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Developing a podcast takes time, money, and effort.

You have to plan out the podcast, think of subjects to discuss, and identify a name that appeals to people.

Podcasts have become very popular since people want to listen to something as they travel, work out, and feel bored.

To start a podcast, you must think of a name, so use the best podcast name generator to help you develop some solid ideas.

Best Podcast Name Generators (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Jasper: Our Pick
  2. TRUiC: Runner-Up
  3. Name Station: Budget Pick
  4. Podcast Name Generator by Business Name Generator

An Overview of Podcast Name Generators

As you review the essentials of starting a podcast, you must create a podcast name to prepare for success.

What Is a Podcast Name Generator?

A podcast name generator is a program that comes up with different potential podcast names.

You input additional information, and it makes suggestions to see if you like them or if the names sound nice as you look for recommendations.

Why Are Podcast Name Generators Important?

Podcast name generators help you think of and brainstorm names.

Instead of coming up with ideas and hoping for the best, you can see what the name generator suggests.

They can inspire you even if you don’t follow the suggested names.

Do I Need a Podcast Name Generator?

Technically, you don’t need a podcast name generator.

However, they only help as you create a podcast name, so you might as well use one to your advantage.

Whether you spend money or choose a free option, you can look into podcast production companies and see what they offer.

The Best Podcast Name Generators at a Glance

If you want a quick look at the best podcast name generators, look at the top option and the best free one on the market.

What Is the Best Podcast Name Generator?

Jasper sticks out as the best podcast name generator on the market.

Since it focuses on content marketing, it’ll know the best options when it comes to podcast names.

You’ll find the best ideas and form your podcast name from there.

What Is the Best Free Podcast Name Generator?

If you don’t want to spend money, you’ll want to try Podcast Name Generator by Business Name Generator.

The website lets you hop online, seek out some suggestions, and see if they fit your style.

Even though they’re business names, you can tailor the generator to podcasts.

Features To Look for in Podcast Name Generators

To find solid podcast name generators, you must look into critical components.

As you do, you’ll identify the top-rated podcasting platforms and understand what features make them stick out from their competitors.

Quick Generation

You want podcast name generators designed to give you the names quickly.

The faster you get them, the sooner you can go through the options and find the best titles for your podcast.

However, don’t sacrifice speed for quality, so pick a generator that offers excellent suggestions while minimizing the wait time.

That way, you won’t have to sift through other options and hope for the best.

Using SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps more people discover your podcast, so see if the tool incorporates SEO.

Since SEO makes you appear sooner in search engines, you’ll increase your organic traffic and have more people discover your podcast.

You could come up with the best name, but if people can’t find it, it won’t help your brand.

Filtering By Topic

Some generators allow you to filter by topic, meaning you can get specific categories for your podcast.

You can type in keywords or let the system narrow your search by using the different filters available.

Either way, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, so filters can help you find a name.

Supporting Multiple Languages

While you may want to create a podcast in English, you could make one in another language.

Additional language support can help you find multiple names and even identify options to translate your podcasts.

Some people pay others to read their podcasts in other languages, so having alternate names could help you.

Free Trials

Sometimes, you need to try the product to see if it works for your needs.

Many companies offer free trials as an easy way to test the podcast name generator, see how to use it, and determine if it’ll help them find the right name.

Not only can you get some ideas, but you’ll save money if you don’t want the software after testing it.

Best Podcast Name Generators: Our Top Three Picks [Ranked & Reviewed]

If you’re going to make yours among the best podcasts, you’ll want the tone of the best podcast name generators.

You can go through the three top picks, see what they have, and learn which features meet your needs while offering solid names.

Jasper: Our Pick

screenshot of the Jasper AI homepage

If you want one of the best options on the market, you should see what Jasper offers.

The tool focuses on using AI to develop content for your marketing needs.

Instead of creating it on your own, Jasper lets you select a topic, and it’ll create content for you.

You just click a button for it to generate information automatically.

You can receive help with your social media, SEO rankings, and many other features while getting help developing written content.

Key Features of Jasper

You’ll want to understand Jasper’s key features before getting it.

