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vector graphic showing an illustration of the cost of chatgpt cost

Since the free-to-try OpenAI creation became well-known, ChatGPT price queries have continued. So how much does ChatGPT cost?

If you want to advance your language processing, you might be debating if the upgrade cost is worth it.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of ChatGPT pricing, features, and everything you get with the upgrade, so read on!

What Are ChatGPT Pricing Plans?

So how much does ChatGPT cost? Currently, ChatGPT offers two plans, free and Plus; let’s look into them in detail below:

ChatGPT free

Even though ChatGPT is available to everyone and is free to use, there are currently some limitations to this accessibility.

There will be interruptions as the corporation tries to balance the daily swings in user numbers with the computational requirements.

Users have noted that ChatGPT’s response times can occasionally be delayed, even when there isn’t an outage. This is probably the case when the service handles a high volume of queries.

However, ChatGPT is available for free, and having access to such power and AI-based innovation is priceless.

ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus is an improved version of ChatGPT that gives you early access to new features, quicker responses, and better connectivity to the tool.

Developer Zhahid Khawaja provided evidence of ChatGPT Pro’s existence by tweeting a video showing his own use of the program. But OpenAI hasn’t provided any recent updates to the public regarding this strategy.

However, ChatGPT Plus is currently only accessible to a limited number of subscribers, and some have been sharing their experiences. Additionally, it’s the only way to access ChatGPT-4 at the moment.

In addition to improving the general model to incorporate improved creativity, take in visual input, and even harvest information from a link to offer better context, the upgraded AI model introduces more precise solutions to challenging challenges.

Users of ChatGPT Plus will pay $20 per month, which is less than the $42 per month charged by OpenAI’s “ChatGPT Pro” prototype service. According to this, customers will pay about $240 annually for ChatGPT Plus.

This might not be worthwhile for people who only want to experiment with AI chatbots, but for those who use them regularly as assistants or for other comparable tasks, the savings could add up very nicely.

What’s The Difference Between ChatGPT Free vs. Plus?

Now that you know how much ChatGPT costs, let’s compare ChatGPT Plus to the free version to determine if it is superior or not:

  • Quicker Response Times: Get responses as much as three times faster than with ChatGPT’s free version, allowing you to process user requests and conversation flow more quickly.
  • Greater Accuracy: With more data and information pushed into ChatGPT Plus than the basic version, it can respond to user inputs more precisely, especially in industries like finance and health.
  • Amazing Features: With the help of the brand-new experimental function Turbo, users can make ChatGPT Plus up to six times faster than the standard version, facilitating swift data analysis and study.
  • No Downtime When Demand Is High: ChatGPT Plus is perfect for users who often create material as well as university students because it can function even during peak hours and allows users to produce high-quality content with quick responses without slowing down.
  • Exclusive Access to New Functions and Upgrades: Users of ChatGPT Plus have early access to all the new features and enhancements that the AI chatbot makes, including the release of GPT-4.
  • Cost: The $20 monthly cost of ChatGPT Plus may be prohibitive for some users but offers numerous advantages for working professionals who routinely produce material. In terms of comparison, ChatGPT Plus is less expensive than other premium AI chatbots.  

How Can I Purchase ChatGPT Plus?

Here’s how to sign up for ChatGPT Plus if you want to use ChatGPT more frequently and take advantage of all the chatbot has to offer:

Step 1. Open an account with OpenAI or sign in

Visit the Login page for ChatGPT. Once there, you can log into an existing account or make a new one. You can use your email, Google account, or Microsoft account to open a new account.

Step 2. Select ‘Upgrade to Plus’ from the menu

You will be taken to the chatbot’s home page after logging into your account, where you may normally start speaking. Instead, pay attention to the left-hand bar and find the “Upgrade to Plus” sign there.  

Step 3. Click the “Upgrade Plan” link in the pop-up window

An additional pop-up will show after you click the “Upgrade to Plus” button to ask you if you still want to proceed. You can compare the costs and features of the free and Plus plans by clicking the green “Upgrade plan” button if you’re still willing to make the commitment.

Step 4. Make your purchase

Following confirmation, you will be directed to a checkout page to complete your purchase. Your email, payment details, and billing address are all required on this page, as they would be on any other checkout page.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of the cost of chatgpt cost

Now let’s discuss a few of the most frequently asked questions about this platform.

Will ChatGPT remain free?

Despite the recent introduction of the ChatGPT Plus subscription plan, it appears that ChatGPT will continue to be free—at least for the time being.

It will please those who hope to continue using the model for free that OpenAI will try to maintain a free version of the service.

Is ChatGPT Plus free?

It costs $20 a month and provides speedy access to the chatbot during peak hours as well as a sneak peek at any premium features.

Is ChatGPT Unlimited?

Yes, as long as you have access to it, ChatGPT can be used indefinitely and for no charge. There doesn’t seem to be a strict usage cap, though, when using the application.

You might notice slower response times if this is constrained by demand, such as when the application is overloaded.

Wrapping Up

With its high accuracy rates and substantial training data, ChatGPT is a highly sophisticated language model that companies can trust. The deployment of sophisticated AI tools like ChatGPT, however, is fraught with ethical issues.

Businesses that need extensive NLP skills and are prepared to spend on the cost of employing ChatGPT should give it some thought; otherwise, they should look into other possibilities.