or Facebook Messenger to harness your files, so it integrates well with business communication systems.

This bot can also search for news topics and articles and automatically summarize them.

Unlike other products, SummarizeBot can also summarize image and audio files, and it can translate across many different languages.

SummarizeBot is purely a summary generator, so it doesn’t perform other text generation services like Jasper.

SummarizeBot Pricing

SummarizeBot is pricey compared to other summarize tools – but its quality is worth the price. Choose from three plans:

  • The Free Trial: This plan allows users to test almost every premium feature for free. The trial ends after 14 days.
  • The Standard Plan ($179 per month) offers 120,000 included requests, 20 API calls per minute, and 10 MB files.
  • The Custom Plan: This plan is best for large businesses and enterprises. Prices vary.

Can You Try SummarizeBot for Free?

You can try SummarizeBot with the company’s 14-day free trial plan.

This plan includes most of the product’s premium features, so you can try everything out before you make a more substantial investment.

The free trial plan offers 5000 included requests, a 3 MB maximum file size, and up to 5 API calls per minute.

Conclusion: Should You Choose SummarizeBot?

SummarizeBot is an excellent solution for businesses and content creators seeking quick and easy solutions to time-consuming content-related tasks.

This product can minimize inefficiencies within your team or company, ensuring clear and effective digital communication.

SummarizeBot is best for those seeking to summarize long texts for personal or intra-organizational use – its summaries are not quite publication-quality.

SMMRY: Budget Pick

SMMRY is a summarize tool that works primarily with blogs, articles, editorials, and essays.

This AI tool functions by identifying the most important sentences in a text and arranging them in order of importance, grouping topics together for organizational purposes.

This unique tool works well for students and lifelong learners seeking to quickly and automatically summarize time-consuming texts.

Key Features of SMMRY

SMMRY is a fundamental tool, but because it has API capabilities, developers can integrate the SMMRY function into their programs.

SMMRY boasts the following features:

  • Effective and Clear Summarizing: SMMRY truncates texts down to the most basic and essential information, allowing you to access information quicker than ever.
  • Sentence Ranking: SMMRY ranks sentences and critical points in order of importance, so you can quickly identify what matters most.
  • API Capabilities: SMMRY can make API requests, which you can do on the website. Free plan users can make up to 100 free API calls daily, while the complete plan charges are based on a credit system.
  • Web Extraction: With SMMRY, you can enter a URL and have the bot automatically summarize the page.
  • Reliable Results: SMMRY generates clear and concise writing, and its results are typically reliable.

Why is SMMRY a Great Solution?

SMMRY is an excellent solution for those seeking a quick and easy way to generate summaries – without making a substantive investment in the software they are unlikely to use.

SMMRY serves its purpose well; it cuts irrelevant information and fluff from long-form texts and structures its summaries according to the relevance and importance of the data.

Use SMMRY for your immediate needs and occasional uses, or invest in credits if you wish to place more API calls.

Pros of SMMRY

SMMRY is a valuable and reliable tool.

Its many benefits include:

  • Simplicity: SMMRY is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. It is a simple product, but it meets its mission.
  • Structured Summaries: Most other summarize tools do not structure sentences according to the order of importance, so this is one of SMMRY’s main draws.
  • Affordability: Most importantly, SMMRY is affordable. The basic version is free, and you simply need to invest in credits to place more API calls.

Cons of SMMRY

SMMRY accomplishes what it does well, but the software needs more versatility. Drawbacks to SMMRY include:

  • Limited Capabilities: SMMRY only cuts information and re-organizes it. This product does not generate writing or produce original text, so it is likely not beneficial for creators and writers.
  • Unresponsive Customer Service: SMMRY is backed by a small Latvian company, so unlike Jasper, it doesn’t have a responsive customer service team.
  • Strictly Text: SMMRY does not summarize images, videos, or audio files as other products sometimes do. This summarizer is precisely for the written word.

SMMRY vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

SMMRY differs significantly from other AI summarizing products because it has a simple mission: to reduce the text to its basic, essential elements.

To that end, SMMRY accomplishes this well but lacks the sophisticated capabilities of a product like Jasper or SummarizeBot.

SMMRY is also a freemium tool, making it more affordable than most.

Remember that the customer service branch is not readily available, so you will have to find answers to your questions.