  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Helps you generate new content
  • Develops your paragraphs and ideas
  • Focuses on SEO-driven concepts
  • Improves your social media conversions

Since it supports so many languages and emphasizes SEO, you can find a highly-visible podcast name through your improved online presence.

Why Is Jasper a Great Solution?

Not only does Jasper help you develop podcast names, but it can tackle other content marketing topics.

After you ask it for names, you could also double-dip by asking about topics related to your podcast.

Since it uses AI generation, you can easily see what it mentions and brainstorm more ideas based on those suggestions.

Pros of Jasper

You should review the most notable pros when you use Jasper.

  • Includes multiple features
  • Designed to increase your traffic
  • Has an enterprise option

Since it has multiple features, it can cover more than your podcast name needs.

It’ll also help you identify names designed to increase your traffic while offering an enterprise option to give you more words per month.

Cons of Jasper

You’ll notice a few cons as you try Jasper, such as the ones below.

  • Limited words per month
  • Some people dislike the jack-of-all-trades approach

You can only use so many words a month if you don’t seek a custom amount, but some may dislike that.

Others may worry about it trying to cover multiple options rather than focusing on name generation.

Jasper vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Jasper offers more versatility than other options.

Since you can look into names and options for various situations, you’ll cover your name generator needs while having leftover words to help you develop more content.

Not many options offer as much trial content as Jasper, so you can test the waters and quickly find out if you want to pay for the full version.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper offers three pricing tiers for you to choose from.

The starter pack costs 40 dollars a month for 35,000 words, the boss pack costs 82 dollars a month for 100,000 words, and you can contact them for a custom business plan.

Can You Try Jasper for Free?

You can try a free trial of Jasper.ai to see what it offers.

The trial lets you try up to 10,000 words for free in five days, letting you develop some podcast names for your genre.

From there, you can see which ones work for your situation while allowing you to try the software on other content.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Jasper?

Yes, you should try Jasper. It remains a solid option with many features to help with podcast name generation and make it worthwhile.

Once you use it to create a name built around SEO search terms and common keywords, you’ll boost your organic traffic.

In short, versatility works best for most companies, so use Jasper to tackle your needs and help your podcast.

Since it follows a monthly plan, you can keep the program for as long as you need based on the results it brings you.

TRUiC: Runner-Up

The TRUiC name generator focuses on identifying business names, though you can use it for podcasts.

You just type in the subject and the word “podcast” at the end to get suggestions for your idea.

It then offers you tons of results, though you can add more to the search by typing in your city and name.

The site provides a separate bar, so you’ll perform your first search with the option to add more.

The name generator can offer hundreds or thousands of options based on the search.

Key Features of TRUiC

As you start using TRUiC, you’ll notice some key benefits that make it an appealing option.

  • Immediate online search
  • Marking favorites
  • Generating a related logo
  • Getting the domain name
  • Offering suggestions for better results

TRUiC focuses on an effortless experience for anyone to use while they seek out names, logos, and other information.

You can even secure domain names and narrow the results to get the best option possible.

Why Is TRUiC a Great Solution?

TRUiC lets anyone hop online, look into names, and secure those names if they want them.

Some people don’t want to jump through multiple hoops to receive suggestions, so TRUiC keeps it simple for everyone to use.

In short, out of all the options available, you’ll have an easy time with TRUiC, making it a solid choice.

Pros of TRUiC

TRUiC has many pros to make it an appealing choice for others.

  • Free to use
  • Offers hundreds of suggestions
  • Easily tracking ideas

TRUiC wants to focus on accessibility and making the steps straightforward while getting everything they need from it.

Rather than scrolling through tons of pages and hoping for the best, you’ll get some name suggestions.

From there, you can select the ones you want and keep track of those options so you don’t forget them.

Cons of TRUiC

You’ll naturally come across some cons when you use TRUiC, so ensure you understand what you may face.

  • Not geared toward podcasts
  • Must pay for domain names

The name generator creates names for businesses, so if you want podcast suggestions, you should include the word in your search.

While you see the names for free, you don’t get them for free since the generator displays domain names.

TRUiC vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

TRUiC remains the best free option on the market.

Since you can go through the options, you’ll get a feel for what you should name the podcast, but you can’t get it without paying money for the domain name.

It is a great introduction to podcast names, but some paid options work better.

