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This step largely applies to site owners that are creating content libraries, but even service sites have resource pages and blogs.

Make sure you are only creating original content that will make a notable difference in the lives of your members.

I recommend crafting a content strategy that will set out the types of content you will create, how you will create them, and the most optimal schedule for uploading your content.

Your content library should ideally include a variety of content types to ensure you are able to satisfy the preferences of each member.

For example, some subscribers to an online course site may prefer text content, some will prefer video, and there will be those that can only grasp new ideas during live training sessions.

Of course, creating multiple content types sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but you don’t have to create everything at once. You just need to produce what is on your content calendar for that week or month.

When you are done, upload them to your site and activate the necessary restrictions for exclusive content.

This step is also the point where you will set up your sign-up form and pricing page. You just spent time and resources drafting your content, so you will know what you can offer for free and what people must pay for.