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Match Your Content Strategy to Your Target Demographic

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You must know your audience before trying to create content for them.

There are a lot of blogs dedicated to helping young mothers save money.

Obviously, these blogs use different pain points, syntax and article topics than blogs that focus on frugal living for college students.

While you are developing a  content strategy, you need to keep the following in mind:

Understand the needs that your target demographic would like to address.

Your content should focus on these needs as closely as possible.

Make sure that you understand the terminology and writing styles that appeal to them.

For example, if you were writing blog posts about big data, you would want to use more technical and sophisticated language for data scientists than you would for laypeople that were passively interested in the topic.

Once you come up with a content strategy, you will need to follow it consistently.

Your readers will become familiar with your writing style and the types of topics that you cover, so you don’t want to disappoint them.

How To Properly Write A Blog Post

Did you know why few blogs get tons of traffic from search engines?

Social media? Email list? No. It is content.

Content is the reason why people like Rand Fishkin, Brian Clark, Neil Patel have been able to build million dollar online businesses.

Gone are the days where you could bring more search traffic by posting 500 words articles. They now won’t add any value either to your audience or Google search crawlers.

You have to create long form of content if you want to build a loyal readership and increase your search rankings.

But writing isn’t just writing. There is an entirely new level of content production that must be done, both writing and technical, to rank content that actually drives results.