TRUiC Pricing

The TRUiC name generator doesn’t cost any money to use, but you must pay for the domain names.

Can You Try TRUiC for Free?

Yes, you get to use the service for free, making it a solid option for many people looking into names.

However, if you want a name for your podcast, you’ll have to purchase the domain by clicking on the suggestion.

The free approach makes it a good pick since you can see what you like and go from there.

Conclusion: Should You Try TRUiC?

Since TRUiC doesn’t cost any money, you won’t hurt yourself by trying it.

You can search for different keywords and ideas to narrow down some concepts.

If you find a suggestion you appreciate, you can purchase the domain and get started with your podcast.

The overall design and cost make it great for beginners, so you’ll go through the choices and provide yourself with a starting place.

Name Station: Budget Pick

screenshot of the namestation homepage

Name Station has a podcast name generator built around how you plan to use it and some keywords.

For example, you’ll mention “podcast” and then include the topic of the podcast to get suggestions.

You can also hold a contest to receive suggestions from people to see what you like.

That way, you can save more time and get some ideas from multiple people.

The generator will also provide plenty of information and suggestions with the corresponding domain names.

If you like the domain names, you can pay a yearly fee for them.

Key Features of Name Station

Name Station includes some essential features to make it a solid choice among the competition.

  • Free domain searching
  • Free domain checking
  • Specifying search types
  • Starting name contests
  • Tracking your projects

The name generator offers you the tools necessary to choose before you commit.

That way, you can spend as much time as you need before you stick with a domain name.

Why Is Name Station a Great Solution?

Name Station focuses on letting people try out the ideas without committing to them.

They can look into the options available, determine if they want to go with them, and spend money at that point.

If they want ideas from people, they can hold a contest.

The versatility makes it a solid option for people who want AI and human-made options.

Pros of Name Station

Name Station offers solid pros that make it a good choice among other name generators.

  • Checking names for free
  • Seeking AI or humanmade options
  • Seeing available and taken domains

Since you can check names for free, you’ll have an easier time making a choice.

You also get a choice between AI and humanmade, offering you the best options.

Seeing available and taken domains will help you see how much you’ll have to spend on your podcast.

Cons of Name Station

You’ll experience some cons with Name Station as you look into the options available.

  • You have to use an email
  • Free suggestions, but not free use

Some people don’t want to make an account just to try out some names so that inconvenience could turn people away.

They can receive free suggestions, but they still have to pay on a separate site if they want to secure those podcast names.

Name Station vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Name Station offers plenty of free features to make it a good choice for people who want to browse the market.

Since they don’t have to commit to it, they can focus on finding the best domains, looking into the options, and securing more choices.

The addition of the contest makes it a solid choice for others, so it can work for some people, though other options might work better.

Name Station Pricing

The price depends on the contest and what domain name you want to secure.

However, you get to use the tool for free.

Can You Try Name Station for Free?

You can try Name Station for free and even search whatever terms you want.

You require an account to perform the search, but once you get the information you need, you can go through the choices and see what they offer.

They’ll mention domain names associated with the podcast ideas to let you know their availability for free.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Name Station?

You should choose Name Station if you can’t choose between AI and human-generated content.

Since the site offers both, you can review the options and determine the best choice to get a perfect podcast name.

Even though paid options provide a more comprehensive range of AI content while free options make it easy, Name Station offers a good balance between free and paid.

The Best Free Podcast Name Generator Options

Even though other podcast name generators perform well, you may want a free option if you’re on a tight budget.

Go through these two options, understand what makes them great, and learn about the drawbacks.

Podcast Name Generator by Business Name Generator

This podcast name generator keeps it simple by having you type in some keywords and search for name ideas.

As you go through the names, you can “heart” them to show which ones you like the most.

It provides multiple pages of ideas, allowing you to search them and even check for domain availability.

Why Is This a Great Option?

It offers you tons of ideas for free.

You just have to type in what you want, get sent to a new tab, and scroll through the ideas presented to you.

The search includes filters to help you narrow down your results if you have too many names.

Drawbacks to Podcast Name Generator

Your search redirects you to an ad, which may annoy some people who want to try multiple titles.

