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How To Promote A Podcast [& Grow Your Audience]

So, you’re making a podcast.

You found a co-host to do the show with you, booked guests, and bought the best microphone and headset.

You may have studied all the best hosting platforms and the best podcast editing software, but making the podcast itself is only half the job.

One difference between a podcast and a blog is that the work doesn’t end once you publish. You must work to promote a podcast for it to be successful.

Let’s take a look at some ways to promote your podcast and gain a following.

Should You Promote Your Podcast?

There are over two million podcasts available on many platforms online – many types of podcasts, some more professionally produced than others.

Many things can make your show sound better or stand out, but if you do not promote it, only people who come across it will ever hear it. You have to market your show if you want people to discover it.

Where Can You Promote Podcasts?

There are many ways to promote your podcast on the web, and many of them will not cost you any extra money.

Some of the ways you can get your podcast out there are:

  • Posting on social media
  • Running ads
  • Adding your show to music streaming sites like iHeartRadio and Spotify
  • Using SEO to strategically grow your audience.

How Much Does It Cost To Promote a Podcast?

Technically, it does not have to cost anything to promote your podcast.

However, putting money into your marketing will help you get the word out.

Running ads on sites like Facebook has a small price you can determine depending on how long you want the ad to run and how many people you want to see it.

It can be easy to market your podcast within a modest budget.

How To Promote a Podcast

Professional podcasts hosted by celebrities have an advantage because people are already following them on social media.

They have a built-in audience as soon as they release their first episode.

However, people getting into podcasting as a hobby or a way to promote their business must find other ways of getting their name out there.

Strategies to Promote a Podcast

Here are some ways to promote your podcast.

Some of them may have a small cost associated with them, but you can make most of them work without funds through research and reaching out to others.

1. Get Guests With Big Audiences

Reach out to other podcasters that aim at the same audience as you. If they have a large following, it could bring some listeners to you.

Approach them with specific ideas to talk about, such as a particular movie if their show is about entertainment. However, you probably won’t have much luck if you are a direct competitor because they have nothing to get out of it.

2. Social Media Campaigns

There are many ways to use social media to your advantage. Some are free, like creating groups for your audience or pages for your show.

Another way is to have an ad campaign with a modest budget. Sites like Facebook will put ads on the feeds of people who match your criteria, and you can set a max limit to avoid going over budget.

3. Release Several Episodes At Once

If you have a weekly show, you may want to release three episodes at the beginning instead of just one.

That gives your new audience more opportunities to get to know you before your regular release schedule starts. People usually know within a few episodes if they want to continue.

Another way to release extra content is to record bonus episodes occasionally. Put them out between shows or alongside them.

Giving your audience extra content makes them feel you’ve done extra work for their benefit.

4. Convert To a YouTube Video

YouTube is a good resource for podcasters. Many podcast hosting sites like Spreaker and Podbean will allow you to create a video version of your show to put on YouTube.

It adds another layer of listeners since many people listen to podcasts at work. It is easier for them to pull it up on their computer than on their phone.

If you record your show for YouTube with a call service like Skype or Zoom, you can record the webcam of every person on the call and make a video version of your podcast.

While it will add some extra editing work for you, it could be a way to get more listens.

Even releasing portions of the show in video format could be enough to entice a few extra people to download the podcast.

5. Reach Out to Podcatchers

People use a lot of different services to download podcasts, and choosing shows depending on their selection, categories, and the ease of the controls.

With so many different podcatchers out there, people look to sites that carry as much content as possible. You can easily set your show up on a lot of podcatchers at no extra cost to you.

6. Run a Contest

One way to ensure spreading the word about your show is to offer your listeners something for doing it for you.

Host a contest on your podcast to offer chances to win a prize based on how many times your listeners share links to the show on their social media pages.

Prizes do not have to be expensive because most of your listeners will be glad to do it anyway.

7. Be a Guest on Other Podcasts

Other podcasters are trying to build their brand as well. Some would be happy to have you as a guest on their show, so it could help them gain listeners if a few of your fans check out their show and it gives them content.

Find shows similar to yours and reach out to see if the host would like to have you on to discuss a subject their audience might enjoy.

How To Promote a Podcast For Free

While there are plenty of ways for you to promote your podcast by spending money, you can also find plenty of ways to do it for free.

Here are some free ways to get your podcast to potential listeners.

1. Share on Social Media

Posting links to every new episode on your social media may seem like a no-brainer.

Along with your socials, you can also post links in groups where the members are your prime audience.

If you have a podcast about a TV show, post a link in every group that talks about that show to reach the maximum number of people.

2. Guest Star on Other Podcasts

Many podcasters will jump at the chance to have a guest on their show.

It gives them free content for their podcast and brings in potential new listeners because your audience will tune in at least once.

Guesting on podcasts is a way to have new people hear your voice and know what kind of show you do.

3. Transcribe and Repost on Your Blog or Website

If you do your show from a script, you could post it as a blog entry on your website.

Some companies will transcribe shows for you for a fee.

Making a transcript available adds another layer of audience members because those who have hearing problems or don’t like listening to audio can access your content.

4. Ask Listeners to Rate and Review

Every podcast has a moment where to host asks the audience to rate and review them.

When a podcast has high ratings on a site, it gets put in front of more people.

Different sites like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts have rating and review systems, so you should implore your audience to rate you on the site where they usually find your show.

How To Promote a Podcast on Spotify

Many people use Spotify to stream music.

However, it is also a resource for podcasters.

Spotify is growing its podcast platform, and now is the time to get your show listed on the site.

  • Go to Spotify for Podcasters and register for a free account
  • Click on the side menu and select “Add or claim podcast”
  • Click “Get Started” and paste in the RSS link for your podcast
  • Once you get the verification email you can complete your show’s registration.

Once your show is available on Spotify, you can share links so your audience knows they can find it there.

How To Promote a Podcast on Instagram

Instagram is a social media site for people who like visual posts.

You will find a lot more pictures and videos there than audio content, but you can use Instagram to promote your show.

  • Add a link to your podcast or website in your profile
  • Make regular posts about things your audience will like and put your website link there.
  • Add short videos with segments of your show to Instagram stories as an advertisement

How To Promote a Podcast on Social Media

Promoting on social media is easy and can be free.

To post an episode of your podcast, simply paste the link to your status update and include a description.

How To Promote a Podcast Without Social Media

If you do not use social media, there are still a few ways to use the internet to promote your show.

  • Submit to Podcast Directories: Adding your RSS link to as many directories as possible will make it visible to potential listeners.
  • Create an Email List for Subscribers: Have your subscribers fill out a form that gives you their email addresses and send them a special newsletter. You can also hold a contest to entice people to participate.
  • Ask Listeners To Share: One of your greatest resources is your audience. Having them share links to your show could bring in more new listeners than any other method.
  • Create a Website: Some of your listeners will enjoy vising a website associated with your show. Adding links to things you discuss on the show, transcripts, and video versions will drive traffic to your podcast. You can use SEO for podcasts on your website to increase your chances of being seen.

Wrapping Up

If you have a podcast, recording is only half the work.

You also have to find ways to promote your show if you expect anyone to find it.

Using the internet for marketing will let you use social media, ads, SEO, and even YouTube to your advantage.

Marketing a podcast can be time-consuming and tedious, but it is vital if you want to make shows people will listen to.