SMMRY Pricing

SMMRY is a “freemium” product, which means that the essential tool is free, though you will have to pay for additional credits should you wish to place more than 100 API calls a day.

Credits ordinarily cost $0.001 but can become more affordable when ordered in bulk.

Additionally, the company promises to deduct eight credits if the article has not been previously submitted and one per 500 credits returned by the API.

Can You Try SMMRY for Free?

You can try SMMRY for free on the website.

With the free function, you can place 100 API calls a day, but you must wait 10 seconds between each API call.

You only need to pay if you wish to place more than 100 API calls daily.

Additional credits cost between $0.00045 and $0.001.

Conclusion: Should You Choose SMMRY?

SMMRY is an excellent product that will meet your basic summarizing needs.

You can use it to summarize briefs, articles, and more – and create data sets, powerpoints, and talking points based on your findings.

SMMRY is also an excellent data extraction tool, so it’s essential for any business owner or marketing professional.

The Best Free Summarize Tool Options

If you have a tight budget or are new to content creation, a free AI summarizing tool will likely accommodate you better than a paid product.

Consider choosing from the best free summarized tool options below to find one that works for you and your budget.


IntelliPPT is an online summary generator and text simplification tool.

Like SMMRY, this summarizer selects the most critical sentences from your text input and arranges them in hierarchical order.

IntelliPPT is a freemium product, so you can use it for free until your needs exceed the parameters of the free plan.

This product is ideal for short-form texts and file inputs and can generate talking points, data summaries, and PowerPoint copies.

Why is IntelliPPT a Great Option?

IntelliPPT is an excellent option for those seeking an immediate solution to their summarizing needs.

The summarizer works well with short texts, eliminates extraneous material from your input, and re-arranges the sentences in order of priority.

Additionally, IntelliPPT offers a key points Google add-on feature that converts your writing into Google Presentation Slides.

Simply input a document and select ppt; the bot will convert your full-length document into an active slide.

IntelliPPT is best for presenters and speakers.

Drawbacks to IntelliPPT

IntelliPPT is a simple product that cannot perform complex tasks, assemble more extended summaries, generate original content, or convert audio and image files to text.

Although the primary tool is free, you will need to upgrade to the premium package to write over 3000 characters and upload larger files.

Thankfully, the premium package only costs $5 a month, so it remains relatively affordable.

Additionally, the interface is a bit bland, and there is little additional information on the website.

Free Summarizer

Free Summarizer is an online summarizing tool that works like IntelliPPT.

Although the summarizer is free, Free Summarizer offers several other unique features that differentiate it from more straightforward products like IntelliPPT, like a proofreader and a business startup function.

Free Summarizer is among the best affordable summarize tools available on the internet, and you can access it from anywhere, provided you have a WiFi connection.

Why is Free Summarizer a Great Option?

IntelliPPT is an excellent and easy AI summarizer for all your basic text generation needs.

It features a simple user interface and suggestion function that makes onboarding easy.

Simply paste your text into the box on the website, and the bot will generate a structured summary of the text’s most essential points in as many sentences as you specify.

IntelliPPT also partners with Typecup, a proofreading tool that, though applicable, costs an additional $279 a month.

Drawbacks to Free Summarizer

Although the summarizing tool is free, you will have to pay for any additional features.

Free Summarizer also does not generate original content, so the text you generate will not be suitable for publication.

Free Summarizer does not fact-check or conduct API calls, so you must do the fact-checking yourself.

Lastly, the output generally requires some editing and reviewing before

Notable Mentions: Other Summarize Tools to Check Out

Should you wish to continue experimenting with other summary tools, consider using one of the many excellent products listed below.

We have ranked and reviewed each product according to the crucial features identified earlier in this guide so that you can rely on the functionality and reliability of every summarizer on this list.


Resoomer is an online text summarization tool that works across multiple platforms and devices.

You can use Resoomer on the website or download the Google Chrome or Firefox extensions to adjust texts from within your browser.

Resoomer is famous for its versatility and accessibility.

Why is Resoomer a Great Option?

Resoomer is an excellent option for everyone, though it works best with longer texts.

The summarize tool cuts extraneous information from your inputs, rearranging sentences and topics according to relevance and importance.

The company behind Resoomer advertises this tool as ideal for students, professors, journalists, readers, editors, writers, publishers, institutions, and museums.