It also has pop-up ads once you generate some names, so people will find them intrusive and annoying.

You’ll also find ads between domain names, so it can quickly become overwhelming.

AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator by Welder

The Welder podcast name generator takes a similar approach to the one by Business Name Generator.

However, it has you write a short description rather than a few keywords.

The description helps the program look into unique details for your podcast name.

You can go with shorter descriptions to get creative or longer ones to receive a straightforward name.

Why Is This a Great Option?

The name generator lets you type in more information to get a good selection of name ideas.

It then provides a solid list of ideas, allowing you to go through them and see what you like.

You can even adjust the description and try again to see what else pops up.

Drawbacks to AI-Powered Podcast Name Generator

Instead of saving ideas you like, it tries to get you to tweet them, which some people won’t like.

It also has a few ads which can bother people who want to avoid them.

The software may suggest some generic names you don’t like, so you’ll have to carefully go through them.

Notable Mentions: Other Podcast Name Generators To Check Out

The podcast name generator options don’t end there.

You have more options available to give you tons of variety when it comes to finding your favorite generator.

Ensure you do your research and see what makes these solid options for podcast name generators.

Crowdspring’s Name Generator

If you don’t want to use AI generation, you can try Crowdspring’s Name Generator.

The company helps you come up with a business or podcast name as you provide information about what you want.

For example, you’ll tell them your industry, the purpose, and your audience to get some help with a podcast name.

Why Is Crowdspring’s Name Generator a Great Option?

Since you provide them with information, they can talk with you about the details and help you develop a podcast name.

Some people don’t like AI generation, so they’d rather get ideas from real people.

They provide you with at least 100 business names, so you can go through them and choose your favorites.

Drawbacks to Crowdspring’s Name Generator

Since it doesn’t use AI technology for names, you won’t get any immediate responses.

You have to wait up to seven days for all the names.

Such a wait time can annoy some people, especially if they need quick results or find themselves on a time crunch, leading to problems.

Crowdspring’s Name Generator Pricing

You can choose three tiers for the pricing.

It costs 299 dollars for 100 names, 399 dollars for 130 names, and 799 dollars for 100 premium names.

Can You Try Crowdspring’s Name Generator for Free?

Since you work with someone to receive a name, the free aspect comes from interacting with the person and getting a feel for it.

You just provide them with the details and see if you can communicate with them.

While you won’t get free names, they won’t charge you without your knowledge.

Portent’s Podcast Name Generator

screenshot of the portent homepage

To keep the process straightforward while giving you smaller pieces to choose a name at a time, try Portent’s podcast name generator.

You type in your topic, and it suggests a title based on the keywords.

The site displays one name while letting you see why it chose words enabling you to save ideas.

Why Is Portent’s Podcast Name Generator a Great Option?

Portent focuses on making name generation easy to go through.

Since it doesn’t overwhelm you with too many names, it’ll work for some people who want to take their time with the process.

It also explains why some words work well in names to help you develop one.

Drawbacks to Portent’s Podcast Name Generator

While the single-name approach works for some people, it has no option to look at multiple options simultaneously.

The name generator also tries a one-size-fits-all approach by suggesting names for blog posts and videos.

The approach makes it a niche pick that works for some people, but others may dislike the lack of speed.

Portent’s Podcast Name Generator Pricing

You can use the name generator for free.

Can You Try Portent’s Podcast Name Generator for Free?

The entire website allows you to use the name generator for free.

You just hop online, type in your keywords, and wait for a new result.

Instead of charging anything, the creators encourage you to share it with others, so they’ll get more attention.

Instead of making money through the name generator, they offer content strategy assistance.

BizNameWiz’s Podcast Name Generator

If you want a straightforward option that gives you thousands of results, you can try BizNameWiz’s podcast name generator.

You just type in keywords you want to keep in mind, let the generator move you to a new page, and look through the options it displays on your screen.

Why Is BizNameWiz’s Podcast Name Generator a Great Option?

The podcast name generator sticks with an easy-to-use design.

You just type in the keywords and get tons of results with the option to save ideas and check their domain availability.

It also lets you filter the titles based on the number of words, availability, and other points to find what you need to succeed.

