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This is the step where you decide how to will provide your expertise and knowledge to people joining your membership club.

Essentially, you will decide on the best way to package your content and services. The market research you did earlier should point you in the right direction.

Use that information to create a buyer persona that showcases the type of content or services that your audience will love to see on your site and how they want to access those resources.

Often, the nature of the service you are offering makes it easy to figure out what you need to do.

For example, it’s easy to discern that someone creating a membership site for guitar lovers will have to provide users with video tutorials, live training sessions, and blog posts.

Someone creating a membership site for job seekers must be credible enough to convince major employers in the industry to use their site to recruit talent.

Ultimately, the type of content or services you plan to provide on your site will determine the best content management system (CMS) for your site.

This means an online coach will go for a site builder that is optimized for that kind of service, while a blogger will go for a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to gate exclusive content.