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vector graphic showing an illustration of a robot talking to a ChatGPT robot on a phone screen to illustrate what can ChatGPT do

What can ChatGPT do? The lists are endless.

From writing essays and blogs, creating content, and debugging code, to operating human-like conversations, you can get many things done by asking ChatGPT the right questions.

It can mess up the information occasionally, but the answers are mostly functional and authentic.

If you are still unfamiliar with this technological revolution, it’s time to get on board.

Today, in this article, I will discuss different ChatGPT features and how they translate into performing various tasks accurately.

What Does ChatGPT Stand For?

ChatGPT refers to the Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer that allows human-like natural language and response. It is an Artificial intelligence-based Chatbot developed by a startup company named OpenAI on November 22, 2020. This San Francisco-based company is backed by investors like Elon Musk and Sam Altman.

GPT is a large language model used in several natural language processing applications. For example, ChatGPT utilizes GPT-3 and GPT-4 AI technologies to generate accurate sequences from trained datasets. Then, generate human-like answers to the user’s queries.

ChatGPT was trained on a vast amount of information using a unique training model Reinforcement Learning Human Feedback (RLHF). The RLHF model provides training assistance based on human inputs. Next, it adopts users’ responses by comparing the accuracy they reflect on human dialogue.

ChatGPT is available both as a free version and a paid version.

The premium ChatGPT Plus subscription offers the latest GPT version to improve response quality and capacity for a monthly subscription fee.

What Are the Features of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is available in two different versions for free and paid users.

The demo version of ChatGPT is free for all users, although it doesn’t have the power or the capacity of ChatGPT Plus.  

The most essential features of ChatGPT across different versions are the following:

  • ChatGPT can understand users’ prompts through natural language processing, allowing seamless interaction with humans.
  • Open AI’s tool generates responses on a wide range of topics as it is trained on a vast amount of text and dataset.
  • ChatGPT provides a fast response and can quickly interpret the most complex task. However, the free version can go down sometimes.
  • ChatGPT uses an advanced machine-learning algorithm to personalize responses based on user requirements.
  • ChatGPT can outline lengthy paragraphs quickly, saving you time and effort.
  • One of the best features of ChatGPT is its constant flexible approach. Its AI technology works through the RLHF model, which helps it adapt to changes based on human feedback.
  • ChatGPT can translate text into multiple languages. It can also create content in various languages.
  • Unlike other artificial intelligence tools, this AI chatbot understands the emotions of humans. Therefore, generate appropriate responses based on the user’s sentiment.

What Can ChatGPT Do the Best?

With this AI system, you can do a wide range of tasks effectively. It is particularly beneficial for students, who can use it to learn about many general topics and information.

ChatGPT can break down complex topics and tasks into pieces, making course materials easy to understand. It can also assist coders in identifying any bugs in the code and fixing them quickly.

However, the best thing ChatGPT does is create a human-like response to whatever prompt you put in. Whether you seek companionship, guidance, or tips for any task or situation, it tries to make the most helpful answers and deliver them conversationally.

It also remembers the previous conversation in a specific chat interface, which helps it to understand follow-up questions like humans do. It makes the conversation flow naturally.

9 Awesome Tasks ChatGPT Can Do

ChatGPT has so much potential that only some of its capabilities have been discovered since its release.

Some tasks better showcase the chatbot’s creative abilities and role-playing skills, making them feel amazingly awesome.  

Its ability to learn without supervision is incredible, too, which may make the various things ChatGPT can’t yet do doable soon.

1. Crafting Actionable Exercise Plans

ChatGPT can help you to create a personalized workout plan.

Many want to live a healthy lifestyle but need help maintaining the plan properly. In this case, ChatGPT can be your virtual instructor.

It drafts a fitness plan based on basic information such as your age, fitness level, health condition, equipment availability, and schedule.

To start, you must write a prompt with your age, weight, gender, workout experience, energy level, available equipment, preference of times, etc.

2. Creating Deliciously Fine Recipes

ChatGPT can make different recipes based on your preference and the ingredient list you input. It will give you a diet-friendly recipe if you input a specific dietary requirement.

To get a mouthwatering cuisine recipe, you just need to ask for the recipe of a specific cuisine.

Then, you can customize the recipe with the main ingredient you want to add and the ingredients you want to avoid.

Receiving some cooking tips to perfect your culinary skill is also possible.  

3. Acting as a Virtual Travel Guide

You must have proper destination guidelines when traveling to a country, city, or place.