Drawbacks to BizNameWiz’s Podcast Name Generator

The website forces you to look at ads while you get the podcast names.

For example, it’ll redirect you to another page, show you the ad, and force you to return if you want to use BizNameWiz’s generator again.

While it may offer a free service, some people may not want a free option if they must deal with ads.

BizNameWiz’s Podcast Name Generator Pricing

This is another free option, so you just hop online and use it.

Can You Try BizNameWiz’s Podcast Name Generator for Free?

You can use the website for free and receive multiple names.

Even though you get to use it for free, you’ll have to spend money to obtain domain names for the websites associated with those podcast titles.

In short, it’s free to use but not free to get a website name.

Copywriting Course’s Podcast Name Generator

A straightforward podcast name generator offered by Copywriting Course.

You go to the website and type in the subject of your podcast, your name, and your city to receive multiple suggestions based on that information.

The website generates names quickly and allows you to scroll down, see what it offers, and pick out some words.

Why Is Copywriting Course’s Podcast Name Generator a Great Option?

The generator provides instant results and real-time updates as you adjust information.

It also considers details from the subject, your name, and the city to give you more variety.

You can enter other information into those zones for different results if you want.

The flexibility and quick switches can spark you with inspiration.

Drawbacks to Copywriting Course’s Podcast Name Generator

The names generated are quick, but they just fill your keywords into the phrases.

That means it doesn’t always come up with original names, so you may not want to go with the exact podcast suggestions they offer you.

While you can apply the ideas, they don’t offer perfect or amazing names.

Copywriting Course’s Podcast Name Generator Pricing

However, you get to use the podcast name generator for free.

Can You Try Copywriting Course’s Podcast Name Generator for Free?

You don’t have to download the podcast name generator, so you get to scroll through the options and see what it offers.

The group doesn’t focus on making money through the generator, so it encourages you to sign up for their email newsletter on the side.

In short, you can freely use the podcast name generator, making it a solid option.

Squadhelp’s Podcast Name Generator

Squadhelp has a unique approach to its podcast name generator.

You can type in what you want a name for, such as a podcast, and search for it.

You then narrow your search through the filter on the side to find a suggestion in your niche, so you don’t have to check tons of options.

Why Is Squadhelps’ Podcast Name Generator a Great Option?

It quickly gives you some solid choices.

However, instead of just creating random names, this one offers multiple names for sale, so you’ll receive the rights to it if you buy a name you like.

That means you don’t have to commit, but you have the options available to you.

Drawbacks to Squadhelp’s Podcast Name Generator

The names suggested cost thousands of dollars, so some people don’t have the money to get them.

That makes this an expensive option compared to other choices when it comes to podcast name generators.

The price might cost too much for people who just got started with their podcasts and don’t have the budget for those expenses.

Squadhelp’s Podcast Name Generator Pricing

The prices vary depending on which one you want to purchase.

If you want a naming contest, you’ll have to pay at least 299 dollars to secure a .com URL.

Can You Try Squadhelp’s Podcast Name Generator for Free?

You can look through the names for free, but you must pay if you want them.

For example, a name could cost over 2,000 dollars or even more if you want to secure the rights.

Otherwise, you can hold a naming contest to receive original names, so Squadhelp offers multiple possibilities.

Cleanvoice’s Podcast Name Generator

Cleanvoice offers a podcast name generator designed to help you develop specific names rather than general ones.

It uses AI to develop the words based on the information provided, so you can come across some unique ideas, so you’ll get about 20 names.

Why Is Cleanvoice’s Podcast Name Generator a Great Option?

Instead of the standard keywords, Cleanvoice has you type in a sentence or so to describe your podcast.

That aspect helps it to narrow down more words and come up with some unique title ideas to help.

You can easily re-type or adjust what you put in to find more results and look into different options.

Drawbacks to Cleanvoice’s Podcast Name Generator

The name generator only offers 20 ideas at a time, so that might not be enough for some people.

You also can’t save any of them, which may cause problems if you don’t want to copy and paste them to another page.

Some people may not like how they have to type out entire sentences just to get suggestions.

Cleanvoice’s Podcast Name Generator Pricing

The podcast name generator doesn’t cost any money.

Can You Try Cleanvoice’s Podcast Name Generator for Free?