Because users can adapt the Resoomer tool to virtually any assignment, it is more versatile than most.

Resoomer also works in 13 languages.

Drawbacks to Resoomer

Resoomer works best for short-form text inputs, so you cannot generate summaries for longer texts and PDFs.

Additionally, Resoomer has a poor customer service branch, and it can be challenging to reach a human being should you run into problems with the software.

Lastly, the website features little information, and some of the links embedded on the platform are broken.

Resoomer Pricing

One of the drawbacks of Resoomer is its lack of transparency with pricing.

With thorough research, you can find one additional pricing structure.

The Premium Plan costs $5.70 for one month or $15.15 for three months of use.

The discount between prices is minimal, so there isn’t much incentive to purchase a more extended subscription.

Can You Try Resoomer for Free?

You can try Resoomer for free on the website.

The basic version does include advertisements, which can prevent you from efficiently generating your summary, but the premium version does not.

The free version is sufficient for all your basic needs, and you can use it for any long, complex text you may encounter throughout your education or career.


SkimCast is an essential summary tool available on the internet.

This summarizer works well for web-based texts and long PDFs so you can use it for reports, articles, blog posts, essays, scholarly journals, and more.

SkimCast is the perfect solution for a quick, easy summary tool that doesn’t break the bank.

Why is SkimCast a Great Option?

SkimCast is essential for professionals and students who need to convert long texts into concise and readable summaries.

With SkimCast, you can specify the length of your output or select a percentage of the size of your input.

This product is also available as an extension and on your mobile device.

SkimCast is also accessible for those with reading or writing disabilities, as the software enlarges and organizes texts more clearly depending on your settings.

Drawbacks to SkimCast

There are several significant drawbacks to SkimCast.

First, the website has a clunky interface and lacks security, so your computer may prohibit access to certain pages, as the owner’s SSL certificate has expired.

Additionally, SkimCast does not produce original content and does not work in other languages, though the product is allegedly due for some upgrades shortly.

SkimCast Pricing

SkimCast is free to use online, though you may face additional costs if you purchase the mobile app from the Apple store.

Because SkimCast is free, it is a relatively simple product and is ideal for college students and businesses on a budget.

Can You Try SkimCast for Free?

You can use SkimCast for free through the company’s website or mobile application.

The company’s founder, Bill, created this tool as an affordable solution for students with learning disabilities – so it will likely remain free and accessible to all.

Ultimately, SkimCast performs as its founder intended, which is an excellent tool for basic summarizing.


screenshot of the wordtune homepage

WordTune is a Google Chrome extension and summarizes tool that allows users to translate extensive blocks of text instantly.

WordTune caters to students and professionals with high-processing volumes of text, so it is ideal for those needing to summarize PDFs, URLs, books, and extended research articles.

WordTune has a free and paid plan, so you can select the one you need based on the number of words you typically require.

Why is WordTune a Great Option?

WordTune is an excellent option for those needing a summary tool that processes long texts.

This includes students, education professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and more.

WordTune works best with PDFs and URL inputs, so it is best used to read rather than write text summaries.

WordTune recently launched Microsoft software so you can use it anywhere, with any device.

Drawbacks to WordTune

While there is a basic version of WordTune, the premium version requires a monthly subscription.

Additionally, the free extension does not allow you to use the summarizer tool—for that, you have to pay $9.99 a month.

WordTune can only work in eight languages, so you may not be able to use it if you work with international students or professionals.

Lastly, while WordTune does offer additional tools like translation and tone shift, other services, like Grammarly, offer better versions.

WordTune Pricing

WordTune offers three pricing structures:

  • The Free Extension does not allow for any functionality.
  • The Premium Plan costs $9.99 a month and will enable you to use the rewrite tool, synonyms, translate, and shorten/expand.
  • The Premium for Teams plan varies in pricing depending on your needs and offers premium support and team billing.

Can You Try WordTune for Free?

While you can download the WordTune extension for free, you cannot access any of the tools without a premium plan.

If you are looking for a free product, consider using something else.

For those needing a multi-functional, affordable summarizer optimized for long texts, WordTune is an excellent option.

Split Brain Summary Tool

Split Brain is the website of a software engineer and inventor, Andreas Gohr.

Gohr has appeared in various high-profile publications, and his summary tool has received acclaim for its accessible and multilingual features.