ChatGPT can play the role of a tour guide virtually; you just need to insert the destination in the chat, asking it to adopt the position of your travel guide.

The AI tool will then give details about the best places, cuisines, restaurants, local people, historical insights, and many more.

You can also ask for the climatic condition at your destination and seek advice regarding the appropriate clothing based on the temperature.

Unfortunately, it won’t be able to give you the latest weather forecast.

4. Writing and Composing Music

ChatGPT can create unique music in almost every genre.

It can write the lyrics, suggest chord progression, provide composing instructions, and organize the structure based on particular musical concepts.

In addition, ChatGPT can transform an artist’s song into another artist’s voice.

For instance, if you like the lyrics of an artist and wish to see how your favorite artist would like it, you can use some ChatGPT prompts to accomplish it effortlessly.

5. Playing Some Fun Trivia Games

If you are bored and need something to pass the time, ChatGPT can be a good sport.

You can ask ChatGPT to create a Trivia game by providing interesting facts, questions, or data about different topics.

The game can be played in two ways. First, you can give ChatGPT a theme you like; it will then provide you with questions.

Alternatively, list your preferred trivia question and answer on a specific topic. Then, challenge ChatGPT to play the game by asking questions individually.

The AI can also help you create or decode a riddle, but it doesn’t always work accurately.

6. Behaving Like a Meditation Guru

To those more drawn towards spirituality, ChatGPT can help you during the mindful exercise.

It can give you the essential support and instruction to improve your concentration.

It also helps to figure out practical approaches to your mental relaxation and provides step-by-step instructions.

It is particularly beneficial for any unique exercise with little to no available dictation.

Simply ask for your chatbot’s help, which should direct you toward the right path.

7. Offering Personalized Styling Tips

ChatGPT cannot physically style someone, but it always has the room to be your personal stylist virtually.

It can update you about different fashion trends and enlighten you with outfit ideas based on various events – suggesting appropriate color coordination, matching accessories, etc.

You need to input your age, preference, comfort, body type, and the detail of the occasion to make the suggestions personalized.

This tool can customize your unique yet trendy look based on this personal information. However, its inability to generate style mockups can be a bummer.

8. Drafting Unique Poems and Stories

ChatGPT can craft different types of poetry on any given topic. It can understand various themes such as sadness, happiness, romance, tragedy, etc., incorporating them into the poem if asked.

It can also adapt the tone and pattern of different authors and write stories and novels like them.

Prompt your desired topic, theme, pattern, mood, or genre in the chatbot. It will provide you with the most unique version of the poem or story with a touch of human emotion.

The feature also works similarly for writing screenplays for movies and shorts.

9. Being an In-House Party Planner

ChatGPT is a great platform to generate ideas for arranging an exotic party.

It can provide you with the most trendy and fancy party theme.

Once you choose one, it can suggest an appropriate party dress code, food arrangement, and fun activities.

It also works the same way for interior designs.

So, whenever you plan to throw a party or rearrange your home, pick ChatGPT as your assistant in turning your vision into a reality.

10. Functioning as a Linux Terminal

ChatGPT can function like a Linux terminal, which is quite impressive. With ChatGPT, you can even create directories and files by using Linux commands.

ChatGPT also allows writing and compiling code within the Linux terminal and executing it if desired.

To enable the terminal through ChatGPT, you need to be very specific with the command. Like what precisely the terminal should show, the explanation of the code you want, etc.

Watch the following YouTube video to learn how to use ChatGPT as your Linux terminal:


11. Writing Essays and Blogs

ChatGPT can write essays and blogs based on any topic you provide. The premium version can also write an entire book or a thesis paper.

In addition, it helps you to find out any kind of answers related to your assignment. It can also generate unique ideas and structures to improve the quality of work.

ChatGPT also helps teachers to grade assignments and homework by checking them out properly. Not to mention creating a course curriculum, which the chatbot can generate for various education levels.

12. Solving Critical Math Problems

If you need help with your math questions to pass a course, ChatGPT is here to be your math instructor. This AI chatbot can handle the trickiest math question.

It solves the question step by step and provides a detailed explanation of each part.

However, we suggest you only partially depend on ChatGPT as it can give wrong results sometimes.

Use the chatbot to understand the complexity, but solve the equation yourself.

13. Explaining Complicated Topics

If you find a topic challenging to understand, ask ChatGPT to explain it.

From simple to complex, ChatGPT can explain a vast range of topics depending on your knowledge level and requirements.