Cleanvoice lets you use the name generator for free, so you won’t have to worry about any price points.

However, they offer an audio processor designed to clean up your sound and remove unwanted noise.

However, if you just want a podcast name generator to come up with ideas, you won’t have to spend anything.

Even More Options To Check Out

If you want more options, or the ones above don’t appeal to you, check these ideas.

Each option focuses on simplicity and easy access to help with all sorts of podcast types.

Riverside’s Podcast Name Generator

If you want to try another free option, you could look into Riverside’s Podcast Name Generator.

You just visit the website, type in the main topic for your podcast, and click the generate button to see what the generator suggests.

The generator makes the process easy since you don’t have to download anything.

You can also heart your favorite options and click show more to see what opportunities it offers, so it provides quick and easy results.

PodcastBuffs’ Podcast Name Generator

If you want another one where you type keywords on a webpage, you can go with PodcastBuff’s podcast name generator.

You just have to type in one keyword, and the site will create a list of podcast names for you.

The podcast name generator is another one that focuses on a simple process.

Since you can only type in one keyword, it encourages you to think and try different ideas, so you get more results and can find different options.

Vadoo.tv’s Podcast Name Generator

As for another one that lets you type in multiple keywords, you can try Vadoo.tv’s podcast name generator.

It’ll gladly hand you dozens of ideas based on the concepts you put in, so you can go through and choose the ones you like.

The site gives you advice on how to choose ideal keywords.

For example, you can choose a topic, incorporate your target audience, and narrow down the ideas, making this option a solid choice.


screenshot of the namesilo homepage

Namesilo takes a unique approach to the process by taking advantage of domain names.

On top of looking into podcast names, you can find domain names if you want to make a site to share and show off your podcast.

By looking into the terms, you can identify a podcast to fit the domain.

Since it points you in the right direction and offers a chance to secure a domain, you can use it for your podcast name.


You can also use Namify as a solid podcast name generator since it offers multiple resources.

It’ll suggest names and let you upgrade to identify domains and even develop a logo to match your podcast’s brand.

Not only does Namify offer free suggestions, but it has more options if you want to use it further.

The free options and additions make it a solid choice for most people who want to develop a unique podcast name.


screenshot of the nameboy homepage

NameBoy sticks with the standard approach for podcast name generators by allowing you to type in keywords to receive suggestions.

From there, it will give you some domain names you can buy to build your brand around the concept.

Domain names work well since they give you a starting point for your brand.

Since the website offers that starting point, it can help establish a podcast without you worrying about taking someone’s name.

Other Products Relevant to Podcast Name Generators

As you look into podcast software and podcast name generators, you’ll want to find other relevant products to help you develop them.

Podcast Hosting

Showing off your podcast to others means making it available to them, so you’ll want to use podcast hosting.

A hosting service will let you post your podcasts online, so people can easily download and listen to them.

Podcast Transcription Software

Some people prefer reading to listening, so you could use podcast transcription software.

The software will help you create a transcription for people, so they can read along or enjoy the content when they can’t listen.

Podcast Editing Software

Sometimes, you’ll want to clean up the audio before releasing it.

Podcast editing software can help you fine-tune the audio and podcast.

Doing so involves adjusting audio levels and fine-tuning the experience for listeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

People naturally ask questions about podcast name generators, so some may come to your mind.

Check out common questions and look through the answers.

How do I make a catchy podcast name?

You should find a name that isn’t too long but rolls off the tongue.

Your name should also relate to the topics you discuss.

You should brainstorm multiple names, run them past other people, and use generators to see what sticks when it comes to potential podcast names.

Do podcast names matter?

Yes, podcast names matter.

If you don’t come up with a good name, people may struggle to remember it or have a negative first impression of your podcast.

If you come up with a good name, you’ll attract more people and increase your odds of becoming popular.

Wrapping Up

As you look into the best podcast name generators, you’ll find yourself with Jasper, TRUiC, and Name Station.

The best one in our opinion is Jasper.

It covers all your needs and is very versatile.

Ensure you go through the best podcast name generators to see which ones work for you.

As you do so, you’ll understand the features they offer, how they matter, and create a solid podcast name when you put forth the effort.