This tool is free; you can access it on the company’s website.

Simply input a URL, select the length of text desired, and your summary will appear in any of the 20+ languages.

Why is the Split Brain Summary Tool a Great Option?

The Split Brain Summary tool is excellent for writers, marketers, presenters, speakers, and students.

This tool performs the essential function of summarizing longer, web-based articles.

It works in many languages and is ideal for multilingual organizations and international students.

The tool works much like the SkimCast summarizer and allows you to select a text length by the percentage of the original text.

This product is ideal for those seeking a quick and affordable solution.

Drawbacks to the Split Brain Summary Tool

This tool is relatively simple, so you will not receive the additional perks and complimentary products of software like Jasper.

Additionally, the website could be more sophisticated, and the interface takes some time, so it may not be best for those with little technical experience.

Lastly, this product only works with URL or text-box inputs, so you can’t upload a PDF.

Split Brian Summary Tool Pricing

The Split Brain Summary tool is free and will likely remain indefinitely.

In this case, you get what you pay; there is no customer service or training resources besides the founder’s personal blog.

You can, however, find paid products on the company’s website, including a simplified software development program called the One Dev0ps Platform.

Can You Try the Split Brain Summary Tool for Free?

You can use the Split Brain Summary tool for free on the website.

Like other complementary products, this summarizer is essential – albeit useful for simple tasks and reducing long and complex texts.

Ultimately, it remains one of the best free summarizers available.


This UK-based company offers one of the best AI-powered article summarizers on the market.

This summarizer is accessible, functional, and boasts multiple unique features that make it more flexible than most.

Use Scholarcy for long texts and PDFs, including scholarly articles, research papers, essays, news articles, book excerpts, and more.

Why is Scholarcy a Great Option?

Scholarly is an excellent option because it is easy to use and performs multiple valuable functions.

Simply upload a PDF or document and generate your reduced, concise summary in seconds.

You can use the Scholarcy Robo-Highlighter, which highlights the essential parts of your text, or the Flashcards feature, which generates flashcards on any topic, including:

  • Concepts
  • References
  • Study subjects and analysis
  • Powerpoint copy
  • Abstracts and key points

Drawbacks to Scholarcy

There are several drawbacks to the Scholarcy summarizer.

First, although the basic version is free, you will need to pay an additional fee to use the download feature, access multiple devices, and share your summaries with other users.

You will also need to enter credit card information to sign up with Scholarcy, and the interface can be challenging to navigate.

Scholarcy Pricing

Scholarcy offers this product at four different price points:

  • The Free version allows you to download the Chrome extension, generate summary cards for small documents, and store them in your library.
  • The Flexible version costs $7.99 and allows you to build extensive collections of flashcards, annotate, and import and export documents.
  • The Best Value version costs $8,000+ and is best for academic institutions.
  • The Commercial API version costs $225+ and allows for easy integrations, up to 1000 API calls per month, and dedicated server access.

Can You Try Scholarcy for Free?

You can try Scholarcy for free with the basic plan.

Simply download the free extension from the Chrome or Edge app store and begin generating summary cards.

You can only use small and medium-sized documents with the free option, and you won’t be able to download your flashcards.


screenshot of the quillbot homepage

Quillbot is a popular multi-functional AI text generator and editing tool.

Quillbot offers many valuable services, including a paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, co-writing function, citation generator, and a popular summarizer.

Quillbot’s summarizer is accessible, versatile, and easy to use – and the free plan comes with a grammar checker, citation generator, and paraphraser.

Why is Quillbot a Great Option?

Quillbot is ideal for those needing a multi-functional AI text generator and editor.

The free plan, which allows users to summarize up to 2,500 words, includes a grammar-checking tool and a citation generator, which are especially useful for students and academics.

You can customize your output by selecting format, length, citation style, and language.

This product is excellent for content creators, bloggers, and copywriters.

Drawbacks to Quillbot

Quillbot’s drawbacks are mainly due to the tiered pricing options.

The free plan only includes up to 1,200 words, which is a comparatively low limit and does not allow for long-form text generation.

Additionally, Quillbot’s pricing plans are relatively expensive, considering the availability of accessible and affordable summarizers.