For example, asking the OpenAI tool to explain the IPV6 header will help you understand it with a logical yet easy explanation.

You can also use a specific methodology, like layman’s terms, to understand the most complex concept. To do that, add something like “Explain it like I am 5” in your prompt, and the AI tool will comply.

14. Writing and Debugging Codes

ChatGPT is as capable as GitHub Copilot in predicting lines of code in various programming languages.

If you are an experienced programmer, ChatGPt can be one the most valuable tools for your work.

You can use it to identify the vulnerability in your code and debug it immediately. It will also explain the reason why the debug happened.

If you are a newbie or want to learn to code, ChatGPT can assist you in writing an entire code without any difficulties.

Watch how a YouTube vlogger coded an entire game using ChatGPT below:


Which Industries Can Benefit From ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can benefit various industries with its natural language transformation processes. Some of the sectors that are poised to benefit the most include the following:

  • Healthcare: With a solid use of artificial intelligence, the healthcare industry sees significant development regarding patient appointment scheduling, answering queries, saving doctors time, giving general healthcare tips, etc.
  • Banking: Since ChatGPT launched its beta version, it has been helping the banking industry by assisting customers in generating investment information, managing transactions, and providing advice regarding financial decisions.
  • Education: ChatGPT helps the education industry by assisting students in writing assignments and homework and explaining complex tasks. It also allows teachers to create tests, projects, and course outlines.
  • Selling and Marketing: ChatGPT helps the marketing industries by creating effective selling channels and appropriate promotional strategies. It can also provide reliable customer service and potentially replace drive-through shop assistants.
  • Tech Industry: ChatGPT can benefit the tech industries by creating valuable technological tools cost-effectively. It can generate and debug codes quickly, giving programmers and tech entrepreneurs enough time to think and innovate.

Can ChatGPT Replace Programmers?

With ChatgPT rising waves in various industries, people are worried about it potentially replacing their jobs.

The AI tool can automate some aspects of programming. It is well-trained on a wide range of datasets regarding coding, which makes it able to generate new lines accurately.

It can automatically write code, fix the bug and elaborate the documentation, creating a potential risk of replacing human coders in some instances.

However, ChatGPT will not replace programmers entirely. The creativity and emotion that humans put into their work are something that an AI-powered assistant like ChatGPT is far from achieving.

In addition, ChatGPt can only write code based on their trained dataset, which isn’t creative. This, therefore, leaves it behind in comparison to humans.

What Are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

Although ChatGPT has come a long way in becoming a human-like AI assistant, it has a few glaring limitations:

  • ChatGPT shows a remarkable lack of emotional intelligence and empathy, making its responses primarily robotic.
  • The chatbot often generates incorrect, biased, and sexist responses.
  • It has limited and dated knowledge, which makes it incapable of producing accurate responses regarding any ongoing or constantly changing subject.
  • The demo version of ChatGPT is unable to handle multiple tasks in one prompt.
  • ChatGPT has limited capacity, which makes it inaccessible during peak hours.

However, There is speculation that OpenAI is all set to launch the 5th version of the large language model. This version is billed as a massive improvement over the previous iterations.

The GPT-5 backed ChatGPT may be able to deal with sounds, increase the computational capacity, and diversify training information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ChatGPT Save My Conversation?

Yes, ChatGPT Save and record all the conversations you input.

Its privacy policy clearly states that when you start to use ChatGPT, it will have the authority to save your personal information, device location, text, data, and any file you prompt for future review and improvements.

Why Did ChatGPT Get Banned in Italy?

In March 2023, Italy temporarily banned ChatGPT. This is the first Western country to prohibit this artificial intelligence tool citing the protection of its citizen’s personal data.

ChatGPT is establishing a help center to address these issues and explain how dedicatedly they maintain users’ privacy.

What Is the Best App Powered by ChatGPT?

Chat AI PowerBrain is the most effective Ai chatbot app option for Android and IOS devices. It is powered by the best innovative AI model GPT-3, which can perform several tasks.

This app lets you write and edit an article and generate text and images within a few minutes.

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT can do numerous tasks requiring creative, informative, or practical skills and knowledge. From writing poems and novels to deciphering complex terms and generating codes, it is poised to make life easier for everyone.

ChatGPT has a few limitations, including limited knowledge, producing incorrect information, lack of sentiment, etc., which should be improved in new releases.

Please let me know in the comment section if you need help understanding any particular section. And if you find this article helpful, sharing it would feel as straightforward as using ChatGPT.