Quillbot Pricing

Quillbot offers three pricing structures:

  • The Free plan allows you to access the grammar checker, paraphraser, and citation generator.
  • The Premium plan costs $8.33 per month, paid annually or $19.95 per month. This plan allows for grammar rewrites, plagiarism checks, 6000 words in the summarizer, and more.

Can You Try Quillbot for Free?

You can try Quillbot for free with the basic plan.

This plan is unsuitable for those needing recurrent services, as it sets rigid word limits on most tools and does not allow for complex tasks like plagiarism checking.

The free plan includes 125 words in the paraphraser and 1200 words in the Summarizer.

You can choose from three synonym options and select between Standard and Fluency modes.

Even More, Options to Check Out

Consider the options below if you haven’t yet found your ideal summary tool.

Each of the following summary tools offers a basic summarizer, while some include complimentary products.


Autosummarizer is a simple summarizing tool that allows you to shorten and analyze articles, extracting the essential details from your text.

This tool includes an API function, which allows it to cull web-based articles and generate summaries in seconds.

Autosummarizer is best for students and professionals on a tight budget and works well for those seeking instant solutions.


Summarizer is a simple, short-form text summarizer that allows you to type or upload your original text quickly and efficiently, generating a concise and clear summary.

Summarizer allows you to select for text length, select from multiple languages, and show bullet points or key points within your original text.

Summarizer is a quick and easy solution to your summarizing needs.


Editpad.org is popular among students, bloggers, copywriters, and everyone.

This simple summarize tool works like Summarizer, allowing you to input your original text or file and generate a truncated summary within seconds.

Editpad.org allows you to check your word count and character count, which is ideal for those writing under specific constraints and word restrictions.


From groundbreaking AI software development firm AI21Labs comes a summarizer with API capabilities that will change how you work with your team or business.

This tool helps with paraphrasing, summarization, copywriting, classification, and more – and uses API software to harness relevant information from the web.

This freemium product allows you to download the software for free, but you will need to pay for API call credits.


Tools4noobs is a website that offers several helpful text generation and editing tools for those in a rush.

The website offers a seconds counter that allows you to convert time metrics and a functional summarize tool that is useful for short texts.

The summarize tool allows you to enter a direct input or file, select character length, and threshold, and convert your lengthy document into a clear summary.

Tools4noobs is best for students, social media influencers, and content creators working with short documents.

Text Compactor

Text Compactor is an automatic text summarizing tool that shortens your file or text input to a specific, selected length.

Text Compactor essentially condenses long-form articles to critical points and details, so you can quickly comprehend an article, essay, research paper, brief, or excerpt.

Text Compactor is free, so it is ideal for students or those on a tight budget.

Other Products Relevant to Summarize Tools

If you are a content creator or frequently work with long texts, consider coursing through the following guides on products related to summarize tools.

Each guide contains an in-depth overview of the product, its most valuable features, and the top service providers in each industry.

  • AI Writing Software: AI Writing Software allows you to quickly and easily generate original texts without much effort. You are considering using AI writing software for your content generation needs.
  • Essay Typer: An essay typer is software that allows you to dictate an essay, input key points and details, and generate a finished article. This product is beneficial for students with learning difficulties and time-pressed professionals.
  • Writing Helpers: There are many kinds of writing helpers, but most consist of AI bots advising as you write. You can choose a specialized writing helper for a specific format or genre or use a general writing helper like Grammarly.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best summarize tools

If you are still deciding which product to use, consider reading the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How do you summarize a text?

A summary consists of a text’s most important claims and necessary details, organized according to relevance and importance.

To write a summary, draw the primary claims from a text and arrange them in a coherent order.

To summarize a text using an AI translate tool, simply input a file, URL, or text, select your settings, and generate your copy.

How do you summarize a text without plagiarizing?

To summarize a text without plagiarizing, ensure that your words sufficiently differ from those of the original author.

While you can use key terms and phrases, do not copy entire sentences or simply replace words with synonyms, as this often counts as plagiarism.

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to use a plagiarism checker or summarizing tool.

Wrapping Up

An AI-based summary tool can dramatically boost productivity, saving time and money throughout your education or career.

If you haven’t yet made up your mind, consider using Jasper, as it is the most versatile and valuable summary tool – and includes tons of complementary products.

Alternatively, SMMRY can allow you to generate talking points for presentations, flashcards, and more.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the tools on this list.

Use a summarize tool to transform your workflow today.